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  • @cmortmain I will likely tell my boss soon because she signs off on all my time off requests and it will probably become suspicious very quickly that I have a doctor appointment every month lol. I will wait until after my first trimester to tell my co-workers though. 
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  • Due Date; 3/17
    First time mom? No, this will be my third

    This will be my third pregnancy, and if all goes well my third baby. I have a four year old daughter Emma and a 2.5 year old daughter Taylor. I had to previous c-sections and will be planning on a third. I am excited to be back on the Bump!
  • @lin0442 @jenotontx I think I'm going to have to tell sooner rather than later, given how crappy I'm feeling. Also, I'm a lawyer, and even though I don't go to court much, there are lots of deadlines etc. that I am going to have to plan around my expected leave.

  • @cmortmain The job that I was at for my last pregnancy, my team was like family.  My closest co-worker knew I was going through treatment, so she knew right away.  I told my boss at 8 weeks bc I wanted to give them as much lead time as possible to account for my maternity leave.  This time, especially since we're working from home probably through the rest of the year, I'll wait til second trimester.
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  • I'm still nursing my 17 mo old. Definitely wondering how my milk supply might be effected....
  • @ckmb_knottie Welcome! I’m still nursing my 13 month old. They don’t have the March board up on the app yet. I believe a few people already contacted admin to see if they could get it added.
  • @jenotontx *lurking from TTGP* CONGRATULATIONS! So happy for you!

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  • @sunny_native14 @travandas glad to have some fellow nursing mamas! My daughter is 24 months and we just got down to 2x a day, which I think is the reason I was finally able to get pregnant :) definitely dealing with some sore nipples over here though. 
  • @ckmb_knottie omg, I thought my nipples were sore during my first adding nursing is just OUCH 😭
  • Due Date: 3/4
    First time mom? If not, number/ages of other children? I have two kids, ages 11 & 12
    Anything else you want to tell us about yourself? This one came as quite a surprise- DH had a vasectomy 8 weeks after our youngest was born so.....this is kind of weird. I'm still getting used to the idea but I will get there. The big kids 
    don't know yet and I know they will be over the moon so I am looking forward to telling them.
  • @homeschooljewel wow! What a surprise! 
  • @bcashaw Tell me about it! When I first found out I was so mad. I'm a little better now but I'm still in shock I think. 
  • @threatlevelmidnight welcome! Did you have them at home? I’m in Ohio so we have few options for water births except at home (no birth centers). I’ve definitely considered it but no one in my family has done it so it still feels like an unknown. Im
    hiring a Monitrice though who is qualified for home births in case this pandemic gets too bad and we want to switch, assuming I remain low risk. 
  • land4land4 member
    Due Date: 3/13

    First time mom? If not, number/ages of other children?: I have a 6 year old son

    Anything else you want to tell us about yourself?: I'm 37 years old and was one and done for the longest time, but changed my mind at the last minute, lol. Excited but also very nervous about going through all of this again!
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  • ***Lurking***
    @manillabar I just want to say congratulations!!! I am so happy for you!!!
  • Thank you @Mamaof2beautifulgirls!!! Hope you’re doing well!! ❤️
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    Hey y’all!  I’m like 3 seconds pregnant so I’ll be due at the very end of March. 

    This is my 7th pregnancy. I have 5 kids, 4 girls (10, 9, 5, 3) and one boy (13m). 

    I’m a nurse and my husband is a resident. Our 11th anniversary is actually tomorrow! 

    Editing to add my age, I turned 28 this year. 
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  • Due Date: 3/20/21
    Third (and final) time mom here! We currently have 3.5 and 1.5 year old boys. My husband and I have been married for 7 years. I've been a dirty lurker on here throughout my first two pregnancies because the app is crap on my phone but I'm trying out participating this time around on a newer phone! 
  • Hi everyone! 

    Due Date: 3/15/21

    Second time mom, DS is 4

    Anything else you want to tell us about yourself? 
    Just graduated nursing school in May. Live in Philadelphia, might move to Dallas for DHs job. 
    Me: 30   DH: 29
    Together: 3/2007
    Married: 5/30/2015
    BFP #1: 9/14/2015
    EDD: 5/20/2016
  • @mvt2003 OMG!!!!! Yay!!! Congratulations! So happy to see you here.  <3
  • jce84jce84 member
    @jenotontx I'm pretty sure you and I have almost the same story.

    Due: 03/27
    First time mom: no, I have a 2 year old son

    We were also surprised. We took 4 months to get pregnant with our son and I got pregnant this time on the first shot!
  • @jce84 It took me over 2 years and a surgery to get pregnant with my first and this time I got pregnant the first month we tried lol. Talk about surprise!
  • @jce84 @lin0442  took me 2.5 yrs for our first and  6 months of not preventing , 2 months actively trying for this one!  Crazy how my body just seems to know what to do this time. 
  • @ohheyitsb same here. My first is 13 months and so I’ve been both excited and nervous about having 2 under 2. 
  • Hi all! STM here, DD just turned a year so I’m joining the 2 under 2 club. Due date is around March 13th. I’m a lawyer from Ontario and DH is a psychologist. I had a super easy pregnancy the first time around then a bit of a difficult delivery and recovery; interested/nervous to see how it all goes this time. I’ve started getting morning sickness which I didn’t have at all last time, so that’s ‘fun’... 🙂 Looking forward to getting to know you all!
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