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  • @mommytimesfour Same! I feel like I need so much more for this winter pregnancy. A sweet friend of mine recently gifted me her hand me down maternity clothes and it feels so nice to have more than 3 winter maternity shirts. I did also grab some cute pieces on the motherhood maternity sale, and I found a long sleeve version of my maxi dress on amazon. I’ll try to link tomorrow. 
  • @mommytimesfour maternity rental subscription! Try Le Tote. I’m using Armoire and do not like them. I used Le Tote last time and loved them and once my armoire trial is up, I’m going back to Le Tote. Cheaper than buying a ton of clothes and you get new options each month. 
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  • @silverhope I got my first tote and I’m not in love with any of the things. I do like the moto leggings, and the scarf I got. I think if I worked outside the home there would be more stuff for me, but being a mostly leggings and sweaters kind of a person I just didn’t find enough stuff that I could fill a tote with. 
  • @mommytimesfour, agreed on the clothes thing.. it was much easier to dress during my sept. pregnancy.  I definitely appreciated being able to wear sandals every day towards the end when my feet got swollen and shoes weren't so comfortable anymore!  I guess I kind of lucked out this time clothes-wise, since I work at home now I don't have to worry about buying 'quite' as much as I did with my feb baby..  I have some clothes leftover from that pregnancy that I can wear when I want to go out and about, and I can wear sweatpants/t-shirts at home a lot so I don't have to have such a big maternity wardrobe.  

    @miss.sally, hope the glucose test goes well.  yay for therapy dogs!

  • @EmilyLove25 is there a walk-in lab near you? That’s what I did for my glucose test. That way I could just run over there when I had a free hour. It worked out perfectly. 
  • @miss.sally Yes! You can do walk ins here, but I work an hour from there (and there isn't one in the city where I work), so there are limited options. They are open on Saturdays, but I'm gone the next two... and plans on the one after. Sounds like I might need to take a sick day hahaha!

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    BFP #4 6/28/2019, EDD 3/12/2020 

  • I’m at a conference and I FaceTimed with DD this morning. She said “you’re going to go fishing and go swimming and have corn on the cob!” Sounds way more fun than my conference. 
  • @kagesstarshroom Oooooh my husband is the saaaammmme way, it's almost like the more I bring something up, the more he wants it to be on his own terms and puts it off. I was epic level ragey with pregnancy #2 and have been oddly calm this one so far all things considered (he is DIY reno-ing our kitchen, 6 slow m-f'ing weeks and counting, just ya know in his free time), but the rage storm has arrived and I am no longer calm. This could be the same time this happened last time, I can't remember. Going with similar tactic as you and trying to talk to him as little as possible, so I don't lose my shiz on him. 
    I will do my glucose test at my 28 week check up, I do the orange drink with no problems, but @miss.sally why is yours called Limeondex??! Sounds like cleaner!!
    After my post about getting looks about my size relative to due date, my CVS cashier last night went all out with "when are you due? Oh you must have a lot of water, or have big babies". Well lady, both of those are accurate, and now you can add 'feel like a freak of nature' to that list!!
    And THEN I got rear ended right after picking up the kids!!! It was rainy and thanks to DST, so dark already, a car hit a car into me when I was stopped at a light. So nothing too horrible, but stressful and now another pain I have to deal with getting my car repaired. 
    @EmilyLove25 Congrats on the new car, that is so exciting!! I bet it is slick, I also can't get over the minivan look, and need something higher as I like to check the curbs around town on the reg. Kind of want to rent one during this repair to try it out though!! @miss.sally I currently have the Acadia with captain's chairs in middle row, I love the car, but nervous to put DD1 in third row (especially now!!) since it seems like so little space leftover with the third row up.
    @mommytimesfour I hate winter apparel in general, so much extra laundry, and it all seems to be hand wash and line dry like sweaters that you can't even hang in the closet, grrrrrrr.
    @treetop19 yikes dog, that sounds like a hectic morning!!
    Hosting a baby shower tomorrow, DD's actual Bday is Sunday but party the 30th and then leaving town on the 3rd or 4th surrounded by a slew of various appointments. Might snag a champs shower favor for myself and savor it at my house tomorrow evening. Sorry to lay all that out in one post, I think that's all I've got!!
  • Wahhh I failed my one hour glucose test. By two points. Just like last time. And they’re still making me do the three hour. 😭😭😭
  • mrsvp614mrsvp614 member
    edited November 2019
    @miss.sally Sorry about your test! I failed the 1 hour for my first pregnancy too, so I’m not optimistic about it this time. I hated the 3 hour!
    @EmilyLove25 I’m with you, and went to get the test over with. Mine’s in 2 weeks. But I’m also somewhat glad that it’s not until after Thanksgiving. 😬

