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  • All the aches and pains. Back and hips hurt. Belly feels just so heavy. Bladder is getting bad and I can't make it long without going anymore. 3rd trimester is just so much fun....
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  • Almost 31 wks. Things are starting to get slightly more uncomfortable. I’m sure I have diastasis recti so I’ll occasionally have upper abdominal pain so I’ve been extra cautious about not doing any crunch type movements or excessively using my abs. I feel the fatigue coming back a bit and I’ve definitely been more hungry! I had a week of consistent muscle cramps in my calves at night and I started a mag / calc supplement and that has seemed to do the trick! 

    Overall I really feel good still! Loving the increased movements! It’s so weird / distracting / fascinating and reassuring all at once! 
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  • I've been feeling really great overall. However, theblast few days my belly has felt so heavy. And baby feels like she's pressing on my pelvic floor, causing lots of pressure. 

    Definitely agree that I love the constant movements these days!
  • My belly itself doesn't feel heavy yet but my overall body definitely does and my feet are feeling it at the end of the day. I'm also suddenly much more prone to getting really sweaty when I'm all bundled in my winter coat and have 5o take it off on the subway. Also the vivid dreams are getting to be next level and sometimes surprisingly dark. Don't know where that's coming from in my subconscious mind but it's wild!
  • @korthouse the dreams are CRAZY! They range from bizarre to dark and are always insanely vivid and detailed and follow a beginning/middle/end storyline and often play out like an entire movie through the night!
  • Goodness the dreams! I've had a few really dark ones, but mostly they have been very vivid and random
  • Absolute hell........ i have horrible edema, im super uncomfortable and now i am getting red bumps all over my torso, back, neck. I squeeze  them and clear stuff comes out. Any idea what it is?
  • @cicchettimama2 Definitely reach out to your OB asap to look at the bumps. There are a couple things it could be, some of which are harmless but some of which can be a sign of something harmful to baby. I'm sorry you're dealing with that and the edema 
  • I thought I had a post nasal drip this morning, but turns out it was just blood. So now it comes out of my nose AND when I spit. I tastes like pennies and I feel like a vampire.
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    I'm feeling very 3rd trimestery.  I'm back to being exhausted.  I get winded so easily.  Feels like everything I do takes so much effort. My sleep has been really terrible also and I feel like I can't eat a lot anymore and need to switch over to more, smaller meals, which I guess is a good thing since I was getting concerned about how much weight I was going to gain.  I'm feeling like this baby is coming so fast and yet it's so far away.  

    Edit to add - A positive symptom!  I have really fine hair flat hair that I battle with.  I  <3  my think pregnancy hair so much.  I can actually make a decent full bun!
    @korthouse I can feel the extra weight I have in my feet when I've been standing for awhile.

    @literatureandink No going to lie, I caught DD2's diarrhea themed stomach bug and it was actually sort of a relief since I've been soooo constipated.  
  • @korthouse The dreams have been weird and getting more vivid every week for me. DH and I had an argument in my dream about who tried to flush a bag of onions down the toilet, and I was upset because I couldn't make the dish I was craving because we had no onions. lol. We've had some issues with heating at work lately - for some reason it's been blowing cold air at us and freezing out my co-workers. I, however, am loving it and only had to put on a light sweater once while my co-workers wore their coats in the back room. The 60 degree weather this week is going to be perfect for me - I may even break out the short sleeves because I'm so warm all the time. 

    @babybison The blood coming out of my nose has been wild; I didn't know that was a pregnancy symptom till I started having regular nose bleeds. The humidifier we bought has cut them back significantly, but I still get them and it's weird. 

    @kfrob My Fitbit gave me activity minutes for getting dressed recently because I get so winded. :sweat_smile: I'm also in the same boat with the eating now; I definitely can't eat as much as I used to and no matter what, I still get heartburn every damn evening no matter what I eat or how much I eat. 

    I'm still upset that the boob pain is back after going away in the second trimester. Like why, boobs? :persevere:  
  • For those suffering from constipation.. have you ever tried magnesium? My friend fixed her chronic constipation with it and I started a mag/calc supplement for muscle cramps and I’ve definitely been going #2 more frequently as well since then. I’m also someone who gets constipated easily so I can’t believe I haven’t been struggling with it. 
  • @sbalding88 If I had a FitBit it would def give me activity mins when I put body lotion on lol
  • @kath1414 I'm gonna have to ask my doctor about the magnesium next week. I've been upping my fiber intake which has helped some, but I'm still more constipated than I'm used to pre-pregnancy.
  • @KFrob Putting body lotion on after the shower for me is like an Olympic sport now! I huff and puff so much - if I didn't hate dry skin so much, I might just give it up!
  • I have been getting SO WARM. Also, bean has been so much more active lately! I know that'll slow down a little bit from them running out of room as they grow but I'm loving all this interaction 😊
  • @korthouse yes, to the overheating! Other people in the room have on sweaters and scarfs and I just want to be in a tank top!  A secondary benefit may come when my winter jacket no longer zips up (very soon!) at least I'll feel too warm to want to zip it anyway. 
  • @gingers19 I already outgrew my winter jacket so I'm hoping it doesn't get super cold around here. This week in VA it's been in the 60s so I'm perfectly content with that the rest of this pregnancy. :lol: But I'm either going to steal my husband's extra coat or just layer if it gets cool again. 

