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The Big Nursery Thread!


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  • @cmdesigner your before colors remind me of our old house! Each room was a different color (teal in the front room, brown in the dining, blue in the kitchen, darker blue in the living room, purple basement, each bedroom a different color, pink bathroom, etc). It was awfulllll! Then we moved into our new build and all of the walls are the same warm gray color and I love it!!
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  • @nomangos23 It looks more like “Pond scum green” to me. 🤣

    I cannot for the life of me figure out why people like yellow on the walls of their house. Happy color room my a$$ - it legit looks like various shades of pee on the wall to me. Big fans of grey over here - and blue/green/turquoise. No thank you to anything in the “warm” family. Cool colors only. 

    Also, FFC - I can’t stand shiplap or anything remotely rustic in my house unless I’m in the woods. (sorry @duewithpu2! Looks great, but not my style!). Give me all the clean lines and no chachkies whatsoever! 

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  • @lillywonderland to each is own! You’re going to hate my nursery 😂
  • @cmdesigner - love the greige! and on a random note, I spy Never Sleep - by Dan and Andre. Did you by chance go to Pratt too?? 
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  • @duewithpu2 love rustic and shiplap! We are shiplapping an accent wall in our master bedroom. Obsessed! 🥰
  • I’m looking for ideas for an area rug for our nursery. If you have an area rug which did you choose? I’m thinking gray tones.
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