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Why my pregnant self is crying...


Re: Why my pregnant self is crying...

  • Watching Dance Moms and crying over the thought of being a girl mom and the possibility of dance classes 
  • @duewithpu2 you’re crying because you’re sad and hope like heck your LO isn’t into dance? Because if so, I’m right there with you! I’m not a dancer at all!! Give me all the (traditional) sports!
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  • kgg2241kgg2241 member
    @lillywonderland @duewithpu2 If that is the reason you're crying, then I'm also in agreement. I don't know how I'd handle a dancer. I'm not cut out for the dance mom life! 

    AFM, not necessarily crying, but I was so so homesick all weekend. We went on a little mini road trip and I was actually sick to my stomach from being homesick. Sheesh pregnancy emotions.

  • @lillywonderland @kgg2241 no I’m actually so excited for her to potentially want to be in dance! But I would never do something like the Dance Moms do, just a regular small town dance class nothing crazy!

  • janat1717janat1717 member
    edited May 2019
    @duewithpu2 I was in ballet when I was younger. I loved it so much and it gave me a great appreciation of classical music. 

    ETA I was a total farm tomboy too. I've always had good grace and excellent body movement. I attribute ballet and horseback riding. I've got great balance and am really good at falling safely, haha. Seriously though, it's a good foundation for sports and stuff. 
  • Just took DH to BuyBuy baby to show him all of the things I've registered for and he went on a tyrant about how much stuff is needed and how much everything costs and why don't we get this less expensive option that I've already researched extensively and decided wasn't worth saving the extra $$ because of quality.... Then he went on to say he can MAKE (!!!) almost all of this stuff 

    So now I'm sitting on my porch, crying, rearranging my registries to all of the cheap alternatives to what I registered for just so he does try making a stroller. Because believe me, he will try.  
  • @nomangos23 oh my goodness, whaaa...? YH is being so silly. You’re having a shower, right? So hopefully he won’t be the one having to spend money on a lot of those things. 
  • kgg2241kgg2241 member
    @nomangos23 I'm so sorry. There is definitely some sticker shock with the price of baby things and I guess we've had longer to let that sink in? I think it is all starting to become real for my DH now too. Do you plan to have more kids? Maybe explaining the quality and that these things should last through multiple kids? Also, like madcamel said, you might not even be the one buying them if they are on your registry, so you might as well register for what you want! Plus, the registry discount! 

  • kgg2241kgg2241 member
    @RedBreast35 Oh yeah! Yeah, hell no @nomangos23. You add all the stuff back right now. 

  • yes, the same man who spent our tax return on a golf cart. Sigh. I get where he’s coming from. He doesn’t pay full price for ANYTHING. (Golf Cart was used so wont be getting our money back on that one...)  I shoulda known better. I really took him to show him all of the stuff I was thinking about/have researched/ etc, just to keep him included but I didn’t really prep him that we probably won’t be buying a lot of it. And anything we don’t get at the shower we can certainly look at buying gently used. I totally forget to mention the registry discount. Ok deep breaths. What would I do without you guys? 
  • Because @duewithpu2 's cat died  :'(:'(:'(  lol I am SO sensitive about animals during this pregnancy. 
  • @nomangos23 Aweee! Thank you for your support! 
  • The Riot Fest lineup just came out, and there are like 11 bands that I really want to see.

    Responsible me already knows the answer, but would it be too crazy to go? It's September 13th-15th and I'm due on the 21st. 😭😭😭😭😭
  • @themadcamel I saw Chiodos at 8 months pregnant and it was HARD. Riot fest might be pushing it 😂 or maybe it will jump start labor 🤔
  • @duewithpu2 I mean... what a great story it would it be if she were born at Riot Fest lol.We've gone almost every year for the last 4 or 5 years, but I guess we have to grow up sometime.
  • @themadcamel OR she comes early and you can have your first date night at Riot Fest!
  • Had everyone seen this? Definitely brought tears to my eyes.
  • kgg2241kgg2241 member
    @pj_ladybug oh thank you for sharing. I'm over here in a puddle. I loved the end and hearing from the judges. So sweet.

  • Getting caught up

    @nomangos23, you get the items you have researched. Is he actually going to supervise your registry? And quality matters, especially with this stuff. Baby showers happen to offset some of it, but there is always FB marketplace, and Once Upon A Child. If he needs a project, send him hunting down a specific item to find it gently used and then scrub the hell out of it. 💜

  • @nomangos23 Nooooo he’s being way too silly! Do not change that registry!!! Let other people buy you all the good stuff, then if you decide you want to compromise when you do fulfillment purchases sure! 
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  • @pj_soccer full body goosebumps!! And definite tears. That was incredible.
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  • Watching Friends and it’s the episode in Season 10 where they all come back from vacation and Rachel was about to tell Ross that she hooked up with Joey. However, Rosa opens his bag to find out his shampoo and moisturizer exploded all over eeeeverything. Rachel says “so, it seems like now isn’t a good time?” And Ross replied “uh, ya think?!?!” And I started SOBBING because his stress just felt so reaaaaalll!
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  • TIC because Blanche, Iliza Schlesinger's dog, passed away. 
  • My son lost his first tooth at my mom's house.  I was so sad I missed it.
  • @sunshine2417 DS fell on his face in the driveway this afternoon and scratched it all up. He looks terrible and I’m sure it hurt so much 😢 It took everything I had not to burst into tears with him. I want the bubble wrap too!!!
  • Oh noooo! @RedBreast35 I’m so sorry!!! It’s so so hard watching them get hurt! I’m scared for when little owies become much bigger owies! 
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  • @sunshine2417 @RedBreast35 just thinking about my kid getting physically hurt makes me so sad and anxious. I know I’m going to have to be tough though because DH falls apart with stuff like that. 
  • @RedBreast35 That's so sad!!! :(  Yeah, I'm really anxious about having two little boys jumping off of swingsets and parkour-ing and karate chopping and all of that.  DS1 is super cautious, but who knows what DS2 will be like!  
  • @mamaber2204 My DS is super cautious too, although a cautious Daredevil at times. We are lucky we've only had a couple of bumps and skinned knees. I'm convinced this one is going to be crazy
  • I had a total toddler-level meltdown last night. I woke up in a bad mood yesterday for no real reason, and stayed angry/ sad/ grumpy all day. At night I sobbed to DH and I kept saying over and over how I was exhausted and so over the day and just wanted to go to sleep... while we were laying in bed trying to go to sleep.
  • Hahahaha @cammie0526 sometimes ya just need to cry it out!!!
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  • dc_dc_ member
    I ordered some new ice cream and they put it in the bag with my boyfriend's hot food so when they delivered it, it was ALL MELTED so yes now im in tears. I literally only ordered ice cream and its ruined. 
  • cheshyre319cheshyre319 member
    edited June 2019
    This one is kinda random, but I'm struggling not to cry every time I realize we aren't living in Orlando (or FL at all) and I can't just go to my happy place (Magic Kingdom). I've always been a little mopey about it, but this is like fighting with depression levels of upset. 
    Oh, pregnancy hormones. 

  • @cheshyre319 Girl yes pregnancy hormones are stroooong right now.

    I cried last night because DH has been in a funk and when I tried to talk to him about it I just burst into tears. He was like "...what is happening?"

    Also tears this morning at all the sappy Fathers day posts. 
  • I was watching videos of the parade for the Raptors today in Toronto... And I'm not even a huge sports fan. 
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    EDD 6/13/2022
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