    @korthouse My baby has been getting more active these past few days. She thinks that she can escape by kicking her way out through my belly button. :lol:
  • @sbalding88 The belly button kicks are the weirdest feeling. 
  • @sbalding88 @korthouse Belly button kicks are SO weird! lol She's also kicked me or punched me so low down a few times the last couple of days that I swore she was punching through my cervix! Her rolls feel the funniest and make me giggle.
  • I really struggled through work the last few days! Placenta brain in full force. I feel like I’m on different planet sometimes.. completely in a fog! Also today a few different times I was feeling period type “cramps”.. but it was constant not coming and going. I know people say contractions feel similar but my belly wasn’t hard at all. Anyone else experience this? I had lots of cramping in the first couple months but nothing since. 
  • @kath1414 I get that crampy feeling sometimes if I over do it physically 
  • @sbalding88 My OB recommended prune juice. She also sent me over a prescription but said try the juice first. Let me tell you, gross but HIGHLY effective. Didn't need the rx. Good luck!
  • Not a symptom of being preggo, but DS gave me a cold and I am not a happy camper. Having a cold in the third trimester has zapped ALL my energy. 
  • @kath1414 I get some cramping when I overdo it too. If it’s more than that, though, I would talk to my doctor. 


    Me 34 DH 34 

    DS1 born September 2017
    Baby number 2 due 4/11/20
  • This is a fun one. My right foot has decided that it can’t handle the pregnancy weight any longer. Every time I put weight on it, I have really bad pain. I thought maybe I twisted my ankle, but Google says it is a thing. Apparently, your feet can flatten when you’re pregnant. I’m hoping to get to the store that sells good arch supports after work today. Until I can do something about it, I’m struggling to walk and trying to move as little as possible, because I’m so afraid of falling. 


    Me 34 DH 34 

    DS1 born September 2017
    Baby number 2 due 4/11/20
  • Had a rough night last night - ended up having a panic attack over stupid stuff and was hyperventilating until I could get my breathing under control. Baby girl is normally active in the evening, but she was very quiet last night and this morning (even after cold water and a banana) which freaked me out. So I got a NST this morning after talking to my doctor. Of course, she is fine - and has been making up for being quiet for 14 hours. I feel kinda silly, but I also feel better seeing that she was doing well despite what I put her through.
  • Ugh @mercury94 that sounds awful!! I don’t have that but one of my hips has just decided to take a vacation and when I stand after sitting too long (basically any time longer than 30 mins) I feel like it might just give out. I’m really rocking this 3rd tri like a graceful beeotch.
  • @literatureandink Yeah. 3rd Tri blows. 

    @sbalding88 I’m sorry you went through that, but you shouldn’t feel dumb. Going in was the right thing. Glad she’s okay and moving around now. 


    Me 34 DH 34 

    DS1 born September 2017
    Baby number 2 due 4/11/20
  • @sbalding88 never feel bad for getting reassurance - and I’m glad she’s doing just fine in there!
  • I got some orthotic shoes with insoles today. It helps. Not sure it’s enough, but it helps. They said they could do better, but that I had to talk to my doctor first to make sure it wouldn’t be a problem for me somehow. 


    Me 34 DH 34 

    DS1 born September 2017
    Baby number 2 due 4/11/20
  • @sbalding88 I hope you're feeling better!  It's always better to be safe
  • @mercury94 As someone who had no arches pre-pregnancy, I know your pain. Pregnancy has not helped that for me either, though at least I have my inserts from the podiatrist that I can slip into different shoes and it hasn't gotten much worse than it was. Make sure you ice your foot and/or ankle when you can. If I'm able to, I'll try to ice for 20 minutes and take an hour break and then repeat. A frozen water bottle is great to roll under those arches if they're bothering you. The ligaments in your ankle and foot are probably swollen and inflamed and the ice will help with that along with the inserts, though I can't promise it'll be pain-free either. If I knew that secret, I'd share it with you in a heartbeat. ;) 

    @Kfrob @literatureandink @mercury94 Thanks for your kind words! <3 The nurse said it was better to know for sure that she's totally fine. We agreed it's better to know for certain than to worry or to not do anything if there was actually something wrong, but it made for a very stressful Thursday for me. But I spent Thursday evening relaxing and enjoying my normal wild child again. 
  • @liligirl87 I'll try anything at this point, nasty or not! lol. Thanks for the tip; I'll track down some prune juice. :) 
  • I had new pain this past week in my left side lower abdomen and lower back. I think my pelvis was a little off and the baby tends to hang out on that side. I am a physical therapist, so I coached my husband in helping me realign it and had my coworker check it out for me too. 
  • Any tips for alleviating rib pain? I woke up with my ribs feeling super achy and it isn't letting up.
  • @babyrummom I love that you were able to coach your husband on realigning it!
  • anyone else's nausea coming back? 30wks and all of a sudden....
  • This whole pregnancy has been so hard for me with all the sickness, you name it I had it!.  Last week I found out my iron was very low and now I have to take iron twice a day! I am starting to feel better but I know with being 29 weeks pregnant that will be short lived. Maybe my easier part of the pregnancy will be at the end??? Hang in there ladies. 

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