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GTKY - Tattoo Edition

I saw the comments about some of the weekly check in groups being quiet, and I saw in another month group they were doing group wide GTKY posts, so I thought this might be fun? Maybe not on Weds b/c of HDBD but I felt like getting the ball rolling :)
  • Who has any? How many? Planning on more?
  • What do you have? Meaning behind it?
  • If you don't have one, what would you get if you got one? 

Re: GTKY - Tattoo Edition

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  • @k_mama91 i need to know, did the studio check id or you just used someone else's? i may have been ornery and got a piercing using someone else's id before i was 18.
  • @anniemarie887 I may have gone to a studio known for being lax on checking IDs.. and it may or may not have been the first instance where I participated in underage activities by purposely seeking out places that slacked on abiding the law.
  • @k_mama91 nooooooooooooooooo judgment, i was def a little rebellious as a teenager.
  • @anniemarie887 @rjgmcmanus My poor kids are doomed. Ol mom knows every trick in the book 🤣
  • @rjgmcmanus the nose ring my parents wouldn't let me get at 17... yea i did it within like 24 hrs of turning 18. at some point in the next 6ish months my mom paid me to take it out (bribery man, makes the world go round) but then i went and redid it at like 21. my kid will either be able to get nothing by me like @k_mama91 said, or like 10x wilder than me. i feel like i'm owed some payback - although i never got in trouble. i always managed to just toe the line.
  • My parents were also thrilled with my nose ring. Lucky for them ds kept grabbing at it so that phase was short lived. @anniemarie887 Payback comes at different times, don’t be surprised if your sweet 8 year old wakes up with a smart mouth one day. I wasn’t expecting my karma for another several years but here I am, looking at a shrunken version of my teenaged self.
  • No tattoos for me.  I've considered it in the past, but looking back on some of the design ideas I had, I'm glad I didn't go through with any of them.  I like tattoos, though.  If I got something it would probably be really tiny and on the inside of my wrist.
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    I don't have any.  If I got one it would be a Roman numeral.  I have a lot of siblings and a few have gotten thier birth order number in Roman numerals.  I think I'll eventually get mine since my number will coincide with the number of children I will have, but we'll see.  

    @ktmaesim Love the Deathly Hallows tattoo!! 

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  • @mecoats I’m a cancer (crab) so even if I wanted a zodiac tattoo it would’ve been off limits for me. The other symbol used is a 69 🤣
  • @klmcguire Oh my goodness, I LOVE that tattoo idea. Do it.
  • @klmcguire Oh my goodness, I LOVE that tattoo idea. Do it.
    We are still trying to decide if we are stopping at 3 or having 4, so when that decision is fully made I will definitely be getting it! 

  • mecoatsmecoats
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    k_mama91 said:
    @mecoats I’m a cancer (crab) so even if I wanted a zodiac tattoo it would’ve been off limits for me. The other symbol used is a 69 🤣
    Funny thing. My birthday is 6/9 so i couldn’t use that either. 😂😂😂
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    @lilyrheas your tattoos are beautiful!  You’re a walking work of art!!❤️  I love the meaning and thought behind it all, too!
  • @klmcguire well now i wanna know what sorority you were in? haha, i could've done the same - althought a kite or a pansy flower aren't really the coolest tattoos.  :D

    @lilyrheas your tattoos are AMAZING. i love the forest and owls! i also had some piercings, the only ones i keep up with are the handful in my ears. the hole from my belly button has never closed and its starting to look a little off as things are stretching! 

  • Thanks ladies!! I always get crazy questions about pain and how i will feel as I age and this and that but at the end of the day I do  love it. They all have good meanings even if life has changed from the time I got them. A scrapbook of growth and life.

    @klmcguire I love the simplicity of the tattoo photo you posted. It has a beautiful meaning and the placement would be really elegant. 
  • @lilyrheas I love all your tattoos! I am so nervous about making something so permanent, so applaud you for just doing it and it being so beautiful! 

    @anniemarie887 I was in Zeta Tau Alpha (I have a small crown) lol

  • @ninrms that is so gorgeous! Love the multiple meanings behind it.
  • @klmcguire zeta here too with a crown tattoo lol
  • @ale9687 I saw your comment and made the assumption you were!! <3 I like my tatto, just would have placed it in a better place had I been a little more wise haha

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