    ETA: I feel like I’ve been an awful group participant this week. I’ve been on a different schedule at work and it’s been crazy, and the app is so wonky. 
    Me: 33 DH: 33
    Married: 10.15.16
    BFP: 12.24.16
    DS BD: 8.20.17
    TTC #2 1.1.19
    BFP #2 7.3.19
    EDD #2 3.13.20
  • @miss.sally Ooo oh no! GL on the 3-hour one!

    @mrsvp614 I feel like it's been a rough/low-participant week for lots of folks here & other TB boards. You are always missed, but don't feel guilty!

    @stac4065 Ah boo sorry you've had such a rough time of it! But glad you've been able to be more patient w/ YH during this remodeling. MH actually wound up asking me about why I wasn't really talking to him earlier this week & I cried a bunch and yelled at him, and now we are communicating better about the issue which is all I asked--outside of his just Getting It Done & Prioritizing It over Other Sh!t. 
  • @mrsc918 oh I’d be pissed too if DH said that, then again my DH would use any excuse to get out of going. I wouldn’t have left my 11 week old either as a FTM and honestly I wouldn’t do it as a STM. I probably wouldn’t be willing to leave my 2.5 year old either. Can you take the baby with you?  If it’s an adult only wedding I’d still ask, I had an adult only wedding but told people with newborns it was up to them what was easier/ more convenient for them if they wanted to bring them. 
    Me: 33 | DH: 34
    Married: October, 19, 2015
    EDD 2/22/17 <3 DS1 born on 3/2/17
    EDD 3/8/20 <3 DS2 born on 3/10/20
    EDD 11/24/23
    (Formerly Marriedhamstermom Feb ‘17)

  • @mrsc918 I second what @varimama said. See if you can bring baby. 11 weeks old is REALLY going to be leaving them behind for an overnight. You have. I idea if baby will be nursing/willing to take a bottle at all. 
  • I just ate an entire box of mac n cheese. 

    It was delicious. No regrets lol. 
  • @mrsc918 That would make me rage-y too. I don’t think you’d want to bring an 11 week old on such a big, international trip even if you could (germs, too much to pack, too disruptive to routine) but I also certainly wouldn’t want my husband going on vacation without me and leaving me home to deal with a newborn. I think most people who have destination weddings know and expect that not everyone will be able to attend, no matter how close the relationship. I’d ask to FaceTime in and send a nice gift. 

