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The Big Nursery Thread!


Re: The Big Nursery Thread!

  • I think we have settled on a fox/woodland theme nursery for this kiddo. I struggled a bunch because all the ideas I liked, but didn’t use for our first kiddo, seemed second best since we didn’t use them! This is new and fresh and makes me feel like kiddo 2 will at least have one not hand me down thing.
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  • @cateyes543 that’s exciting! My SIL had her second boy recently and doing a fresh new nursery theme helped her get more excited and feel good about having something that is special to baby 2 that isn’t a hand-me-down. 
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  • Since my other nursery set keeps going out of stock I'm considering picking a different set. Still have no idea on theme and I don't think I'll settle on one until I get everything in the room. What do you guys think of this one? 

    The dresser is much smaller and the crib doesn't convert to a full size bed, but I figure we could just reuse it for a second kid. Do you think I could make this work for a girl? Also, it says it's 80% pine, 20% MDF.... Is that the same stuff Ikea furniture is usually made out of? I'm trying to get a good feel for what the material is like. 

  • @nomangos23 that’s gorgeous 😍 definitely doable for a girl! I love navy! 

    I unfortunately am giving up the rabbits theme because people can’t stop taking it too far and shoving ugly rabbit stuff down my throat. I’m just doing a farmhouse vintage look now which matches the rest of my house. We got paint samples on Friday. I think we are going with W! 

  • @duewithpu2 W is lovely! I had the same issue with choosing a theme. If you explicitly say you have a them then the most bizarre things come out of the woodwork. I stopped telling people we have a theme and am just sticking to "our colors are navy, gray and natural wood" lol. I'll probably get bizarre random decor that way too. 
  • I think I need to start thinking about how I'm going to convert the nursery into a Big boy room AND nursery. Not sure how space will work, eek. 
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  • @nomangos23 that set is GORGEOUS! 

    I'm still set on vintage floral for my theme, but have bought exactly zero things to make it look like that. At least I have the crib! We're also trying to "convert" DS' bedroom into a big boy room. Going for a space and super hero theme. He has his name spelled in metal letters that each have super heroes on them and then we have watercolor paintings with astronauts and planets on them. It's all so cute!
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  • I had the most obscure theme the first go that I just baffled everyone. Between that and being team green AND not sharing names, I'm pretty sure everyone hated me haha
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    1st Baby 5/12/17, Henry
  • @nomangos23 I agree with everyone else; that set is beautiful! 
    @LJMoon6 projecting onto the wall is a genius idea. 
  • @nomangos23 ohh I really like that set! I didn’t get a 4-way convertible crib either. Just up to toddler. The nursery/her long term bedroom is small (8x9) and I’m planning on buying a captains bed when she’s ready to save on space.
  • @themadcamel Did your bunny lamp from West Elm arrive? Do you love it? Snap a pic if you can! I've still got my eye on it. 
  • @nomangos23 it finally shipped on Monday! Tracking says it will be here later today or tomorrow. I can't wait!
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    Opinions please!! 
    So Im redoing this dresser, and the plan was to stain the top and paint the rest. However, the top has a thin layer of particle board on it that won’t come off ugh! Do you think I should paint the body and stain the drawer fronts OR paint the body and modge podge the drawer fronts with the paper in the spoiler? DH is no help! 



    ETA: I’ll be painting the dresser whiteish
  • @duewithpu2 It's not one of your proposed options, but painting the body/drawers and modge podging that paper on the top would look cool. I assume modge podge works fine on particle board?
  • @cammie0526 that’s such a good idea! I didn’t even think of that. Thanks!
  • kgg2241kgg2241 member
    @duewithpu2 I agree with Cammie's approach.  I think staining it would be nice with the hodge-podge over the particle board. I bet once you sand it, the wood will be beautiful.

  • Update on the West Elm bunny lamp:

    I think it only looks cute from the right angle. It’s great if you’re looking at it straight on, but you can see the inside of the lamp if it’s on a side table. 

  • @themadcamel oh no! Is there a place in baby’s room where you can keep it eye level? 
  • themadcamelthemadcamel member
    edited May 2019
    @nomangos23 I was thinking about installing some floating shelves, so it could go there. I have to think about it because I’ll have to hide the cord somehow. I had originally imagined the lamp on a side table next to the glider. 😩

    ETA: I did finally decide on a chair. I got this glider and ottoman in a blush color.

  • kgg2241kgg2241 member
    @themadcamel I love the glider you picked! It is beautiful.
  • @themadcamel I have that lamp and the glider/ottoman in light gray!  Nursery twins :)   We got the glider sometime last year thinking we could use it for a nursery some day.  It's currently in our bedroom but we'll be moving it over to the nursery.  It'll be fun to see how both of our nurseries turn out.
  • We haven't picked out anything specific yet. I didn't give my husband much input on our daughters nursery because I knew what I wanted. He didn't mind. I also let him pick this time for the boys. He wants a space theme. I like it. 
  • @lillywonderland soooo cute! Sherwin Williams makes a color called “Sea Salt” that we used in our upstairs bath and DS’ room. It’s a lovely light mint!
  • @lillywonderland LOVE IT. and so creative too, plus girly, but not tooooo girly. 
  • @lillywonderland those turtle sheets are soooo adorable!! I love the theme! 
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  • @LJMoon6 I am giddy with anticipation!
  • @nomangos23 I really hope it comes out! I'm just imagining it looking like complete crap. It's only paint tho, right!? We can always paint over it 😬
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  • @LJMoon6 looks so good!

    @cheshyre319 love that color!

    @lillywonderland that theme is adorable 
  • @LJMoon6 that is freaking AWESOME! 
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