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Possible Blighted Ovum, any hope?

Trying to prepare myself.  We went through infertility for over two years and unexpectedly found out we were pregnant after being told we would not be able to conceive again naturally.  My HCG numbers were doubling in less than 48 hours, and I was told to go in for an early ultrasound.  Two weeks ago baby was measuring 5w5days, but only saw a gestational sac.  Went in yesterday (2 weeks later).  Still only a gestational sac was observed and measuring only 6w3days (should have been 7w 5 days).  I do have a tilted uterus and have heard that this can effect visibility in early ultrasounds.  Has anyone been through something similar?  Should I hold out hope or accept the inevitable?  I am going to go for blood draws, but unfortunately am traveling for a week.

Our Journey:
DS born 05/14
Losses 06/15, 09/15, 02/16
DS born 12/16
HPT+ 1/12/20

Re: Possible Blighted Ovum, any hope?

  • Unfortunately it does not sound good for your situation.  I am sorry.  With your baby only growing less than one week size-wise and it should've grown 2 weeks, you should probably prepare for the worse.  However, at least the blood draws should let you know if it is doubling every 48 hours as it is supposed to, or if it is only incrementally increasing or even dropping and you should know after the results of the second blood draw if you should hold on to hope or not.

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