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  • @jfloresmartin sending positive thoughts your way 
  • Thank you all for your kind words of encouragement ❤️
  • @jfloresmartin praying you get some good news today 
  • Hi buds! I had my second beta today. On Friday (11dp5dt) it was 207 and today (14dp5dt) it was 771!

    I can’t even tell you how surreal this is after years of fertility treatments! I have no idea what to do with myself!
  • @jfloresmartin My thoughts are with you. ❤️
  • Hi mamas! I got more blood taken yesterday - now we wait for the results....
  • @jfloresmartin how long does it usually take for you to get the results back?
  • kopp5988  usually the next day - so some time today. They go to the doc first before they are released to me. I hate the waiting in limbo game. Trying to not stress to much and hoping for the best at my US next Friday.
  • @jfloresmartin well I hope you get some good news today then 
  • Congrats to everyone with good healthy numbers!
    For those with not so encouraging news, I hope all goes well. I totally get the anxiety.

    This is my first time doing this testing at the front to watch the numbers go up vs at the end as they go down(history of loss). This may sound bad but I forget my exact number from Monday but it was around 1100 I think (4+4) and progesterone looked good (13? I have no idea what it's supposed to be) and I did my 2nd draw today. Should get news tomorrow so fingers crossed!
  • kopp5988  - the waiting in limbo is not fun! I havent received the results yet - trying not to stress tooooo much...
  • @jfloresmartin ugh so frustrating! Have you tried calling them? When I got my 48 hour follow up they said it would be 24-48 hours and after 52 hours (yes I was counting lol) I called them and they already had them.
  • kopp5988  - Got a call from my nurse a bit ago - levels are up from my previous ones - cautiously excited/optimistic. Now to survive the week long wait for my next US LOL

    Thank you for checking in, I really appreciate it <3
  • @jfloresmartin that’s wonderful news! Now you join the rest of us in the wait for our u.s. And to think I complained about the TWW while TTC, this wait is way longer!! Lol
  • Ah. Not so good news. Only went from 1100something to 1700something. Midwife had no hope in her voice whatsoever. So now I wait for the end I suppose...
  • @ashcakes921 is your midwife ordering another test in 48 hours to check again? Your number did increase even if it wasn’t quite doubled (did you have a full 48 hrs between or more like Monday afternoon and then Wednesday morning?) Sending all the positive energy your way that everything is still okay. 
  • @kopp5988 she hasn't ordered a retest...She made it seem like it was inevitably going to end and just to call her with any concerns. It was at like 3:30 Monday and 12 Wednesday. But she said "it was no where near doubling" so she acknowledged it went up but not nearly what it needed to do. With my history, I'm not hopeful. I also have been feeling cramps on and off which I know could mean nothing. But still isn't helping concerns 
  • @ashcakes921 isn’t it 48-72 hours? It wasn’t even 48 hours yet... idk. What is your progesterone level? 
  • @ashcakes921, I'm with @MusicalFamily. I've always been under the impression that doubling is expected for the first 4 weeks of pregnancy.  Thereafter, it will rise more slowly before plateauing somewhere around 8-10 weeks. It looks like you're right around 5 weeks now I think?  Maybe you're just starting to have a slower climb.  I can certainly understand not wanting to get your hopes up, but I wouldn't count yourself out yet. I'll be hoping for the best for you!!  
  • I'm still terrified and anything could still go wrong but my levels actually dropped about a week and a half ago. Monday I had an ultrasound at 5 weeks 6 days and the baby measured perfectly with a hr of 113. I'm not saying either of our pregnancies are guaranteed to turn out positive but stay hopeful, stress will just make it worse
  • @MusicalFamily progesterone was 13. And I have no idea how much it's supposed to go up and how quickly. I've only ever had this testing done after a loss to make sure the numbers went back down to the "not pregnant" levels to be sure no more intervention was needed so I have no idea how things work. The midwife said "you will likely miscarry or its an abnormal pregnancy." If she's wrong after being such a downer, I may be a bit ticked. @LoneStar21416 thanks. I should be 5+1 today. Still pregnant as far as I know
  • @ashcakes921 FX everything is ok. I'm so sorry you're in limbo. 
  • I still don’t have a solid due date, so I don’t know how far along I am.
    March 12 hcg was 1,083
    March 13 hcg was 1679. Break for vacation.
    March 18 hcg was 17,095
    March 20 hcg was 27,859. 
    Ultrasounds on the 20th look like the 5 week range a size there was only a yolk sac and no visavle baby. 
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    13 dpo: 110
    16 dpo: 341
    20 dpo: 2171 

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