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***TW*** Spotting/Bleeding/Threatened Loss Support Thread***


Re: ***TW*** Spotting/Bleeding/Threatened Loss Support Thread***

  • @tessiesmom26 I
    am so sorry to hear this. Sending you love and hugs. 

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  • I didn't know where to put an update from my weekly check-in, but figured this was the best spot...

    The results from the NIPT were not what we were expecting. The test showed a high risk for trisomy 13, trisomy 18, and triploidy. There was also only a small amount of fetal dna, which apparently indicates an abnormality in the baby. I don't know... My doctor sends me this information through a message on the app telling me to call a genetic counselor. I couldn't get ahold of her all day, and she's not in the office on Mondays. My husband and I have a million questions and it sucks that she never called us to actually go over and explain the results. I made an appointment with the genetic counselor, but their first available appointment isn't for another 2 weeks.

    We were planning on telling our families this weekend that I'm pregnant, which I was so excited for... But now that it's an "I'm pregnant, but there's a high chance baby won't survive to full term..." I don't really know what I'm supposed to say. 
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  • I don’t know exactly what to say but I’m sorry you had to get news like that and then have to wait until Tuesday to follow up. Please try not to stress out this weekend, I know easier said, and just wait to hear from the counselor. Wishing you all the best 🙏🏽
  • @effie0513 I’m so sorry you got those results. 

    I’m going to send you a PM 
  • @effie0513 Oh my gosh, I’m sorry. I am pretty shocked your doctor would just message you, and not call?? That’s unnecessary stress on top of difficult news—whatever the exact situation is.

    I’m sending you love and strength, even though I know we don’t really know each other. ❤️
  • @effie0513 I am so so sorry that you are going through this. That is just terrible of that doctor to do. Praying for both you and baby🙏🏻
  • @effie0513 I’m so sorry for unexpected results and I’m horrified your doctor wouldn’t have called you so you could ask questions. Fingers crossed you can get answers quickly.
  • @effie0513 I am so sorry you are going through this. That's so unbelievably frustrating and terribly untactful of your provider to drop that news on you like that with no follow up until Tuesday. Sending you a virtual hug for support.

  • I’m so sorry.  and I also can not believe that was relayed to you in a portal message. 
  • @effie0513 so sorry to hear. Hope you are able to get more information & answers soon. 
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  • @effie0513 I'm so sorry. The doctor should have talked to you and I hope the counselor can provide more information.  Sending thoughts and love your way.  
  • Thinking of you @effie0513 and sending the very best thoughts your way. ❤ 
  • @effie0513 Shame on your doctor for sending you a message like that and not calling, Im so sorry you are going through this and have to wait two weeks for the genetic doctor :( My love, thoughts and prayers go out to you guys :( 
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  • @effie0513 I’m sorry about the scary results on nipt, and how insensitive your doctor was. Sending thoughts and prayers. 
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