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GTKY 7/10 - Occupation!


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  • I’m a neuro nurse in a large academic medical center and while I love my job, the long hours are exhausting! Stroke, neurosurgery, epilepsy, brain tumors, auto-immune neurological disorders- we see it all! My saving grace is that I typically get 4 days off a week to spend time with my 2 year old son who is starting to be more independent. My husband works 6 days a week as a pediatrics resident, so we try to squeeze in as much time as we can together (although we legitimately do not see each other when he works nights because I leave for work before he gets home and he leaves for work before I get home). Things will hopefully start to improve next year but we are over the moon excited to welcome another little one into our lives.
  • Hahahaha... I wish  ;) 
  • I'm a bartender for a restaurant. It has its ups and downs. I just became an official full time employee so I have no idea what maternity leave I'll have. Likely none 😂.
    Thankfully we have been saving since we started TTC a year ago
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  • @slothsarecool Thank you so much for the work you do with the ACLU. <3 Also, my cousin just moved to HI & is LOVING it.
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    I'm a school psychologist.  I cover one elementary, one middle school along with a handful of out of district placements.  My district is very assessment heavy so 99% of my job is administering cognitive tests.  
    I am loving the school schedule.   I went back to school about 10 years ago so I could work in a school.  Previously I was a clinical director for a Department of Youth Services program (aka kiddie jail).
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  • Hello! I work in tech as a consultant for nonprofits. After spending nearly a decade in the nonprofit space, and after having my DD, I decided to take a bit of a leap and change courses professionally. Now I help nonprofits build and use Salesforce and I loveeeeeee it.

    I just started a full time job with a great company the DAY before finding out I’m pregnant. C’est la vie. I had a rough experience transitioning back into work PP at my last job (toxic culture, change of management while I was out, blamed for things that happened while I was out that were outside of my control, generally awful place to work) and feel a bit scarred by it. Blergh! As Cardi B would say, I need cheese for my egg. And some therapy probably. 
  • I work in accounting with AP/AR, and human resources as a recruiter. I love recruiting, and I hope to transfer my talents to the big focus in our city: NASA.
    My hubby has been in the Army for 18 years, deployed 3 times, and is now working on getting medically retired. Once that happens, he'll be opening up a self-defense school.
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  • I don’t know how I completely missed this thread for nearly a week...? It’s so fun! I love reading about everyone!! 

    I do freelance graphic design! I also have my own small business (mostly around the holidays) and I sell shirts/bags/dish towels with my designs printed on them. 

    DH is a baseball coach, so he travels a lot, and baseball is life for most of the year! 
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    @chartput Thrilled to see another doc on here!  I totally agree with you... much more nervous!!
  • I work in corporate events - started off early in my career working on the logistics side (venue, food, setups, etc.) and now work on content management, speakers, and overall event production. I started a new job in March and work from home full time, and removing my hour long commute into NYC has already been a huge help in early pregnancy. However, with the company being remote, maternity leave goes by state law rather than a company policy. I have done some research into the policy, but if any other CT residents have some insight, please let me know! Also interested if anyone has experience applying for short term disability for partial salary during maternity leave?

    My husband oversees publications for a trade association. 
  • @aprileia do you have a human resources rep you can talk to for your company?  They should be able to give you all the info on how maternity leave works.  They should also be able to provide you with any information about taking short term disability if your company offers it.  For both my sons, I got 6 weeks of short term disability at 60% pay then 6 more weeks a mix of vacation time and unpaid leave.
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  • @kailanae Thanks for sharing - I'm assuming I'll be able to do a mix of types of days. We don't have a dedicated HR rep, as it's a startup with the US presence being fairly new. We do have an external company we work with and I'm sure they can provide me with more info, but I was hesitant to ask until I officially "announce" that I'm pregnant (especially since my due date is just shy of my 1 year there). 
  • @miss.sally Sorry this is old, but is DH a coach for a university baseball team? I worked in college athletics for quite a bit, and MAN those baseball schedules are NO joke.

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  • Hi All! I'm a children's librarian at a large public library system. Love my job, but of course working with the public has its ups and downs. Everyone has such interesting jobs on this board! 
  • I love hearing about all of your jobs. I find it awesome so many of you are passionate about what you do.

    I'm a government reporter for a local newspaper. It is the best and most rewarding job in the world. I literally get to talk to people and write for a living. It doesn't feel like work at all.

