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Foods unique to where you live

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Someone posted this on Facebook.  I thought it would be interesting to see what other people eat! I live in Lancaster County, PA and I've eaten 16 of these foods. The only one I never heard of is Hog Maw🤨

Re: Foods unique to where you live

  • I can't really think of anything 'unique' to the DMV area. Virginia peanuts maybe? Old Bay Spice? 
  • I’ve only heard of 4 of these. Lol I’m in indiana
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  • @foodislove we have old bay spice here. LOVE IT 
  • I've had 14 of those.

    I'm just outside of Houston now and we are such a melting pot I can't think of anything really.. 
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  • @foodislove Yes I use old bay and cajun seasonings when I grill fish.

    @bartonolivia What 4 have you heard of?
  • @kingdommom I have extended family in Cambria County, so PA memes have a special place in my heart :) I've had pork w/sauerkraut and pot pie, I'm pretty sure I've had scrapple and brown butter noodles, but my family calls whoopie pies "gobs." I've seen picked red beet eggs but I've been too weirded out to try them :p  (Side note, have you seen the "Pawnsylvania" sketch by the Kroll Show? It's hilarious and the accents are spot-on. They have to subtitle a few people :D )

    Cleveland was heavily populated by Eastern European immigrants back in the 1910s, so we're known for our pierogies and paczki. I actually have a pierogi punch card in my wallet :sweat_smile: Paczki is a Polish jelly donut that people enjoy on Fat Tuesday, the tradition being to get all the tempting foods like flour, sugar, butter, and jam out of the pantry before Lent. People line up for hours at local bakeries to get them and some bakeries host big parties with accordion music. Which reminds me, I need to bring some in for the office next week...
    We also have "ballpark mustard," or just a brown mustard served at Indians games. I didn't realize this was just a Cleveland thing until I saw bottles for sale at the airport. Here I thought every ballpark had brown mustard with their team logo on it...
    Cleveland is also big on beer. I was never a big beer person until I tried some of our local brews. One of our more famous ones is Great Lakes Brewing Company's Christmas Ale, a spicy red ale that's 9% ABV. We've gone to a couple Christmas Ale events and they get crazy in a hurry :D 
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    @foodislove, I definitely think of blue crab and old bay when I think the DMV. Baltimore would probably be up in arms over anyone else claiming that, but it's kind of the same area.  I live in Seattle now, so any and all things salmon....I hadn't had salmon chowder until I moved here. 
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    @hestia14 that's interesting! Our Fasnachts are what we eat for Fat Tuesday. They are not filled with anything though. The real Fasnachts are just plain unfilled donuts basically.  But glazed, powdered, and cinnamon sugar are better in my opinion! I don't get them every year though. Pickled red beets and pickled red beet eggs are sooo good😋 
  • Agutuk - "eskimo ice cream" which is berries (usually picked fresh on the tundra) mixed with a crap ton of sugar AND Seal oil (yes from actual seals) or Crisco or whitefish. 
  • @bartonolivia I grew up in Indiana! I was trying to think of Indiana-specific dishes, like green bean casserole. 
  • @hestia14 "Gobs" are what they call them in the the Pittsburg area. But they're definitely whoopie pies in Lancaster.

    I grew up in Lancaster so I'm familiar with all of these but I can't say I like them all!
  • @kingdommom pot pie, apple dumplings, Shepard’s pie, & Amish potato salad 
  • I can't think of anything so specific for Portland area aside from Marionberry everything. @erynpdx any thoughts? 
  • @bartonolivia @foodislove I lived in Indiana for 5 years but I'm drawing a blank... Something about fried pork tenderloin?
  • @cbeanz Never ate it!  :D Maybe corn pudding? 
  • I'm from TN where it's all about BBQ but currently living in western NY - garbage plates, Chicken French, poutine (Canada is close)....
  • @kingdommom I was excited to post on this thread... but you stole all of mine :wink: 
  • Also for those that think they know what pot pie is, Lancaster pot pie is not a pie. It's like a stew/soup! It's a constant debate between my hubby and I what the "real" pot pie is :lol:
  • @mamanbebe, when we moved to the PNW, when I first saw flavors called marionberry, I read it wrong, and thought they had named stuff after Marion Barry, the former mayor of DC  :D  I was like, what a weird person to name your yogurt/ice cream after, lol
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    @ccmama3 yep. It's more like chicken and dumplings than "pot pie" . Both versions are effing delicious. 
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  • @ameliabedelia-2 hahaha I love that. I thought it was some made up name for a regular old blackberry but I've since been reformed to understand the magic of all the berry varietals out here. There is an older gentleman at one of the local farmers markets who sells wild mushrooms and berries. DS can now house an entire basket of wild blackberries on the 20 min bus ride/walk back to our house. 
  • @ccmama3 yay a fellow Lancaster Countian😉 I actually love to put vinegar on my pot pie, which is something I picked up from a place I used to work at.

