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Anyone still active??

Thought I’d log in and see if anyone still checks in here. 

Re: Anyone still active??

  • @ashkee05 🤣😂 great minds! I just popped on to do the same thing!

    LO arrived 11/9/2018!  We have a baby!
    Me: 31 | DH: 39
    Married: March 2016
    TTC #1/IUD out January 2017
    PCOS dx January 2018
    Medicated cycle 2.5mg Letrozole CD3-7 February 2018
    BFP 3/10/2018!!!! 16DPO Beta 1: 732 | 18DPO Beta 2: 1278

    TTGP December Siggy Co-Winner: Favorite Moments from Holiday Movies/TV 
    TTGP October Siggy Winner: Animals in Costume 

  • @ashkee05 @lurvleybunchococonuts hey y'all! I check in periodically. How is it going?
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  • ashkee05ashkee05 member
    @wildrainbow life is pretty wild!! Hope everyone is healthy! 
  • @ashkee05 We are! Tho I am pregnant again. HUGE surprise as I was birth control and wanting a hysterectomy. Lol. Apparently this baby had other plans for me. 

    Are y'all all good?
  • ashkee05ashkee05 member
    @wildrainbow oh wow! Congrats!! That is wild but also sounds like it’s meant to be! 
    We are all hanging in there and staying healthy!! 
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