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  • @bananapanda a woman I work with said she had the same things as you throughout her whole pregnancy and she was allergic to the pregnancy hormones. Her kid is like in his 20’s now. I asked to her expand on that, like what hormones and how did they figure that out, but she couldn’t remember. Not sure if that’s a real thing, but can’t hurt to mention it. Maybe see if there is a safe antihistamine to try? 
  • @TattoosandLace over the weekend I had a headache bordering on migraine, all while a bridesmaid in a family wedding trying to hide the fact that I’m pregnant! It was awful. Tons of stretching, foam rolling, sitting in the shower (I’m restricted from baths) and a 16 hour sleep Sunday-Monday and I think I’m in the clear.
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  • @bananapanda omg I was so itchy with DS1 and my OB didn’t really find any reason for me to be but it was awful. This makes me feel less crazy. And I’ve been itchy at the slightest side of dry skin this pregnancy so body oil has been my best friend. Have you tried that?

    @TattoosandLace I’ve had a hormone headache off and on for weeks. 👎🏻
  • I actually have been the opposite and have had far fewer headaches in pregnancy than normal.  I guess something about the hormone changes actually agrees with my body chemistry.

    Though I did just come off a 3 day dull headache... good times.
  • @TattoosandLace My headaches have ramped up this week. I wouldn’t call them massive, but there’s definitely present and CONSTANT

    @tj_2 Hopefully your husband is understanding and doesn’t take it personal! I tell me husband when I’m moody and he just avoids me at all cost 😂
  • My only consistent craving this pregnancy is ketchup. The one thing I normally never eat. It’s pretty much the only thing I can keep down these days. Going on week 6 of near constant nausea and I’m just ready for the new two weeks to be over in hopes of second trimester being easier on my poor stomach. 

    Other than that I’m crying like 5-6 times a day. Also bizarre because I’m not a crier typically. I think MH is questioning this decision by now. 🤣
  • @smashley09 that's crazy! I'm hoping since it started earlier my OB will put more effort into figuring out what it is.  Last time she did some blood work and said it was possibly cholestasis even though it wasn't presenting exactly as it normally does.  But I don't think that starts this early so I'm lost.

    @mdfarmchick I haven't tried baby oil yet, but last pregnancy I tried every lotion and special soap imaginable and nothing helped.  Can't hurt to try one more though!
  • tj_2tj_2
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    Luckily he's a good sport and finds it all a bit amusing 
  • Started getting the linea nigra already. Really faint, but it’s there. 9+5. 
  • Now that I am 7 weeks the nausea and vomiting are full force. I’ve tried ginger ale, b6, ginger chews, eating small meals but nothing is working. I’m sick when I eat and I’m sick when i don’t eat. Any other suggestions of things that have worked for you? 
  • @michellej2020 things that are cold on my stomach help exponentially. Like those little summer freeze pops that you snip the plastic to open them. And this one is kind of random and maybe specific to me, but chocolate. I think it’s just because it’s something I really like and it lights up the pleasure center of my brain which sort of distracts for a bit from feeling terrible. So if there’s something you really like like that, I’d try it. Peppermints give me a good distraction too. 
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  • @michellej2020 adding: if it’s really terrible and you can’t keep anything down, I’d call your OB. She can prescribe you something that might help you be able to function better. 
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  • michellej2020michellej2020
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    @Austenista thank you so much for your suggestions. I’m going to try freeze pops today :). I couldn’t keep anything down and got super dehydrated the other day but I have read so many mixed reviews on the nausea medicine so I didn’t end up taking it. 😫
  • @michellej2020 I’ve been using Gravol Ginger tablets and tums. Been working well. I haven’t had any vomiting, but I feel hungover. The ginger tabs and tums keeps it manageable 
  • @michellej2020 ;
    One thing that’s worked for me is peanut butter. It doesn’t help stop the nausea but it’s something I can stomach so that I’m eating something. In another BMB I read that someone’s doctor recommended peanut butter because “have you ever heard of someone throwing up peanut butter?” It seems to be helping so far. 
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    @michellej2020 Have you tried Sea Bands yet? They really help take the edge off for me.

