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  • @phinzlabyrinth Yes on the nausea! It's not toooooooooooo bad and doesn't lead to vomiting but I'm back to the early days and get nauseous first thing in the morning until I eat and then again when I'm in the shower and it's too hot.
  • @phinzlabyrinth feeling slightly nauseous in the morning and also a little refluxy.
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  • Had another ultrasound that made me almost pass out from laying flat on my back! I try to push through it because I wanted her to be able to get all the measurements, but got clammy and nauseous and light headed. My husband was very aware and kept asking me how I was feeling through it all. It goes away once I’m on my side, but it is really unpleasant when happening 
  • @babyrummom All of my u/s have been on an incline, so strange to me that they have you lie flat!  You'd think a ton of women would be passing out!
  • @phinzlabyrinth Yes to the nausea, and I'm annoyed about it. lol. Mostly related to reflux at this point, and the hunger nausea in the morning is intense. I've found that if I convince my hubby to bring me a banana to eat before I get out of bed, I'm usually okay. :) But the reflux comes when it feels like it, even when I eat foods I've eaten during pregnancy and never had any issues with. 

    @babyrummom I don't understand why they don't have a table with an incline like mine. I am so sorry you had to go through that. I can't remember the last time I tried lying flat on my back because it's just so uncomfortable when I have tried it. 
  • @babyrummom tell the tech you are getting dizzy and they will only have you on your back for the pics they need. I get dizzy in the time it takes my dr to measure my stomach and my last 2 ultrasounds I’ve been at an incline and on my side. 

    I’ve had nausea and some throwing up in the morning but have narrowed it down to be the days after my heartburn is really bad.  (Currently on the couch at an incline because I woke up with horrible heartburn and now can’t get back to sleep.)
  • Just when I think the bloody noses are gone, I get 2 in the same day!
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  • @Kathryn0903 I’m with you! I seem to get them almost daily now!
  • @mandarenee898 @KFrob @sbalding88

    the first time it happened, she did raise the head up and when I still was feeling light headed she had me go in my side for a little bit, but had a hard time getting the placenta measurements she needed at that angle.

    I had the same tech at the second ultrasound, so i was thinking she would remember me from last time. Initially I was okay, but during the transvaginal ultrasound I started getting light headed. She was able to just finish the ultrasound because she had the measurements she needed, but I had to sit up and felt super woozy after. 
  • I got lashes done yesterday for upcoming maternity photos and I had to lay pretty flat for a couple of hours and it was torture. I got woozy and lightheaded a couple of times like @babyrummom and had the esthetician stop a couple of times so I could shift around and drink some water. Love my eyelashes but 10 out of 10 do not recommend.
  • I’ve surprisingly had no issues lying on my back yet. I make sure not to do it for too long though and don’t sleep on my back. 

    The worst symptom for me right now has been groin pain! It feels like I’ve pulled my groin. It’s worst on the right side which is where baby spends most of his time so I think that’s why. I notice it when I have to lift my leg to roll over in bed!! 
  • I'm officially being a negative Nancy and I'm over being pregnant and starting to feel like I never feel good.  I feel so worn down and tired of having some sort of stomach issue.  I feel 100% first trimester again.  The smallest things are causing me to break down.  I need a nap.  
  • Ugh @KFrob I almost just posted in Randoms "I hate everything and everyone today". I am also over it. I'm so exhausted and just sore and miserable. I never feel like I'm at 100%. :(
  • @literatureandink I definitely hate everyone and everything
  • I'm officially at the point where I'm going to have to start wearing sleep bras because we've discovered that my colostrum has come in and is leaking onto my sheets at night... gross.
  • Anyone else have the heavy chest feeling, like your lungs just can’t get enough air. I usually have it in the morning but it is becoming more often during the day.

     I’m guessing it’s the babies, which I’ll take because I don’t want them to drop yet... too early and I’m not ready for the constant bathroom breaks after they drop. 
  • @mandarenee898 Yes, I've been getting short of breath so much more easily in the last week or so. It's the worst right after trying to put my socks on or bending down for anything
  • @mandarenee898 and @korthouse Same here! I seem to get winded more easily. When I was out of breath yesterday, I couldn’t decide if it was anxiety or more of the same, so I just took a break from what I was doing and concentrated on slowing down my breathing. It helped!
  • Same as everyone else, breathing is hard!  I hate the stairs at this point and feel like I'm going to die when I go up them and get so out of breath.  
  • Yep. Shortness of breath is a thing. DH has been helping me put my shoes on most days. 