    My husband travels for work and even that makes me rage-y. Practically speaking I completely appreciate that him traveling is what supports our family but emotionally I get jealous of the adult time, quiet meals, full night’s sleep. Speaking of business travel he just got back from a trip and now he has a stomach bug or food poisoning. So after solo parenting all week I’m on my own yet again plus dealing with his needs and keeping him quarantined from the rest of the family, and I’m not allowed to drink nearly enough coffee.
  • @momoftoddlers just basically ANY comments on a woman’s pregnant body should be kept to themselves. I had someone tell me “wow you’re going to have a huge baby” the other day. And someone else tell me I looked tiny. I don’t know what it is about pregnancy that makes it “ok” to comment on a person’s size. 
  • @momoftoddlers Ugh I would get the "oh you don't look pregnant" statement up until recently and it pissed me off! Now, I get omg you can see it in your face. So, I am like basically you are telling me my face is fat thanks. Ugh, people need to realize that pregnant women can be a little sensitive about their bodies. Just say you look great or nothing at all! 
  • Ohhhh man. We went to this Christmas light event/show/thing and it was so cool but omg my feet and legs and back hurt from walking around on concrete for 2.5 hours. It was held in this giant warehouse. I started getting BH contractions on our walk back to the car and they’re only finally subsiding now that I’m home chugging water. I know I need some real food also (because all I’ve had today is sugar... but I couldn’t say no to donuts being fried in front of my face at the event). Lol. I need to get DS to bed to that I can sit and watch a movie with a cup of tea. I wish I had a soaking tub.  
  • @mrsc918 I think you’re well within your right to be mad! I feel 11 weeks would be too early for me to leave LO, especially leaving here with anyone who is not H. I first left DD overnight at around 9 months and H was home with her. 

    I would probably have H go alone but I wouldn’t be happy about it! I sent my H to his cousin’s wedding last fall and stayed home to solo parent. I just couldn’t take the time off work.
  • Thanks for the support and feedback ladies! I think we will just play it by ear and make a very last minute decision about it depending on how baby is doing, how we are doing, etc. 

    @chichiphin 10 lbs?!...I’ve gained 25 lbs already. Lol Also, we started decorating our interior the first week of November. Yesterday we put half our outside lights up and today we will do the rest of the outside lights. Then next week we will prob go buy our tree and decorate it.

    @momoftoddlers I haven’t experienced too many comments about my body...YET. But I’m sure as I get farther along my wonderful, opinionated Persian relatives are bound to say something. It’s always been okay in the Persian culture to make comments about weight (“you’re gaining weight”, “maybe you should lose weight”, “be careful not to gain too much”, etc) - it’s quite annoying even pre pregnancy lol Also, DH work wishes he would agree to travel for work, most everyone else that’s as high up as he is does...but that was one rule I have not budged and so far so good lol we don’t have any other kids, I just couldn’t deal with him traveling for work due to anxiety issues lol
  • @chichiphin el oh el WHAT. so rude. Technically, Thanksgiving is every last Thurs. in Nov., and most people decorate after it more out of convenience than anything else--and it's a little late this year, falling on the 28th. Soooo if you have the time/WANT to decorate this weekend, go for it. If not, do it next weekend. I don't think this weekend is too early if that's the root of your question!
  • @chichiphin I already put up my tree this week and decorated. I don’t think it’s to early. I took advantage of a day I had a lot of energy and DH was home to help lol Now we get to enjoy it for longer. 
  • @chichiphin I’m team decorate. But I had mine out weeks ago! I put my tree up today because we just got a new one and I LOVE it. I was going to start a decor thread but the fall one kinda flopped so 🤷🏼‍♀️  Also ten lb is nothing at this point in pregnancy...? That’s what I’ve gained also and my OB said that’s on the low side. I guess that lady just has no idea. Some people. Ugh! 
  • I feel like every day these days I am DONE by 6pm. Is this that it's getting darker earlier orrrr is the second tri magic already over? Wahh. I need to remember to be more productive before 6pm bc this keeeeps happening. 
  • @chichiphin WTAF. I've gained 20 already, so that doctor can kiss my expanding ass. Also, we put our tree up yesterday!

    @miss.sally I feel your pain! We had a long afternoon on Friday of DS's allergy appt (complete with traumatizing blood draw), and then 3+ hrs at the mall and various stores to kill time until it got close enough to DS's bed time because the drive back home is 1.5 hours. By the time we finally headed home my body was D.O.N.E. 

    *Formerly LuND*
    Me: 35 | DH: 37
    TTC: 7/2016
    Low AMH, mild MFI
    BFP 7/29/17
    EDD: 4/5/18
    <3  DS born 4/4/18  <3
    BFP #2 7/2/19
    EDD 3/13/20

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