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Beta Results Thread

Hey ladies,

I assume a handful of us are having betas done so I wanted to start a little thread so we can check up on each other especially since its early on.


Re: Beta Results Thread

  • First beta 4w3d=222
    second beta 4w6days 974
    awaiting my results for 5w3d
    more concerned about my progesterone levels right now.
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    Yesterday at 4 weeks based off LMP I had 40 hcg and 19 prog, goin back tomorrow to check if its doubling!
    I got my first positive Sunday on a frer (negative on friday) so I can assume it's at a decent pace? My drs office seemed happy with it when they called. From what I've seen in forums that's not a great number but for a couple of days I think that's fine so far lol.
    Edit: oh and tomorrow would have been my period
  • Had my first beta at 4w and it was 76  Second beta at 4w2d and it was 206. So showing great progress so far. Next beta and first ultrasound scheduled for 3/11. My nurse has said that my progesterone levels were good so continuing with the shots (this pregnancy is the result of my first IVF cycle). 
  • Yesterday at 4w4d my hcg was 50. I’m traveling for work now so won’t be able to test again until Friday (sooooo annoying). I don’t think I ovulated until the 20th, maybe 19th, so I think I’m actually not as far along as the LMP would assume. The doc didn’t seem concerned with the number, just hoping for a big jump on Friday since it’ll be a 4+ day difference. 
  • kyapplbkyapplb member
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    1st beta after FET was 318, following one was 1178, next one is drawn on Monday! 
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  • liz_83liz_83 member
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    My 1st beta after FET was at 4w and was 364.4 and my 2nd beta was at 4w4d and was 2322. Now I’m just awaiting my first ultrasound on 3/25. Trying to wait patiently but it’s not easy!
  • kopp5988kopp5988 member
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    @rachelredhead yeah the only reason I’m using my LMP is because I ovulated on CD 15 at the latest. Everything I’ve read says they don’t count from ovulation because you can’t be 100% sure when conception occurred, but it seems like it’d be more accurate for people with later ovulation even if it’s still off a day or two.

    @justaplainbagel if your doctors office is happy then it’s a good number regardless of what you see others having  :) everyone’s different 

    My first was 476 at 4w and my second was 1035 at 4w2d. Don’t have any others scheduled. They didn’t check my progesterone levels, was that something they should have checked? My US will be 3/25.
  • @kopp5988 I dont think they normally do check progesterone. I was checked for it because of recurrent losses and they needed to see if I needed to take a progesterone script. 
  • tjm527tjm527 member
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    My first beta at 3 weeks 5 days was 45 and then more than doubled 48 hours later! As long as you’re doubling you’re good! 
  • alm52386alm52386 member
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    First beta at 3w5d was 15
    second beta at 4w0d was 68
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  • I just want to say that even though I KNOW the initial number is pretty worthless, I’ve had a lot of anxiety about my 50 hcg and waiting to retest on Friday is agony.  But it helps so much to see ladies with similar numbers having such great doubling results on their second test. 
  • @rachelredhead I'm right there with ya. I'm kinda glad I'm not alone with a small number. Hopefully we all pull through! 
  • My first beta at 12dp5dt (17 DPO) was 1022. I’ll also be having my first ultrasound on March 25th, looks like there are a few of us that day!
  • kopp5988kopp5988 member
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    @justaplainbagel ah okay that makes me not a nervous for them not checking it, thanks

    @hchill0209 yup! US party! Haha
  • Adding on because my results came back for my 5w3d and it was 3120.