    That said, a bit worried about the long hours and unpredictable schedule, since I want my new role as mom to always come first. It's sad, there are few women in the newsroom from ages 30-40 because it's so hard to balance being a mom and a journalist. I'm 32 and I guess I will find out if I can make it work!
  • @thatsnotafoodbaby I'm at a TV station, so similar situation in our newsroom. So many women leave this field because it's extremely difficult to maintain any sort of family/work balance. I may be one of them if my shift doesn't improve within the next year. It sucks because it's my passion and I've dedicated so much of my life to it, but I also have no problem doing something I'm less passionate about if it gives me more time with my family. Priorities have definitely shifted for me, but there are also people who can make it all work. 
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  • I haven’t done this one yet! I’m a privacy officer for a major university on the east coast. I essentially work to keep our data safe and student data safe. Prior to that I was in the Air Force. I love my
    job because it’s always a unique problem set! 

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  • @mrsvp614 I'm with you on all this.
  • Hi all!

    I'm a Child Nutrition Supervisor for my school district. Basically, I watch over 8 schools (out of 72 in our district) to make sure they're following our menu, putting in correct orders for supplies, and most importantly, making sure the kiddos get good food! I also help come up with menus and promotions for special days throughout the year, and deal with disgruntled parents on an almost daily basis.
  • @heyahelmett I wish I knew someone like you irl! I'm never sure what to feed my picky 3 year old and he seems to be getting more and more picky. :disappointed:  

    We have a very interesting group here! I'm a courier and have been for some time. I enjoy it, though I made a huge amount of money before I had my son when we lived in Seattle. Definitely not so much now.
    I'm also starting my own small business from home, as a weaver. I've started dyeing my own yarn now as well because it's too expensive to pay someone else, and I can access the same professional dyes they can. I'm hoping to have my business going before this baby comes! (Provided it's viable of course.)
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    This is so fun! Teachers and doctors and everything in between! I own a marketing consulting firm. I started it 4 years ago after working in the corporate world for 10 years. I love working for myself and interacting with my clients one-on-one. I am concerned about how I will deal with taking “maternity leave” since I don’t have any employees to take over while I’m off. DH is general counsel for a group of companies and works 12 hour days, so I don’t think he will be helping very much.
  • I’m a chemistry teacher. I’ve taught in NYC for the last 5 years, but I took a new job outside the city. I’m terrified to start a brand new job and then ask for time off. Not much I can do about it now, so I guess only time will tell. 
  • So many cool jobs on here!

    I'm a social worker. I'm not currently working as we recently relocated due to DH's job, so I'm currently job hunting. I spent the last five years working at the outpatient OB/GYN clinic for a major hospital. DH works in finance. 
  • I teach college for an English dept.! I'm a PhD student there, hoping to graduate and land my forever job over the next year/so. ISO copyediting/developmental editing gigs for the summer, though, since we don't get paid for two months (hashtag so broke rn) of the year--these months.

    DH is a restoration carpenter. 
    My DH is an English Professor. Best of luck, as I know what a competitive field it is!
  • I am a Budget Analyst for my City's Department of Budget & Management.  I'm a math nerd, so I love crunching numbers, but if I could work home from home, I would be set, lol.
  • I am a Youth Market Director for a  non profit bringing free health and wellness programs into schools! My husband is full time National Guard and manages all the land negotiations and contracts in the state for the Guard.
  • Oh, I didn't mention my boyfriend is a glass blower!  He loves it, and I love all the beautiful things he makes!
  • @projectalice What do you weave? When I was little I really wanted to own a spinning wheel and loom! I never really did get into it, but I still think it's so cool! 
  • So many great occupations! I am so happy to get to know such an exciting group of wonderful women:) I am an electrical engineer myself, working on algorithms that are going into our mobile phones. Our company has pretty generous maternity leave, 12 weeks fully paid after birth and one month before due date. My DH is in the same industry, he's just recently started at a new job and we are not sure about the paternity leave in his company, we are hoping that he can get at least 2 weeks. He will check with HR soon.
  • @keeksie84 I weave all sorts of things! Towels, scarves, cowls, wraps for babies (going to get certification to sell in the US), even scrap to make stuffed animals. :smile:
    I really enjoy it, it is relaxing and also a good way for me to be creative. I'm saving up for some special (expensive) dye to really make my stuff stand out even more. 
    It is definitely labor intensive though, the dye requires safety precautions when mixing, and the whole hobby is VERY expensive. Large amounts of fabric like baby wraps go for a lot of money, but only because it can be SO expensive for all the materials, and it's weeks of labor. 
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