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Period late, bfn

Hi everyone! 

I'm currently 9 days late and having low grade symptoms (nausea, headaches, fatigue, feeling thirsty all the time, etc), but I'm having all BFN results. I've had a couple of the blue tests come up as very faint lines after about 30 minutes, but I'm no stranger to blue dye tests and I know how they usually do this. It was a definite negative on Monday, then a slight line yesterday after about 30 minutes, then I thought I saw a faint line immediately today, but I'm not sure. 

At this point, I would think the line should be pretty dark, unless I ovulated really late. No sign of aunt flow as of now. Anyone have any insight?

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  • Thanks for the insight. You're very kind.
  • Nope, not temping. Not even trying to get pregnant so I'm more worried that I am at this point than obsessing over whether or not my tests are positive. But yeah, hopefully it's just late. Was just looking for some reassurance, glad to have received it in the form of smartass responses and one actual response. Have a good day, everyone!
  • Lol, capnjackharkness, I doubt you're like a Hitler.
  • @butters510 this board is for women who have been trying to get pregnant... some of us for years now. So, when someone random jumps on to ask a question, when we don't even know you, and doesn't read the rules at the top (which tell you not to ask if you could be pregnant and to not start your own post), yes we get a bit annoyed. So, call us smartasses all you want... but you are in the wrong. If you wanted to join in you should have intro'd and joined one of our already existing threads, where we would've been more than happy to interact with you.
  • My bad. I would delete if I could, but I can't.
  • I'm sorry you're having a wonky cycle, but no one here is going to blow smoke up your ass and lie to you about the possibility of being pregnant. The women here aren't being smartasses, they're being honest, and you really do need to learn to read the website terms of use and the rules of the board before jumping in and making a one off post. Even just googling "late with negative pregnancy test" will bring up a bunch of results talking about anovulatory cycles and late ovulation. You can also google "faint line on blue dye pregnancy test" and you'll find loads of results talking about how unreliable blue dye tests are.
    Which is greatly appreciated. The first 2 GIFs weren't really necessary, though. Capnjack's GIFs were definitely hilarious.

    But, thanks for the replies. I'm thankful you guys took time out of your day to respond and at least I know the possible reason for AF's delay, thanks to the progesterone info.
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