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Foods unique to where you live


Re: Foods unique to where you live

  • Update: was so excited for my cream-filled paczki until I bit into it and saw the filling looked more like scrambled egg 😖 I think they’d been on the shelf for a few days. 
    Still ate it though 🤗
  • Green milk anyone? The dairy store right down the road sells mint milk for St Paddy's day🍀 They also regularly sell orange cream milk, vanilla milk and blueberry milk. And their chocolate milk cannot be beat!! Can't wait to try this with oreos😋
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  •  @kingdommom That sounds SOOO good. 
  • @kingdommom Aww you live in Quarryville!  I haven't been there in years.  Did you go to Solanco?  I went to Penn Manor - if you were in Solanco we played you guys in sports.  
  • @Cbeanz wow what a small world!! No I was homeschooled, but my husband played baseball at Solanco and graduated there in '06.
  • @Cbeanz @kingdommom I also went to a neighboring high school! I still live in the area but opposite end of the county. I've never heard of that place with the milk... sounds interesting!
  • @ccmama3 We buy all our milk there in glass bottles. They process their own milk. All you have to do is bring your empty bottles back in exchange full ones and they give you a small discount! I love it, because I can support local farmers (they need all the support they can get!) and it's cheaper than most places. It's also a great ice cream place😊 
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