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Foods unique to where you live


Re: Foods unique to where you live

  • @hestia14 - Tim Hortons is a Canadian thing, they just invaded Michigan! 😂

    Detroit is very diverse, you can certainly find a little bit of everything. I love Michigan, but oh boy do I hate winter. 
  • @nolemomma14 oh man we used to live in Lakeland and my fav Greek restaurant was in Tampa... man I could kill for that right now! I can't even remember the name now. What I miss most about food in FL is that even the seafood from the grocery store tasted good. We never eat seafood now because it tastes like crap.
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  • @ccmama3 I do love all of the fresh seafood options we have!! We love to head to the beach restaurants because everything is always so fresh! 
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  • @bartonolivia I'm in Indiana too!
    Indiana's food has to be the fried pork tenderlion sandwich. To be authentic, the pork has to be twice the width of the bun.
  • @nolemomma14 That is something I'm always SO JEALOUS of. Stupid Colorado being all land locked. 
  • @hoodevil0611 kolaches are big in certain parts of Nebraska. A small town near where DH grew up has a kolache festival where people come for miles and miles to get kolaches!

    @hakele Palisade peaches. OMG! The best!!!

    I love Pizelles. My mom gets the from a girl she works with and I was told they're Italian. 

    No Germans here, I see. Nebraska's most unique local food is the tuna. Anyone know what that is?

    Something on my bucket list is to move somewhere for a year and just immerse myself in the cuisine. Its amazing to me how heavily your location influences your food.

  • key33 said:

    Michigan has a few, coney dogs are probably the most Detroit thing, a hot dog topped with chili, onions and mustard. 🤢 Which I find disgusting. 

    Vernors & Faygo, although you can get these in some other states these days. Then there is Detroit style pizza,  Mackinac Island fudge, Better Made Chips, Pasties and the Boston Cooler (Which is named after the Boston Edison neighborhood of Detroit).

    Lol. My mom’s from Michigan and I love Coney dogs! And chicago dogs. I just hate raw onions so I avoid those.
  • @indulgentgypsy it's possible I've had boss sauce or country sweet sauce but I'm not sure. loooove the subs around here tho esp Rubinos and DiBellas
  • Sort of like @key33, but the only thing I can think of that's different here is the Cincinnati chili. I love me some skyline or gold star
  • key33key33 member
    @leylea89 - I don't like anything that goes on top of a coney dog. 😂

    ​ We also have lots of cherries in the summer and apples in the fall.
  • Im in the middle of Canada and grew up very English but we have a large French influence here.... so Poutine is definitely a food unique to French Canada but I hear it's made its spread elsewhere too. Its French fries smothered in gravy and cheese curds. You can add meat (pulled pork is good) and other toppings too.

    Also growing up we ate Perogies all the time. Its Ukrainian. I was talking to my friend from Utah and mentioned we were having Perogies and she thought I said froggies haha. She had no idea what it was. Do you guys eat those where you're from? Basically flattened potato dough shaped into two bite size little pockets with cheese filling. Mmmmm

  • What is cup cheese? I need to know what this is and probably eat it!

    I live in a smallish town in Georgia. Our town is mighty proud of being home of the "scrambled dog", and it is basically the official food here. A scrambled dog is like a chili cheese dog, except the hot dog is cut up into little pieces with oyster crackers spread on top. 
  • Also my husband's family is from Philly... anyone ever had water ice? Oh! I want some now :( 
  • @strickland8052 Cup cheese is the most pungent rotten repulsive liquid cheese you will ever find.  It's similar to what happens when your baby leaves a sippy cup under the couch for a few weeks.
  • @key33 Tim Horton’s came to Indiana too. My town actually. Lasted 4 months and it shut down 😂
  • @shawnacrest LOVE Skyline! There's a location in my mom's hometown, so we used to make trips out there just to get Skyline. I had a Skyline craving during my first trimester and had to settle for the frozen version from the grocery store. Still pretty good. I found a "copycat Skyline" recipe on Pinterest that I like, but it's not quite the same as the original.
    @canuckmomma +1 on pierogies! They're a Christmas dinner food (or anytime food) in my family and they're huge in Cleveland. (Some restaurants here put pierogies on burgers...why? How do you even fit that in your mouth?) I went on a business trip to California and gave out a Cleveland trivia quiz that asked what a pierogi was. Half the people had never heard of them, and the other half only knew what they were from the Food Network!

    I love this thread, btw :smiley:
  • @cbeanz - Oh wow! That is good to know. The name sounds deceptively delicious, but it sounds like it is just all lies!

  • @canuckmomma I've only ever had frozen pierogies, which I'm sure aren't as good! I have a friend who has Polish backround and her family makes the real things.
  • My Mom thinks I had Hog Maw before (pig's stomach) but I'm almost certain I haven't! I also wouldn't touch cow tongue the time or two my Mom served it (believe me, I've seen where those tongues go🤢). But scrapple? Mmmm...with lots of syrup😋
  • @strickland8052 do you ever go up to Thai house up by the airport? That’s my favorite! My parents live up on the big Lake. 
  • Happyin14Happyin14 member
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    In NJ, I can only think of the pork roll/Taylor ham controversy. 

    @quinniebear, I love garbage plates more than I’ll admit. @indulgentgypsy, you can make a decent one if anyone near you has Mac salad. 