    Me 34 DH 34 

    DS1 born September 2017
    Baby number 2 due 4/11/20
  • Definitely feeling the breathing issues despite not being as far along as some. And I had some heart palpitations at my baby shower on Sunday - my heart was racing and my Fitbit read upper 120s and even 131 while sitting down. It freaked me out, but I stayed put and tried to really focus on my breathing and it settled back down to normal after a minute or two. And @mercury94 I can usually get my slip on shoes on as I primarily wear that kind, but the socks are becoming an issue. And if DH isn't there, I have to take a break in between socks or I get light-headed, so I feel ya there, @korthouse! Pregnancy is tough!! 
  • Definitely having the breathing issues. Stairs are hard, but I still refuse to use elevators for the most part.
    BP is getting higher at home. I think it's just me getting stressed because if I wait 5 minutes or so, it goes down enough.
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  • Definitely getting out of breath doing ridiculously easy things. I have to sit down to put on my socks and shoes now and have to physically lift each leg up and over the other one because they can't do it by themselves! lol I also get winded after walking from my car across campus and to my desk at work. Embarrassing. lol
  • @korthouse @jenabary @KFrob @mercury94 @sbalding88 @Kathryn0903 @literatureandink So glad I’m not alone! I try to avoid bending down and sit down for socks and bought boots with a side zipper that has helped but this morning I was so winded after putting on a sock DH helped with my other sock and boots. I avoid the stairs at work as we’re on the 5th floor but we have a split level and those stairs are getting hard. And yes, sitting down and relaxing helps a lot!
  • @mandarenee898 One of my first purchases in relatively early pregnancy was velcro-on winter boots with good traction. They have been my lifesavers because it takes a hot second to ungracefully whip shut that velcro strap
  • @korthouse I know what you mean! The ones I bought are looser around the ankles plus have a side zipper - so I was slipping them on with the zipper shut but sometimes (later in the day mostly) when my ankles are a little swollen, it’s just easier to unzip and re-zip!
  • I'm so happy I discovered the community page on the website since the app sucks! I haven't been able to contribute or read anything on the app in months :(

    I just read through all of this & it's exactly what I'm going through. I've been getting so fed up with myself with always feeling so tired & moody & swollen & never 100%, but it's nice to see I'm not alone (I knew I wasn't, but it's nice to have proof). I'm sorry everyone else is feeling the same, but it's all for a great reason :)

    I'm excited to be more involved again! 31 weeks today & definitely needing moral support more & more each day

  • @hannahf2017 this app is such a pain! I had to use the website for a bit, but my app is back to working again 🤞🏻👍🏻
  • Omg... I just started reading this thread so I could post. I am with you all 100%! Ever since my appointment today I have felt extra miserable. MH had to make dinner and do dishes tonight because he told me I looked like I was in pain just walking to the kitchen. 😩😩 why, third trimester, why?! 
  • @literatureandink I dread the walk back and forth to my car at work! 
  • @KFrob I feel like an elephant with a wedgie when I walk lol
  • @literatureandink you’re too funny!!  My hardest thing is getting out of bed. I feel like it is Uncle Fester’s bed from the Addams Family.
  • @literatureandink I had a customer at the library comment on my pregnancy walk so I must have started my own "elephant with a wedgie" waddle. (I am going to use that in describing my waddle from now on.) No hiding my pregnancy from the library patrons anymore, I suppose. 

    @ejoseph16 My husband confined me to the couch yesterday because I looked miserable, and he vacuumed and did the dishes so I wouldn't have to worry about it. I managed dinner, but I made a huge amount so we'll be able to eat on that for dinner this weekend because work exhausts me, even on light duty. I'm about ready to fall asleep and I still have a couple hours left.

    @mandarenee898 I made the mistake of trying to sit up recently rather than rolling and scooting out of bed, and my abdominal muscles screamed at me for that mistake. Our bed is just high enough that it's a feat getting out of bed, which is probably why I've ended sleeping on the couch more often than not. It's just the couch is starting to hurt my hips, so I'm basically doomed no matter where I attempt sleep these days. 
  • I am more tired after my shift today than I ever have been before, and it wasn't even as busy as some shifts can get. Totally mentally and physically exhausted. Growth spurt for baby maybe? I miss my 2nd trimester energy!
  • I swear this child is sitting on my bladder. I can barely last an hour without needing the bathroom.
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  • @Kathryn0903 The other day at work I think baby was on mine too because I kept having to casually sneak out of my appointments to pee again and again! Now I think they've kind of been diagonal all day, which is a weird new feeling

  • @sbalding88 It’s so funny you mention the roll and scoot to get out of bed! I definitely roll to my side and then push myself up to a seated position. I can’t just sit straight up anymore!
  • @sbalding88 @jenabary I was just joking to my husband last night about how I tire myself out getting into bed to go to bed, what with having to get into position with my pillows and everything. He said "well, the good news is you're in bed!"
  • @korthouse I miss it too! lol. I wanted the third trimester to get here so badly around Christmas, and now I think I was crazy. That was probably the best I felt all pregnancy. LOL. 

    @Kathryn0903 Mine occasionally hangs out there, but she mostly likes to kick my bladder rather than live on it. It's made for some terrifying moments, particularly when I have to pee. (Which is almost all the time.) 
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