    @bartonolivia Shepherd's Pie actually isn't on the list,  but that's a yummy one too😉 

    This is fun! I like hearing what other people eat!
  • I meant Whoopie pie 😂
  • I’ve had eight of those. Red beet eggs are good!
    @nopegoat I finally thought of one for Texas: Frito Pie! Also, Houston is one place where crawfish is a season, not just a dish. 
  • @quinniebear I would do sketchy sketchy things for a garbage plate right now. Have you had steak subs with boss sauce or Country Sweet chicken?
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    hestia14 said: 

    We also have "ballpark mustard," or just a brown mustard served at Indians games. I didn't realize this was just a Cleveland thing until I saw bottles for sale at the airport. Here I thought every ballpark had brown mustard with their team logo on it...
    @hestia14 My husband is a Cleveland native and he was mildly appalled when he moved to Virginia and found out he couldn't get stadium mustard. Now we just bring several bottles back with us when we go to Cleveland! I'm with him though, it's by far and away my favorite mustard! 
  • @mamanbebe  I couldn't think of much either. There are very northwesty foods - coffee, micro brews, filberts, salmon, etc but not any like specific dishes.
  • I’m just north of Tampa, and there’s a pretty big variety of food. A lot of Spanish restaurants, but I don’t think any super specific to just tampa. We do have Tarpon Springs near by, which is known as Greek Town. So many delicious restaurants and bakeries to pick from! My favorite thing to order when we go is the Saganaki, it’s fried cheese that they bring out on a super hot skillet. They throw some alcohol over it, and light it to create a big flame and everyone yells “oopa”! 
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  • Where I am in NC, lots of Moravian food, like paper-thin Moravian cookies, sugar cake, and chicken pie.

    I grew up in Houston, and what comes to mind for there are kolaches.  Technically Czech, but I’ve never seen them outside of TX in the US.  Also King Ranch Casserole.  And good call on Frito pie.
  • In CO we don’t really have much. 
    My joke one would be pot edibles. LOL. I’ve never had any, but we do have loads of options. 
    A specific type of Green Chili, but it is often attributed as NM Green chili because the chiles come from New Mexico, but CO style green chili is life. 
    Rocky Mountain oysters, again not going to try that... if you don’t know what it is, google it. 
    We are big on Bison meat. World-renowned lamb. 
    Denver Omelette. Rocky Ford Canteloupe, Olathe Corn, Palisade Peaches. 

    And a really CO thing. Putting honey on your pizza crust. 

  • I’m in the AZ desert so Sonoran dogs and Navajo Tacos are our major things. And prickly pear jelly.
  • @acgx Right? It's so good! I will take ballpark mustard over yellow mustard on my hot dog any day. And if you're used to having it around, it's hard to imagine a pro baseball game without it :) 
    @hoodevil0611 Kolaches are big in Cleveland too. My grandpa's wife used to fill underbed storage bins with homemade kolache around Christmastime :D 

    Thought of more foods I grew up with--potica (poppyseed roll cake, pronounced "petite-za") and pizelles (anise-flavored cracker-cookies made on a special waffle iron). They're both Slovenian foods. There's actually a festival in Cleveland this weekend for "Slovenian Mardi Gras," Kurentovanje. I've never gone because I don't feel like freezing my butt off while watching a parade of giant fur-monsters. :neutral: 
  • None of these. 
    We have thin crust imo's pizza, gooey butter cake, toasted ravioli, BBQ pork steak, St. Paul sandwich
  • Michigan has a few, coney dogs are probably the most Detroit thing, a hot dog topped with chili, onions and mustard. 🤢 Which I find disgusting. 

    Vernors & Faygo, although you can get these in some other states these days. Then there is Detroit style pizza,  Mackinac Island fudge, Better Made Chips, Pasties and the Boston Cooler (Which is named after the Boston Edison neighborhood of Detroit).
  • I grew up in Vermont, where maple creemees (extra creamy soft serve ice cream that you really should be eating with a cone and not in a dish) are the best thing about summer. That and sharing a Ben & Jerry's vermonster with a group of friends. Poutine has trickled over the border from Canada too. We are also part of the region where clam chowder means New England Clam Chowder - none of that stuff you call Manhattan Clam Chowder! 

    I'm in New Jersey now, but I haven't been here long enough to pick up on any local specialities. 
  • @hestia14 I love pizelles! Never knew their origin... My Italian uncle who hosts the big family holiday gatherings usually has some at Christmas time. 
  • @keebler6elf Now that you say it, I think pizelles are actually Italian. But my Slovenian grandmother was the one who had the pizelle iron. I like breaking them into wedges before eating them :)
  • @key33 My mom lives in Detroit now, so I'm familiar with coney dog stands everywhere. I love Mackinac Island fudge! Still don't get the big deal about Tim Horton's...
    I love the diversity of Detroit. Pretty much every ethnic community you can think of has a presence there. I'm still kicking myself for not stopping in to the Saudi Arabian pizza shop I found!
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