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New month, new appointments! Use this thread to discuss upcoming appointments in February.

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  • No new tests or appointments this month but I should be getting my Panorama test (minus the sex) back next week.  After that it's hopefully smooth sailing until mid March.


  • I have an appointment today. I thought it was a telehealth appointment, and then they sent me the reminder yesterday for an IN-person appointment. So, now I have to scramble to find someone to watch my kids!
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  • Had my monthly appointment today. NIPT results STILL aren’t in (I had my blood drawn on 1/22, so I totally expected them to be in by now). Grr. I had my nuchal screening last Friday, and everything looked perfect. But...I just need the NIPT results to confirm that everything is okay. Then I feel like I can calm down a bit! Other than that, the appointment went well. My OB was able to find the heart beat right away and al of my OTHER blood work looks great. Now, if the NIPT results would just come through...
  • getting NIPT drawn tomorrow, then I'll be in the same nervous waiting game as others! That test result can't come back soon enough.
  • @cyanope congrats!! yay
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  • Question- should I be alarmed that my doctor isn’t doing the nuchal screening? I asked about it today and she said the NIPT tests for the same thing and is more accurate, so no need to do the nuchal since I’m doing the NIPT. But it looks like many of y’all are getting both, so what’s the deal?
  • @the_most_happy in Canada we don't get NT scans unless there is past history or other concerns throughout the pregnancy. If the NIPT comes back irregular, they would certainly sent you for a scan. The scan is just a few measurements on the back of the neck that can vary a lot.
  • @the_most_happy It does test for the same stuff, I think it helps to have both to see combined risk, but the blood test is more accurate. From googling it does seem like there is mixed opinions, but most do both. 
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  • My first appt is this Friday! They told me to expect some blood work and ultrasound so I'm keeping my fingers crossed for all good news... 
  • @the_most_happy, I only had the NT scan because of two high risk factors: AMA and a carnitine deficiency. 
  • @the_most_happy - my doctor said the same thing as yours
  • For any of you that have had NIPT, did it take pretty much the full ten days to get your results or did anyone get them sooner? We're telling my in laws about the pregnancy next week (they are leaving next Friday for a trip, we won't see them for at least two weeks after they return, and we really want to tell them in person) and it'd be reassuring to have those results in before we tell them (and also exciting to be able to tell them the sex). I was just wondering if there's any hope that we'll get the results in time for that!
  • What even happens at the 14-week appt? We didn't do any genetic testing, it doesn't look like an ultrasound is scheduled. Is it just the normal poke around on your belly and doppler? Why can't I remember the 14-week appt with my other babies??
  • @the_most_happy, I got mine at nine days. 
  • @BourbonBiscuits, probably just the typical, "pee in a cup, take your blood pressure, listen to baby's heart beat" type appointment. If you didn't get any genetic testing done and aren't high risk, it will probably just be a standard appointment. 
  • I had NIPT testing scheduled today for 2/10. It’s an hour away at a different Clinic than my normal appointments. It kind of sucks they don’t call you to see which times work best because I’m scheduled to be there at 2:30pm and hopefully my husband can get my oldest from school. 
    My next regular appointment is 2/25 so I should be finding out the NIPT results a few days before that.
  • Did any of you all who have gotten your NIPT results back yet pay attention to what your fetal fraction number was? Mine was notably high and so of course I've now fallen down a rabbit hole of what that could potentially mean (apparently some studies show a correlation between that and low birth weight and potentially a couple other complications).
  • I had standard labs done yesterday and have my first appointment with dating US this Friday and am full of nerves.  I haven't been in since confirming my pregnancy with a test at the doctor's office.  I was sent home with information on genetic testing and am so confused on what to do or pick.  I feel like everyone is getting NIPT - is this covered by insurance? and is this the test that will tell you gender early? 
  • @ladyk127 that was probably wise of you, if my example is anything to go by! I wanted to know my number because I was stressing about if the sex result was really accurate (the test can be performed with a number over 3-4, but some doctors advise discounting the sex results if it's under 10), and I had one moment of relief that I could probably trust that result before immediately starting to wonder why it was so high, haha. Glad your appointment went well and your results are good!

