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***Read First*** Board Organization

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Stolen from January's BMB.  We can always modify or update as we see fit. 

Some links that you may find helpful: 
What do all of those abbreviations mean?  
How to add a signature 
How to GIF 

How-To Guides: 
-How to quote: Hit the "quote" at the bottom of the post you want to quote. You will be taken to the reply box with the quote set up already. 
-How to tag: Add an "@" in front of the username of the person you are talking to. 
-How to change your username: log in to TheKnot, hover over My Knot, and click Account Settings. Be sure to log out and log back in after changing your username. If you are having issues doing it that way, you can email [email protected] and ask them to change your username. Give them a few suggestions just in case your top choice is taken. It may take up to 24 hours for the name to update. 
-How to insert a spoiler box: click the drop down list arrow next to the paragraph symbol (sixth from the left, next to the emoji button) and choose spoiler. It will insert a grey box, and everything that you type in there will go into the spoiler. 

For the sake of board organization, here are some simple guidelines for posting threads: 
         -Introduce yourself in the "Introductions" thread 
        -Feel free to start one of the weekly posts listed below if you don't see it started yet
        -Check to see if a thread has already been started on your topic or question so we can avoid too many threads of the same topic
        -Post a thread that would apply to the entire community and doesn't fall into one of the categories for daily threads listed below (Ex: What to pack in your  hospital bag, baby gear, etc.) 
        -Comment, share advice, and show support for your fellow bumpies; this is a two-way street, to get support, you must show it as well 

        -Ask the community if you are pregnant, it is against the Bump's Terms Of Use (TOU)
        -Post pictures of your pregnancy test, this is also against TOU (there is a thread on the open 1st tri page for this)
        -Post a thread that asks a question only applying to yourself unless you suspect you may be going through a MC 
        -Get bent out of shape if someone calls you out for not following these guidelines; if you expect to be part of a supportive board (which we are), you need to be able to take the time to learn the ins and outs of the board.

Here are some weekly/monthly ideas that may be good to start with. We can always add to best suit our boards needs, so please let me know if you have any other ideas! 

  • Weekly Randoms 
  • Meal Plan Monday
  • Man Crush Monday (MCM)
  • Due Date Week Groups:
       - Group 1: February 1-7
       - Group 2: February 8-14
       - Group 3: February 15-21
       - Group 4: February 22-29
  • TW Tuesday
  • Plus-size Mom Check-In 
  • HDBD (Hump Day, Bump Day) 
  • PGAL Check-In 
  • TTGP Grad Check-In 
  • Thankful Thursday
  • Unpopular Opinion (UO) 
  • Flame Free Friday Confession (FFFC)
  • Product Spotlight: __________ (e.g., strollers, car seats, etc.) 
  • Fit Friday
  • Weekend Randoms
  • Weekly Questions
  • Symptoms Thread
  • Appointments Thread
  • FTM Check-In
  • STM+ Check-In
  • AMA Check-In
  • GTKY Threads
  • High Risk 
  • Milestone Threads (specific appointments/weeks gestation, etc)
  • Breastfeeding
  • PGAIF (Pregnant After Infertility)
  • Single Moms
  • Moms of Multiples
Once we all get farther along, we will also have pinned threads for things like ultrasounds, sex announcements and birth announcements. 

I've copy/pasted this from previous boards, and it seems to be the way that they are all organized, but of course we should feel free to tweak for our needs! For example, some boards do weekly ticker changes while others do weekly due date check-ins (ex, DD 1st week of Dec.). If anyone has a suggestion for other threads, please feel free to comment a suggestion. PLEASE keep in mind that there will eventually be a lot of us on this board, and an organized board will be much easier for everyone to use. If we can all keep the one-off posts to a minimum the board won't be too cluttered to navigate, and hopefully we won't end up answering the same question 2,000 times.

Re: ***Read First*** Board Organization

  • @BumpAdmin sticky request please
  • @craftywitch you might want to change the weekly check in month from December to February.

    I know some other boards have had PGAIF (Pregnant After Infertility) check ins, too. I feel like I also saw a Single Mom check in somewhere. We also had a Moms of Multiples thread. If there’s enough interest as we gain members, maybe we can add them as weekly or monthly threads. 

    It's funny how it's the little things in life that mean the most...not where you live, or what you drive, or the price tag on your clothes... There's no dollar sign on a piece of mind, this I've come to know! *ZBB*

    Me: 36 DH 35 
    TTC  9/2016     BFP 12/9/16    EDD 8/21/17    NMC 1/8/16 at 7w6d
    TTC  2/2017  BFP 3/6/17   EDD 11/17/17   DS born 11/25/17 via ECS
    TTC 12/2018   BFP 6/2/19   EDD 2/12/20  NMC / BO at 7 weeks, low progesterone
    TTC 7/2019   BFP 8/21/19 EDD 4/22/20 CP at 5 weeks
    TTC 8/19    IUI #1 w/ Clomid + Ovidrel + progesterone  BFN, IUI 2 and 3 w/ Letrozole + Ovidrel + progesterone,
    IUI 4 Follistim + Ovidrel + progesterone BFP 1/9/20 EDD 9/18/20

    AMA, ITP in pregnancy, vWD type II - low Factor VIII, unexplained RPL and secondary infertility
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  • @NYTino24 Updated! Thanks for the heads up! I know there used to be some other dailies but was wondering if they got the ban hammer from admin since things are now more regulated. Monday B!t¢hfest comes to mind...