    I was worried about my progesterone because the first blood test was 10.9, the second was 9.  The doctor wasn’t worried but I’ve heard about people miscarrying when they had low progesterone. She said she’d give me progesterone supplements because they can’t hurt.  She said it may not benefit but it could benefit. My third blood test came back before any supplements were taken and it went up 11.2.  I started taking the supplements and go back today for a blood test and ultrasound. My doctor is very precautious... I’ve had 3 ultrasounds already and have literally seen everything to this point progress. First time no GS, second time only GS and third time GS and YS. Today we are expecting to see a Fetal Pole. 🙏🏼
  • kimo229kimo229 member
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    I have had three sets of betas. 
    1st right at 4 weeks was 16
    2nd 42
    3rd 128
    My progesterone was low at the first draw at 6 so I was started on 
  • First beta was 4w1d after blast FET. It was 264. 2nd test tomorrow. My progesterone was 26. I inject 1ML PIO 2x day. 
  • @justaplainbagel so exciting! Congratulations! I have my second beta tomorrow morning and I’m excited and anxious. I did get a darker line today when I did another test. Hoping a second beta will help me stop the hpt madness. 😂
  • tjm527tjm527 member
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    Yay! I was waiting for you to post an update. When did you schedule your first appointment? Mines 3/21 and it seems so far away! 
  • @tjm527 they wanted me 3/28 or later so I'm going that day. By that time I'll be around 7+3 but I have a feeling I'll be dated a little earlier than that.
  • 3/4: 50
    3/8: 156

    The nurse didn’t seem to be too concerned about the pace of increase. It’s a little slower but she said for reassurance I could test again Monday/Tues. I’m trying not to worry about it too much since she didn’t seem particularly concerned and I’m not having any worrisome MC symptoms. Just wish that second number was higher. 
  • erins_321erins_321 member
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    Had my 3rd beta and first U/S today at 5w4d. HCG was 9280 and we saw a gestational sac and yolk! Baby to be looking strong 😁 next U/S on 3/20 when we should see a heartbeat 🤞
  • 3w5d hcg 158 and prog 64
    4w1d hcg 695

  • 4w3d hcg 1883
    4w6d hcg 1854
    Losing hope 😣
  • @knottie03ce9cbbc2fc6c4f
    Im sorry your numbers are lowering :( Will you do another beta?
  • Yes and another u/s we just miscarried in January so were really upset w the news
  • babyc23babyc23 member
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    I just got my first results following a FET and I’m at 306! 
  • Had draws last week...4wk4d 365 & 4wk6d 991...the dr said great rise so that’s encouraging but anxious anyways since my last mc ended 6wk5d, just have to get through this week and next. First US scheduled 3/22, ugh seems like forever 
  • @knottie03ce9cbbc2fc6c4f I’m sorry :( I’ll be praying for good news
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    I feel like my doctor likes to see me so much- or just because I have good insurance and unlimited ultrasounds... on Thursday last week we saw the fetal pole and the heart beating. The doctor said it seems the heart just formed (aww) my HCG went up to 11116 and my progesterone went up to 19.6.  I have another appointment today to hear the heartbeat.  I love watching this baby grow. 

    my beta numbers from last week were 5w6d with a heart rate of 99.

    I’m currently 6w6d :)
  • 4 weeks 3 days....1695. 
  • kayy2425kayy2425 member
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    Hi ladies, I was so worried after the first beta even though I knew the first number wasn't that important, but so glad they are more than doubling! Also, I am on progesterone suppositories as I had an iui done. mine were:

    3weeks 5 days: hcg 16 progesterone 23
    4 weeks 2 days: hcg 117 progesterone 30
    4 weeks 4 days: hcg 332 progesterone not checked

    No more betas. Will have my first ultrasound at 6 weeks 5 days on the 28th
  • I just got my results! Even though I knew it was positive, I’m still stunned. 

    11dp5dt: 207.3!

    It’s real! Holy crap! What do I do now?
  • Ladies!! I’m kinda feeling sad but hopeful. 
    I went to the ER Wednesday morning due to some very light bleeding after BM. They took blood and tested my levels (first time they tested) and it was 23K. We got to see the little bean and saw the GS and YS and we measured about 5w. I repeated the test Friday and just for my results...levels are now 21k. 
    Doc said level is not where she expects and the nurse will be calling me tomorrow. 

    The bleeding has stopped and I’m trying to not get into my own head. Hoping for good news or plans to keep monitoring a little closer. Next appointment is currently set for 4/ to just get to that appointment...
  • @jfloresmartin thinking of you ❤️
  • @jfloresmartin FX everything is ok. 
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