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How does your baby react when you talk to it?

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This is going to be our first baby and we’re 3 days from the third trimester! We had a miscarriage with our first pregnancy so this time around we’re really excited and elated to have made it this far ♥️.

I’ve been feeling baby kick for a while now, especially late at night haha, but I’m wondering how does everyone else’s baby react when they talk to it? When I talk to him he kicks and moves around a lot so I’m guessing that’s a good sign 😅 and I mainly talk to him about educational stuff, ABC’s, 123’s, days of the week and months of the year, etc. But when his dad comes home from work and he hears his voice? He starts going CRAZY in there, just kicking the crap outta me nonstop, especially when he gets close and talks into my belly lol. I think it’s cute. 

How does your baby react when you talk to it? And how differently does it react compared to when your partner (if applicable) talks to it? What about someone else (family members, friends, etc)?

Good luck to everyone in their pregnancies btw! We’re almost there!! ♥️💙♥️

Re: How does your baby react when you talk to it?

  • Oh girl. Lay of the ABCs, etc.. You will have to deal with them for YEARS. Enjoy some adult stuff while you can. 
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  • Yes, babies can hear you in the 3rd trimester, but they're really only picking up on sound and that's about it. By talking to the baby he/she will learn the sounds we make speaking English (vs. Chinese, Hungarian, French, Vietnamese, etc.) but that's about as academic as it gets.
    Anyway... of course, your child will respond to your voices as the parents. My mom would try to talk to my baby bump when she had a bit too much wine but they didn't respond any differently.
  • also, 3 (weird) discussions and one reply on your history. Not sure what you're getting out of your participation? 



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  • Ha! You'd think after swinging by to tell us how much we suck she wouldn't come back. That was a treat.
  • I didn't really notice any of that or a difference at all, and both my children are perfectly healthy. 

    Just FYI, your child cannot hear individual words. It's incredibly muffled in there with skin, abs and uterus between them and the outside world. And then there's all the noise of the placenta and blood and organs.

    Babies in utero can detect that someone is in fact speaking, different voices, volume, and  some rhythm like music, and that's pretty much it. So singing the ABCs versus singing Baby Got Back (Friends reference!) is not going to make any difference. 
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