  • @craftywitch I think we are fine with those threads as long as we don’t go against TOU! We did those in TTGP 😊
    BFP 6/3/19 EDD 2/14/20 BFP 4/15/21 EDD 12/20/21
    Diagnosed with PCOS & Hashimoto's
  • @craftywitch they better not have banned Monday bitchfest! That was my favorite thread in my last board 😂 FFFC always got interesting too. 
  • leksiLleksiL member
    @craftywitch something to think about is instead of doing feb 1-7 check-ins, etc., to do it by day of the week due dAte (ie Wednesday due date moms) you get smaller groups that way which makes it easier to get to know people. 
    Me: 38, DH: 36 
    Married Jan 2008 
    DD Baby Bells born Dec 2016 5 lbs, 12 oz, 18" <3 so in love <3
    Due with #2 Baby Arya EDD February 2020

  • On my last BMB we did check ins by when you rolled over, so if you turned to a new week pregnant (ie. you went from 13 to 14 weeks that day, or 14 to 15) you checked in. We called it 'Monday Ticker Change' "tuesday Ticker Change' etc...
  • leksiLleksiL member
    @kiwi2628 that’s what we did too I just forgot how it was phrased 😂
    Me: 38, DH: 36 
    Married Jan 2008 
    DD Baby Bells born Dec 2016 5 lbs, 12 oz, 18" <3 so in love <3
    Due with #2 Baby Arya EDD February 2020

  • That’s cute! I’m down for whatever!
  • I’m cool with whatever! We still have a weeks worth of due dates that we are waiting on! Can one of you create those threads? I’m severely confused on how they’re set up. I just used the templates from the other BMBs. Unless we want to still kind of keep those weekly ones going and then add the others? Idk lol
    BFP 6/3/19 EDD 2/14/20 BFP 4/15/21 EDD 12/20/21
    Diagnosed with PCOS & Hashimoto's
  • SwiftletSwiftlet member
    edited June 2019
    I would loooove Meal Plan Monday/nutrition related stuff thread :) Happy to start that one up if that's cool with everyone.
  • @Swiftlet Oh I think that one would be great! 
    BFP 6/3/19 EDD 2/14/20 BFP 4/15/21 EDD 12/20/21
    Diagnosed with PCOS & Hashimoto's
  • @Swiftlet Do it! I’m interested and a big cooker!
  • @brookert615 @craftywitch Would you all prefer it be a weekly thread or just an ongoing one like the fitness thread? I don't mind either way :)
  • @Swiftlet I think that’s a good idea. And maybe the only thread where food is discussed? It might sound silly but just talking about food could send me into a gagging frenzy last time due to M/S.
  • @Swiftlet It would probably be nice to do a weekly spotlight since they will probably get very busy. Maybe we can start a weekly one next Monday? 
    BFP 6/3/19 EDD 2/14/20 BFP 4/15/21 EDD 12/20/21
    Diagnosed with PCOS & Hashimoto's
  • @daffodil_shoe LOL! I've been the same way!!!  :D
    BFP 6/3/19 EDD 2/14/20 BFP 4/15/21 EDD 12/20/21
    Diagnosed with PCOS & Hashimoto's
  • What about a dream thread I don’t know about anyone else since I’ve always had detailed dreams but I’ve had some crazy ones lately if I’m not alone that’d be a fun thread to read through
  • Not sure if this has been settled but I'd vote for Monday ticker change, Tuesday, etc, over the weekly check ins. It's a smaller group which is nice, plus you're all at different weeks so it's more interesting than just reading about people at the exact some point in pregnancy as you.
  • Just registering opinion an for the flip side - I prefer the week-long due date threads specifically because they are larger and everyone is at the same point as you. Someone is more likely to have a symptom or question that is similar to what you are experiencing. Also, since it is  not set in stone that you will give birth on your due date, forcing it to be by day of the week seems arbitrary and pointless. Who cares if it's a Tuesday or a Wednesday? Having a range feels like it mimics real life more (there's a word for this that I can't think of right now). 
  • @noxacanthus I agree. I think the weekly ones got more votes anyways. They really aren’t getting out of hand which I think was the initial concern. We have GTKYs and everything so that will be a good way for us all to intertwine! As well as when we get to the HDBD posts showing our bumps!
    BFP 6/3/19 EDD 2/14/20 BFP 4/15/21 EDD 12/20/21
    Diagnosed with PCOS & Hashimoto's
  • @brookert615 I can’t wait for HDBD! 

    Should we assign people (who want to, of course) to post the same thread each time they are supposed to be posted? That’s what we did in my last BMB and that way nobody is wondering if it’s ok to post a thread. 
    DH: 34
    Married: May 2011
    TTC #1: May 2015
    DS: 10/20/2016
    TTC #2: June 2019
    #2 EDD: 2/20/2020
  • @ibabyloveb87 I don’t know if I’m the one to really answer that. I know in TTGP we just kept up with our normal weekly/monthly updates plus daily GTKY and usually if it wasn’t posted yet someone else would. Not sure what everyone else thinks? I personally think it’s cool for anyone starting threads if they promote conversation like the Get to Know You threads! I know I tried creating threads this morning but the “start discussion” button was broken or something lol.
    BFP 6/3/19 EDD 2/14/20 BFP 4/15/21 EDD 12/20/21
    Diagnosed with PCOS & Hashimoto's
  • How do the birth club boards get started? I'm March 1st and I've got no one to talk to 😢 lol
  • Robbins90 said:
    How do the birth club boards get started? I'm March 1st and I've got no one to talk to 😢 lol
    You just have to wait for TheBump to create it. In the meantime, if you go to the 1st tri board, someone may have created a “March 2020 waiting room” thread. If not, create it yourself.
  • Amazing! Thanks love 😊
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