    *fixed typo
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  • @shamrocandroll I literally just got them in the mail 5 minutes ago. I found them as I was desperately searching parked on the bathroom floor. I’ve read many good things, I put them on I just hope I’m hitting the right pressure point. It’s hard to know. Thanks for your suggestion! 
  • Thanks for the suggestions. I also think one of my biggest issues is I had terrible acid reflux before pregnancy and my doctor told me to only take Pepcid as needed. So Sorry tmi but it’s been a lot of bile. I’m just trying different things and hoping to stumble upon something that works so your suggestions are so helpful 😎. 
  • Today, I just started getting short sharp pains from my uterus area. I didn’t have these last time, it last like 1-2 seconds. It’s the weirdest most annoying things, and has me all kinds of paranoid.
  • I’ve been waking up with sore hips the past few mornings.
  • +1 to the sore hips, not sure what that’s all about but sometimes it’s so bad it wakes me up at night. 
  • @Ifritos, sounds a bit like RLP, I've been told that with STM+ it gets stronger and happens sooner.

    Anyone else dealing with terrible, constant gas. TMI, I swear I'm a farting machine right now.
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  • @stella_700 yes, it's worst at night, it's like my body is struggling to digest everything I ate in the course of the day while I'm trying to sleep.  Then I generally don't sleep because the gas pains are so disruptive.  The nighttime indigestion and my lack of sleep are my biggest/worst pregnancy symptoms that are really negatively impacting my functionality these days.
  • Anyone else congested? So frustrating. I’ve turned into a mouth breather. 
  • rox7777rox7777
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    @stella_700 and @pirateduck I had horrible gas pains with DS2. I decided to get on top of it this pregnancy and asked my doctor for safe medicine for gas relief. She prescribed me something and I take it mid afternoon. Usually by bedtime I’m feeling good enough to sleep.

    @smashley09 I wouldn’t survive pregnancy without my humidifier. I get horrible nosebleeds while pregnant because I get so congested. 
  • @rox7777 that’s good to know.  I will ask my doctor at my appointment next week.  It’s bad enough that it wakes me up at night and prevents me from sleeping more nights than not.  
  • tj_2tj_2
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    I've started being HUNGRY! I am not a snacker but I can easily pack two dinners and not be stuffed these days. 

    I've also been dealing with a consistent dull headache, and belly itching. Thankfully the gas and acid reflux has subsided a bit over the past week. 

     @rox7777 @smashley09 I have the humidifier on and I still wake upcongested.  It also hasn't helped much with my dry skin. Good to know that at least it's keeping the nosebleeds away. 

  • jhysmathjhysmath
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    @smashley09 I've turned into a mouth breather because I can't stand all the surprise smells coming from the adolescents (mostly male) students I have and the smells from MH and whatever he decides to make for dinner. Right now there's a roast in the fridge in the crock pot ready to be put on and every time I open the fridge and forget to mouth breath I feel like I want to puke. 

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  • mokay19mokay19
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    @michellej2020 sorry for a delayed response but my doctor suggested 1/2 a unisom (12.5 mg) and 25 mg B6. Together they’re the same ingredients of Diclegis which is a prescription pregnancy nausea medicine. I take it 4 times a day and it’s the only thing working. 

    Now that my nausea is peaking even worse, it doesn’t 100% work but it stops me from puking 5 times a day. 
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  • Last night was small group and they had meatballs and wings and Mac and cheese ((which i usually love but cheese makes me turn green right now)) so I didn’t eat. We grabbed McDonald’s when we left because I was starving. And I threw up my dinner two hours later. But I guess I felt better afterwards because I’ve constantly felt like I’m about to get sick for two days now and that feeling went away. 😐
  • louessbeelouessbee
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    @smashley09 Yes! So congested! I'm getting on a plane on Monday and I hope it's calmed down by then or I'll be miserable.

    @mdfarmchick as much as I hate puking, I do usually feel better for a day or two afterwards. I've been nauseated a lot, but only puked a handful of times. The constant queasiness is... Not my favorite.
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