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  • @NYTino24 so exciting, and a clearer image that shows all three!  Keeping you in our thoughts! 
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    @NYTino24 Ahhhh look at those sweet babies! Always keeping you and those babes in my thoughts and hoping for the best 🌈🌈🌈

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  • *lurking*

    @NYTino24&nbsp; OMG how amazing!!!!  Congratulations on your triplets.  fx for a smooth pregnancy  <3
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  • @greyl glad everything went well today!
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    @macheno thank you! ❤️
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  • We go in on Valentines Day for an ultrasound to hear the heartbeat for the first time but we're waiting for our dating scan by the doctor. My friend said to drink a coke before the ultrasound and your little one will be active during the ultrasound!:)
  • @mrsv1234 yes, with my last pregnancy for my 20 week ultrasound and my baby wouldn’t move to where we could get a peak at the gender. My ultrasound tech told me to walk to the store and drink a regular Coke (she swore by it) and it worked every time 😉
  • @raesky1111 they have always warmed the ultrasound and heart beat monitor jelly for me. I think it’s pretty standard. 
  • @raesky1111 Glad your US went well! One only previous OB offices had a warmer for their jelly and speculums. It was nice especially for PAPs and cervical exams. Don't forget "stranger danger" on the internet, and make sure to crop out you name on your US photo. 
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  • @babyrach00 you might want to block identifying information out 😉
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    @macheno Oh my gosh, look at that face!

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  • @ssbl Thanks! I know, I love this stage when you can finally start to see what they look like. They kept covering their face with their hands and opening and closing their mouth. It was so sweet. ❤
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