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Early bumps

If your are already starting to show in the first trimester, show off your little bump!

Re: Early bumps

  • drkoyyadrkoyya
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    FTM and so far I haven’t felt pregnant, which has made me very anxious for my first prenatal appointment (this Monday). I’ve had some mild bloating, constipation, indigestion, and some major fatigue— yet I have been in disbelief that I’m actually pregnant. Can’t say that anymore! I’m 8 weeks today, this morning I looked down and notice that I already have a belly! I’m a plus sized mom but my stomach has never been this big. My husband agreed that I now look pregnant. I know this is bloat and my body adjusting to my growing uterus but I finally have a visual that I’m pregnant. 

    I can only imagine how big I’ll look once the baby really starts growing. 

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  • @mflowers929
    That was my first thought! Twins run in my family, specifically my mother’s side. I also read that being overweight, tall, and Black increase the likelihood of twins. I’ll have to wait until Monday to see if the belly is the result of bloat or twins 😬
  • It’s definitely bloat, but here I am at 9w4d. Much, much bigger than I was with DS and I’ve already checked that there’s only one in there. 


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  • @kerriann0o114 ; I like your shirt! It's very pretty!

  • 10 weeks today. My blump is looking more like a bump and is much bigger in the evening when I took this pic. It’s getting harder to suck in, but I feel like I have to all day at work, so people who don’t know I’m pregnant don’t see that bump! 
  • babyrummombabyrummom
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    And my AM bump is not quite as huge, but it’s still there. Anyone else get bigger at the end of the day?
  • @babyrummom yes, definitely bigger at the end of the day
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  • Blump is showing more based on what I wear. 
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  • latebloomer7latebloomer7
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    My tummy definitely looks bigger at the end of the day. Here I was a few days ago at 10w 2d. 
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