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Why my pregnant self is crying.


Re: Why my pregnant self is crying.

  • @mandk1233 I’m sorry:( I’m with you on feeling useless- as someone who is normally super productive all the time, it is SO hard to just rest and ask my husband to do simple things for me.
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  • @Swiftlet I am sorry you are also feeling this way, but I am kind of glad to know I am not the only one. 
  • @Swiftlet @mandk1233 You are both much nicer than me. About 4 weeks ago I even told DH I am not responsible for his meals anymore because I had only 2 months of freedom left haha! I hate huffing and puffing through the littlest tasks, but have been soaking up that he insists on doing most chores. :D
  • @huskervbfan I wouldn't say nicer so much as guilt ridden. 😒
  • @mandk1233 exactly :disappointed: And not just guilty but it’s been hard just not feeling like myself for nine months, yanno? I’m really hoping that once babies are here I’ll at least be able to participate more physically in my life, even if I’m exhausted. It’s amazing what I take for granted - a load of laundry, walking around the grocery store, making dinner, heck, even washing dishes!
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    @Swiftlet Exactly! And for me, the 2nd trimester when I felt most like myself was when I started a new job so I was still exhausted all the time and sleeping when I wasn't at work. 
  • @Swiftlet @mandk1233 not to be a party pooper, and I say this out of love... postpartum recovery, in my experience, lasts a couple months and the more you push yourself the longer and more painful it is. It’s totally possible that I’m a wimp though.
  • @doodleoodle This may be quite high on the list of things I want to pretend I didn't "hear" but also way better to be prepared to help prevent disappointment. 
  • Here's mine... Was dead set on using the pack n play with napper and changer DLX. Got it for baby shower and hubby put it together last night. Realized the "napper" is not safe for sleep at all and the pack n play doesn't fit through our bedroom door. Bawled my head off because I'm obviously failing at motherhood already 🤦‍♀️ realized today, it's okay we'll just come up with an alternative plan. Hi hormones, how are ya?????

  • Managed to stop myself before I became a blubbering mess about it, but DH was teasing me about my less than graceful means of rolling over in bed this morning and I felt the tears welling up. 
  • @foreveronyourside, can’t you close the PNP and open it again in your room to get it through the door?
  • @foreveronyourside You can still use the bassinet portion of the PNP for safe sleep. 
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  • @jvk2012 @brookert615 unfortunately DH said if was too big of a pain to breakdown and called Amazon to return it. 🥺😩 

  • @foreveronyourside classic male overreaction 🤦‍♀️ 
  • @doodleoodle Sorry, I didn't mean for it to sound like I expected to instantly become this perky beacon of happiness and restfulness and physical activity haha! :D But being able to reach to do the dishes in the sink, to be able to walk even a short distance without BH and being completely winded, being able to sleep somewhat comfortably again (even if I'm not sleeping much!)...I'm looking forward to that part at least.
  • @doodleoodle Absolutely. Hence the excessive crying haha. I eventually was too tired to try to make the point that we will need a pnp for future use, not only room sharing 🤦‍♀️ can't win em all 
  • Speaking of partner overreactions... I was watching a story on the news yesterday about an elderly couple being rescued from a burning apartment building and burst into tears at how much the woman (who was rescued first) was pleading with the firefighters to leave her and get her husband. DH saw my reaction and immediately flipped the channel which turned my tears into a full-blown ugly cry because I didn't get to see the happy ending and reunion. 
  • @foreveronyourside Maybe try a mini pack and play? I just got one and I love it. It is portable, fits through doorways fully set up, and has three level settings to grow with baby. I have it set up next to my bed and it doesn’t take too much room at all. It doesn’t come with a changer or bassinet on it, but it’s an idea 😊

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    About two weeks ago, hubs and I were driving home at night and traffic on the highway came to a complete stop because of an accident. We turned the truck off and everything, had to have been at least 15mins of just sitting there. At one point, two dogs ran by and a few minutes later a couple young guys were running up the highway calling for the dogs. I was so upset, certain the dogs would be hit by a car and/or they would never be found and all I could imagine was losing my own dog and not knowing what had happened to him.

    Well all this time later they finally caught the two dogs and reunited them with their owners! So I started sobbing all over again when I read the update.
  • @Swiftlet Ohhh...that would have had me in tears, too. 
  • @Swiftlet all good points! I think I just, rather ironically, turn into a giant baby myself postpartum. 
  • babyroma said:
    Managed to stop myself before I became a blubbering mess about it, but DH was teasing me about my less than graceful means of rolling over in bed this morning and I felt the tears welling up. 
    girl YES. My husband told me the other day that I “grunt a lot” while trying to rollover in bed 😂. It’s just so hard now! Luckily it made me laugh not cry but I’m finding most of my emotions don’t make sense these days. 
  • My friend sent me a package that contained a bunch of PP staples and a cute note. Even though the note was funny, I was all choked up! 
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