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FFFC 10/25

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Let's hear them! 
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Re: FFFC 10/25

  • @gingermama29 LOL looks like we both changed ours at the same time, too. 🤣
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  • @kiki047 - I’m sorry but that’s a dick move on her part. I don’t think you’ll get any flaming here for that. 

    I have a friend from grad school who has been TTC for over a year. She found out she has an autoimmune issue that was destroying her eggs. They are on round 3 of IUI with plans to move to IVF if it doesn’t take. I am so scared of causing her more pain that I sometimes block her from my FB posts so as not to rub my child in her face. My heart is just breaking for her. I haven’t at all mentioned to her that MH and I are planning on TTC starting next month. I’m sorry that your friend is not being considerate. 🙁
  • @kiki047 I think the worst part of it is that you had a plan in advance!!!!!! It's not like you're demanding she never speak to you about being KU ever again, just that she be a little more thoughtful about it. 
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  • @kiki047 I know you weren't swearing at me. :) You are right, she should absolutely know better, especially since you had a conversation about this beforehand.  I am so, so sorry you're dealing with someone like that. 💚
  • Man, I always miss the drive-bys. What am I doing with my life :wink: ?
  • @kiki047 I’m so sorry your friend is being so inconsiderate...especially considering you talked about this beforehand! Sending so many hugs!! 💜 I don’t have much else to add that hasn’t already been said...but I don’t see much remorse in her comments and that would definitely sting! Hopefully distancing yourself helps...and maybe she will realize how hurtful/disrespectful she was being and actually give you the apology that you deserve! Hope you can work through it in the end, but if not...then I’d say it’s her loss! 
  • @tyrion_ my DH doesn't dance and I do, so a lot of the time group dances are the only thing I can do on the dance floor at weddings. :)

    @ttcbabyodo I was definitely rage-y after the teen flyby, too. 
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