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1st Trimester

Weed Smoker Advice - please no negative judgment

I've been a daily weed smoker for approximately 2 years due to depression/anxiety. It had been a lifesaver for me. I always planned to stop once I got pregnant, but when I quit once I found out at 4 weeks, my depression/anxiety was so bad I started back up. I feel so guilty smoking but do not want to take anti depressants.  My husband is supportive of whatever decision I make. The weed has also helped with all of my pregnancy symptoms,  sore breasts, nausea, headaches, insomnia and my appetite.  Anyone have a similar situation? What did you do? How did you find peace of mind smoking while pregnant OR if you quit, did you supplement with anything? 


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  • I feel like you asked for no judgement and most people tried not to buy judgy, but they still sound kinda judgy. Sorry girl. I smoked marijuana regularly too before I got pregnant. I decided to quit because I didn't use it for the same reasons as you, but I understand where you're coming from. I don't have an answer for you because when I researched it, the research was very mixed. So I just quit just in case. But I understand why you want to continue. I'm sorry I can't give you an answer and I hope you figure it out 💙
  • I wasn’t a weed smoker but I ate edibles frequently  before my pregnancy, I did stop once I found out I was pregnant because I know that if something were to happen I wouldn’t be able to live with the guilt. I too suffer from anxiety and depression but I didn’t eat edibles for those reasons. I will say that knowing I’m pregnant and not being able to partake in eating them anymore, I have found other things to fill that “void” I go to therapy, I do daily affirmations and I meditate and incorporated more exercise. I do wish you the best of luck and hopefully you find another way to manage your anxiety and depression over the next several months.
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    Ahh, didn’t realize that thank you for letting me know!
  • I've talked to mothers who used street cannabis back in the 80's and had healthy babies, my friend Maria says she thinks her son is smarter because she used cannabis the whole time. 

         I'm a medicinal patient and was taking lithium post pregnancy, a tough medication to wean off of, (and yes that's my personal choice, the drs also said I may stay on a low dose of it if I'd like, I personally choose not to take the risk right now), 

        My thing is though I've been having bad nausea & loss of apetite, I'm not sure if the cannibus is enhancing the estrogen in my body and making me sicker or if it's just my body re-adjusting.

         But I'm sure everyone will tell you, "NO IT'S A BAD DRUG DON'T USE IT," there were pregnant women in jail that were prescribed methadone for heroine withdrawl, and they had healthy babies  so idk I think modern medicine is advancing,

       Just do what feels right, if it's cannibus, you have my support I'm pro cannibus use during pregnancy. 
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    I don't think there is room for judgement here - just simple respect for a new life that is growing inside you. I've never smoked, nor do i plan to. I would literally not sleep just knowing what damaging effect it could have on my baby. The only 'addictive' thing I gave up was my ice latte that I would have every day. My doctor told me I could/maybe miscarry and that was it for me. He told me one cup of coffee is okay, but I said to myslef forget it. Why risk your baby's health? What if the risks show when he/she is 10 or 12 years old? Cognitive issues, learning disabilities, intellectual disabilities, physical disabilities - I'm just saying. Why risk it? Or what if the baby is unbelievably irritable and won't sleep and cries for HOURS? It can happen, maybe. There are other ways to relieve anxiety without drugs. Again, just the mere possibility of jepordizing baby's health is scary enough for me. Doctors don't know everything and science can be wrong sometimes. I would just stick with logic.
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    OP, just asking this question shows that you are strong, caring and fearless. If you truly feel that it's time to make a shift, you can do it. :)
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    If it helps you, there's no scientific evidence I know of that says it harms fetuses and it has proven health benefits for adults so not sure if we'll ever see it. My stepson is a great kid and his mom smoked pot to ease her symptoms throughout her pregnancy. I live in California so I know a number of people who smoked during their pregnancies actually... All have healthy kids. I would suggest telling your doctor and getting their advice but otherwise, you do you! 
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    I cannot stand most of this thread. Women have a hard enough time in life being judged without being ridiculed for asking a question. As a Canadian who wrote a thesis about cannabis(including, but not limited to) its chemical formulation, its history, and its health benefits I am appalled at 90% of this feed. First and foremost for my American sisters out there, do yourself a favor and do the research(labs are easily accessible online for all to see). Do not believe everything posted in your news because a good amount of it is propaganda and lies. Canada is a very liberal country, a woman would NOT have your rights as a mother stripped for using THC as it is legal here and has been legal nationwide with a prescription for well over 10 years. Did you know the chemical make up of THC and CBA begins as THCA/CBDA both of which are not hallucinogenic and those chemicals only change after it has been heated to over 85-100 degrees CELCIUS! Meaning prior to this the herb you are all shunning which has been used for centuries by the aboriginals and a multitude of other nations is purely medicinal when not heated. Did you know you can transfer thc/cbd into oils and use it externally to help with muscle tenderness or that it can be steeped in tea to help with Chronic migraines, Epilepsy, insomnia, cancer and a multitude of other illnesses.   Do I think she should be intaking THC/CBD through smoking, no. However there are plenty of safe and easy ways to dose herself while not harming her baby and the fact that not one single woman here thought of how stress and anxiety affect the body shocks me. A woman who is highly stressed during her first trimester is more likely to develop high blood pressure, premature delivery, delivery of underweight babies, and worst case (MISCARRIAGE). So explain to me how it's okay for you to intake a small amount of caffeine a day which is a well-known drug however you feel the right to shun this woman for using a natural method which causes her little to no side effects in order to be a functional health baby growing vessel. 

    As a woman who (DUE TO COVID) has run out of my THC/CBD oils which I use for chronic pain (due to being hit by a SUV) and has for the last two months been on medication from my doctor for my severe morning sickness. I can inform you that the intake of calories is next to impossible when the pain is so bad I cannot even keep Tylenol down long enough for it to be effective. MY DOCTOR recommended I return to using my THC/CBD oils in combination with the medication I have been given and we will judge if I can stop the medication all together as a pair. He is a DOCTOR and agrees this is the best solution for me and my baby. Please vaccinate your children people and stop spreading ignorance.

    And better yet be kind to others. We are all doing our best for ourselves and our children and just because someone uses a different method of ideology does not give you the right to speak negatively towards them. The world is hard enough right now without that added insanity. Also little PSA western medicine has you delivering a baby on your back which is an archaic practice that came about due to King Louis XIV who liked to watch as his wives pushed out his spawn. This (Birthing position) was then adopted by western medicine at the beginning of the 18th century to make it easier for doctors to see what was happening. Meaning you are fighting gravity, denying your body the ease and ability to fully expand all because a MAN wanted to have an easier time. Enjoy your history lessons ladies and once again (DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH)
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