    Also, we finally got Wegmans near me and every time I go, I cry a little that I can’t do subs right now. I want one soooooo badly. 
  • key33key33 member
    @canuckmomma - I've always ate perogies. I know they are a polish food as well. Lots of people are framiliar here because of the big polish festivals around Detroit.

    @bartonolivia - They are all over here, and I don't understand. 😂
  • @canuckmomma I'm Ukrainian so we grew up on perogies (only we call them by the Ukrainian name:) plus all the other yummy food:)
  • @Happyin14 I have a confession🙋🏼‍♀️ My in laws bought us subs and I just heated mine under the broiler.  I love subs and sandwiches! I've also had a little venison bologna. I feel like as long as you're not eating it all the time, once in awhile is ok.
  • @kingdommom, I would totally do that! That’s not a confession. If you heat it, you are good. I just only like it if it’s heated before the mayo and dressing are on. I’m picky. 
  • @key33 I’m from Michigan, too, and the big one I came to contribute was Vernors. I can get it down here at fancy pop shops, and mayyyyy have made DH buy me a case recently.

    @asupernovablizzardstorm DH is from STL, and the main thing I used to obsess over was gooey butter cake, but his fam sends us one on our birthdays now (did NOT need to know there’s a place that ships). The main thing I insist on when we go now is actually something I just discovered last trip.  Clementine’s Ice Cream. My absolute favorite of theirs is the pink champagne sorbet, but that’s doubly out now between being KU and fact it’s a seasonal, but they have like four other non-alcoholic flavors I love, including putting gooey butter cake IN ice cream...
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  • @Happyin14 oh we have introduced many people to garbage plates by making our mac salad and hot sauce :) and yes, Wegmans subs are life.
  • @Happyin14 ughhhhh I want a sub so bad too!! I have a mental list going for my first post pregnancy meal 😂
  • @greeneyedgirl12 that sounds delicious. I have to look them up. 
  • This is a fun thread! But dang am I hungry now! 
    I’m in Virginia and while there aren’t super specific dishes, we’re known for Chesapeake crabs, Virginia peanuts, VA Smithfield Ham .... also Brunswick stew but that’s debatable with other areas. 
    My specific county is known for their tomatoes. We have a giant festival every year near our house. Something about the acidic clay soil here can produce a darn good mater.... 

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  • @key33 I feel you. My mom actually used to pick cherries. Here in AZ we actually have a lot of apple and plum trees in the fall. We make a lot of apple butter for our toast 😊 and there are lots of independent honey sales as well as citrus. It’s one of the 5 Cs of AZ. Copper, Cattle, Cotton, Citrus and Climate. Lemonade just passed as our official beverage. I think that is a waste of time as we hardly ever drink lemonade lol. 

    We’re more Margaritas and Cheladas. Tajin also goes on any and every fruit. It’s freaking delicious. 
  • I've never heard of garbage plates but they sound right up my alley at the moment.
  • @Cbeanz, they never really took off outside of Western NY. It’s a styrofoam plate with 1/2 macaroni salad and 1/2 home fries/French fries (variations happen). Then you pile either 2 burgers or 2 hot dogs. Onions. And if you want (this is the real way), this hot chili sauce.... that’s like meaty hot sauce. And eat it. No buns. YUM. 
  • @hakele - OMG! Smalllllllllllll world!!!!! We do go to Thai House, but Chili Thai uptown is my favorite. :) 
  • @Happyin14 oh I used to love pork roll as a kid... haven't had that in so long! I've never heard of garbage plates either but sounds yum!!! Also, maybe a FFFC/UO, but I don't really follow the lunch meat rule. I don't eat it every day or anything but if I want a sub I'll have one. 
  • I grew up in Rochester, NY where Garbage Plates were born :) they are the PERFECT drunk food. Salty beautiful goodness and the meat sauce... so hard to describe, but it is hot meaty chili yum. Seriously good pregnancy food too :) hubby made sure we had all the ingredients to do garbage plates this week, but the hot sauce takes like half a day to make, so I am guessing it will be a weekend thing.
    I actually prefer the plates with Zweigles Red Hots, but unless someone ships them in dry ice I can't get them here so :(
  • @Happyin14 @indulgentgypsy

    I have found that drunk food and pregnancy food overlap in a Venn diagram!  Piles of garbage lol!

    Tell me more about the macaroni salad.  Is it mayo based? Sweet? Salty? I'm not sure I'm on board with mac salad. Fries and hot meat sauce and burgers without buns I can totally get behind.
  • @Cbeanz so traditional Nick Tahou's (the inventor of the garbage plate) just had a simple mayo based non sweet mac salad so as not to overwhelm the taste of the fries/homefries/hot sauce and the like. Me personally, I prefer a slightly sweet mac salad, or just more flavor in general so if I am ordering it I get a side of ranch, and if I am making it I add a small hit of honey and rice wine vinegar. That's just me though, purists would never go for sweet mac salad :)
  • I don't even eat garbage plates more than once every few years and now I want one!!  I like Nick Tahou's but my favorite is from Dogtown. I'm not a big fan of Zweigle's (I don't like the skin), but burgers or veggie dogs are awesome. I have to have onions and mustard on mine too!!
  • Plain Mac salad with mayo. And not too much. 

    Also. Just found this: https://www.savoryexperiments.com/rochester-style-garbage-plates/
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