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The Ultrasound Thread

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Re: The Ultrasound Thread

  • @BumpAdmin can we get a sticky please
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  • My heartbeat is only 110+...Dr asked to check in one week...
  • Anyone else not scheduled for an ultrasound until 12 weeks?? My dr does not want to see me in person or do an ultrasound until then due to the pandemic.
  • stillcozystillcozy member
    @alexandrae90 so we try to keep this thread for just updates and pictures if you want to share :) feel free to ask questions like this in the dr appointment thread or pretty much any other one. To answer your question no it is not uncommon given everything going on and many dr’a choose to opt out of an early scan. 
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  • bmd1320bmd1320 member
    Our doctor said the same thing. We're extremely bummed. I am hopeful that my husband will be able to join me by that time. As of now no one is allowed to be there when I have my first appointment at 12 weeks.
  • carleym93carleym93 member
    edited June 2
    6+5, healthy bean measuring perfectly on track, and a nice heartbeat of 122! 
  • Had mine on Thursday after getting stuck in traffic on the way to the appointment.  Measuring along with initial due date, HR 172. :)
    carleym93 MaryNogstillcozylavenderclouds
  • 2021mama2021mama member
    Had our first US today; baby is measuring at 12w3, EDD was moved up to Jan 1/21. 
    New Years baby on the way ✨ 

  • 10 weeks + 2 Days. 
    I also got to save a little video of our bean wiggling around and I watch it daily!
    carleym93 MaryNogKnottie1446220227
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