    @Knottie99863548 I hope I got all your Knottie numbers right to successfully tag you, lol. Can't speak for anyone else but my NIPT was covered by my insurance (and I'm under 30 so definitely not AMA, which makes a difference sometimes). The way it worked for me is they did the test with no commitment on my part to actually pay for it- once the lab received my sample they let me know the cost and I had a window of time where I could tell them not to proceed if I didn't want to pay (and if I'd declined they just wouldn't have run it). Not sure if all the labs operate that way but that was my experience! And yes, this is the test where people are finding out the sex early.
  • @Knottie99863548 I also went home from that first appt with the info on first tri testing and didn’t know what to do.  Ultimately we decided not to have the tests.  I was leaning toward it when my husband said why bother.  Definitely do it if it’s something that you want... just wanted to say not everyone does and that’s okay too.  
  • @Knottie99863548 I think the NIPT isn't covered often times unless AMA or high risk, but at least most of them, and for sure the Harmony and Panorama, have a max of like $250 or something that they charge if insurance doesn't cover/ you don't go through insurance. They have a number to call to find out how much it'll be. Agree with above, screening is a very personal decision. I'm someone that always wants to know as much as I can for planning. Finding out the sex is optional even if you do the NIPT.
  • I had a standard appointment today. I’ll go Monday for bloodwork and nipt. Heartbeat was 166. 
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  • @the_most_happy I just got mine back today which was day 11. 

    @ladyk127 can I ask why you are doing the neural tube screening? We have the option for that one as well and I don’t know if we should do it. I’ll ask my dr Thursday when I go but it’s not a test I’ve ever heard of. 
  • The NT screening is standard for all ages of moms, it's a physical marker of certain issues like spina bifida. It's not as accurate as a NIPT screen but still a useful tool. Boys are more likely to have a false positive on it. 
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  • They’re having me do a neural tube screen at 16 weeks due to my medication. She asked me (again) about switching epileptic medications and I said (again) that I’m not doing it and I discussed it with my neurologist before getting pregnant. I started listing all the medications I’ve tried before she acknowledged that I had told her last time. My guess is I’ll get this the whole time and again when I want to breastfeed 🙄
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  • @emmylou78 That's so frustrating! Stick to your guns and do what's best for you.
  • @mrspants0809 the NT test is just something I've done with all of my kids so far.  It's standard at my doctors office.  I guess I never considered not doing it since I didn't really know much with my first and I've just done it with them all since then.  


  • We just had our 14 week appointment. Baby looked good and we got an ultrasound peek because they couldn’t find the heartbeat with the Doppler and there was a student.

    she brought up NIPT and sent me the lab order to go get it done, I was a bit surprised bc it seems like a lot of you got your referral earlier! Now to try and wrangle an answer out of if my insurance will cover it 🙄 also have to call to schedule my anatomy scan - this is simultaneously going so slow and flying by!
  • Just got back from my GP, everything is looking good. HB of 143 🥰 I have a consultation with a pelvic floor physio next week which I'm super excited for. Hoping she can give me some solid exercises. Kegals are not the thing for me.
  • I was given paperwork to test for spina bifada... still trying to decide if I will get the blood test or not. Thoughts?
  • I’ll get the blood work for spins bifida at 16 weeks. I’m higher risk due to medications. @kiwimangohoneylemon
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  • @kiwimangohoneylemon @emmylou78 is that a routine test or just one they tend to do if you have a risk factor of some sort? Is there a downside to doing it? I haven't read about that one before so I was just curious! I feel like my doctor has not made any effort to like, give me an overview of this pregnancy from a medical standpoint (like how often I'll have appointments, what tests I'll be offered, literally anything about labor and delivery etc.) and it's starting to weird me out!
  • @the_most_happy That's not completely unheard of as far as appointments go: my last pregnancy I saw MFM and they gave me a sheet that listed first appt at 8 weeks, then one about every 4 weeks until 28 or 32 weeks I believe. Then every 2 weeks until about 36-37 weeks. After that it's 1x a week. This appointment I saw a midwife and they didn't give me any sort of timeline.
    They should have gone over options for testing though like genetic/ NT Scan/ ect. I haven't heard of spina bifida testing though...this might only be offered with special circumstances though unless you ask about it? 
    If you aren't confident/comfortable with your dr I would look into switching personally.

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  • @kiwimangohoneylemon the blood work screening for spina bifida/neural tube defects is part of our standard blood work for all pregnant people in our province. Even if it wasn’t, I agree with @surrenderdorothy
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