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GTKY 7/10 - Occupation!


Re: GTKY 7/10 - Occupation!

  • @projectalice That's the problem with beautiful handmade things!  You have to charge so much for the time and materials.  I'd love to see your stuff!  We'll have to start a crafty thread at some point.
  • Hi all! I am an elementary (prek3-5th grade) music teacher at a private school in NJ. I absolutely love my job. Teaching music to kids has been a challenge that fulfills my heart. I can’t imagine doing anything else. My school is my “forever job,” the one for which you put in your dues to say you have earned being in such a great fit. (Previous jobs were rough!) We have a true family community. I am not sure what my time off will entail, as it has been six years since I was last pregnant, and I know the law has changed l. I’m not sure my husband will take much time off. He is also a music teacher and has many performances at the end of the year. (I may have to put my foot down this time around!) I am hoping to feel well enough to go in in May to conduct the Spring concert. I will wear baby if I have to! My daughter will be singing and my 5th graders are the first group I have taught from prek3-5th.
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  • Hey all,

    There are so many different and neat occupations in this group!  

    I’m an Human Resources Advisor.  Fortunately I get to work from home 3 days per week (I’m in the office the other two days).  Working from home has definitely aided in achieving the work/life balance I need while parenting two children.  I just hope the work from home continues into the future, especially since I will now have 3 kids.

    I’m also very fortunate because my employer tops up me up to 100% for the entire year I’m on maternity/parental leave - I don’t know how I got so lucky 😊.
  • Im an architect and my husband is a service writer for a car dealership.
    I get 6 weeks short term disability which boils down to 6 weeks off, 2 unpaid and 4 at 60% of my salary. Marc gets nothing and has to take a week of vacation. 
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