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  • Had my 15 week appointment today and the baby’s HR was 150. I found out my NIPT test failed because it got too cold due to the weather. So not so good news today, I was hoping for results. Now I have to go back and have the testing redone.
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  • @alexa_94 ugh, so sorry about that! What a pain, I hope they can expedite your results or something.
  • @alexa_94 - Oh that sucks. Can they put your new test on some sort of express testing route since this is the second time you have to do it?
  • @the_most_happy @dancingnarwhal the thought crossed my mind to ask but I didn’t. I will when they call back to confirm my next appointment date. So frustrating, I hope it’s tomorrow when she calls but it didn’t seem like it so it might be by next week to co firm my next appointment. 
  • @alexa_94 how annoying! I'm sorry that happened and that they didn't say anything earlier. frustrating. hope it gets back to you ASAP.
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  • I had my nearly 18 week appointment yesterday. Everything looked good. HB was 144-150. My anatomy scan will be with an MFM office, and should be in 2 weeks (they'll call Monday to schedule).
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