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Randoms w/o 2/25


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  • @mamanbebe I was so cross. I thought I was all
    good, and then had a rough afternoon of emotions I’m not used to feeling all emotional. Ugh. 
  • Oh now I remember.. DH texted me today that the company he works for decided they were going to switch health insurance providers on us in May. Not only that, but one that isn't covered by my midwives or our pediatrician, or probably anywhere else we get healthcare. I lost my shit because DH had purposefully asked everyone not to change health insurance plans on us this year so that we weren't screwed when LO arrives. I spoke with the birth center and essentially, we'll be stuck paying thousands more if this were to happen. DH has been on it since he found out and I think he is going to get them to keep our plan but we won't know for sure until next week. 
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  • @hakele It's so hard to run into that when you want to turn to this group for support and TB just surprise pulls the plug for maintenance all day. 
  • @hakele I hope everything is okay. Gah, that really stinks that you have to wait all weekend! 

    That Bump downtime stunk too! I kept checking back wondering when it was going to get fixed. 

    With switching to FB, my last BMB (Feb18) went about a month before the due dates, we already had a few births by then. But we did a voting process. If we recognized their screen name, and knew they were active, then they were let in. I think we got about 50 people in our group, and now it’s down to about 40-ish. 
  • My youngest threw up twice tonight and had a fever. Poor bud was so pitiful. At one point he took my hand and led me to his crib and just wanted to go to bed. I really hope this is just a quick bug. 

    @hakele I hope these next few days go by quick and your appointment goes well on Monday! 

    I didnt join the FB group for my July 14 BMB, but I also wasn’t super active. My Jan 17 BMB made the switch the fb about two months before the babies were due. Had a vetting process as well, I think 80ish were originally in the grupo and now it’s around 60ish?? I love that group so so much, but for personal reasons I left the fb group almost a year ago. Those ladies are amazing and I don’t regret joining the fb group one bit, but in a group of 80+ people there are bound to be differences and I just got to the point where I felt it wasn’t a good fit for me anymore, and I didn’t want to just stick around without actually participating. I’ve met several of them IRL, and it is really nice to meet the people you’ve chatted with for so long. 

    I dont know about switching to FB this time around. You are all a wonderful group, and I love chatting with everyone, so hopefully people stick around on TB and there isn’t a huge exodus! 
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  • @mamanbebe and @jenniferjoy37 I know. I missed you guys! 

  • @nolemomma14 It's going around! haha you're not super close, but I swear everyone has the stomach bug around here. I was up all night Monday with my throwing up 4 year old and now DD came down with a fever and upset stomach last night and she's right in his tracks. There goes our weekend  :( 
  • @nolemama24 and @Bear14+ I'm so sorry, I hope your littles feel better soon! :(:(

    TGIF. Heading out to eat some Urgkyn food (Turkish Chinese apparently) for lunch with a co-worker to celebrate both getting raises at our work. I wish noon would get here faster, though, I'm starving. 
  • @hakele I am so sorry for the rollercoaster you are on right now.  I hope you can find some time to relax this weekend and maybe some good distractions to make the time go by more quickly.  Also very frustrating TB went down during your time of need for support. 

    Long Rant:
    I feel like a complete jerk. This has been a crappy week in general and then this morning i went out our front door while walking the dog and my cousin locked me out of the front door. I tried knocking and waited for what felt like forever (in hindsight it might have been 60 seconds...) and MH never showed up.  So I made my way around to the icy sidewalk to get to the back of our house. The whole time i'm in my head thinking how no one ever thinks about me and i'm always thinking about them.  blah blah blah--definitely a self pity-party.  I was pretty bitchy the rest of the morning getting ready.  Then i get to work and MH texts me that he's at urgent care and our insurance was shut off again.  I had zero idea that he was going to urgent care (he has a regular doctor appointment scheduled for Tuesday and we'll get more of an idea what's happening then).  He also handled the insurance situation as well.  
    Turns out i'm the person who doesn't think about others. 
  • @hakele - I'm so sorry that you have that to worry about all weekend. Will be sending all the positive thoughts your way! Please keep us informed.
  • Head cold/URI DH brought me home from work has been so bad I’ve barely noticed any bad pregnancy symptoms this week, other than it hurts more in my hip region than normal when I sneeze/cough.

    Not sure if that’s sign it’s been worse tha usual germs he brings home, possibly due to lowered immune system, or fact we finally figured out PNV was causing large % of remaining nausea and funny taste in my mouth and change has made all the difference, or both. I’m going with both

    Poor LO must think it’s on the worst amusement park ride EVER. And, yes, a 4:30 a.m. insomnia/coughing fit combo means I definitely did google “can coughing really hard hurt the baby.”
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  • @hakele I know that must be hard, but try your best to have a good weekend. Chances are LO is just fine
  • @greeneyedgirl12 I'm sorry you aren't feeling well. I think there is nothing worse than feeling sick and being pregnant. The URI I had for Christmas during the peak of being sick was the WORST. I am glad that your change of the PNV is working out. 

    Seriously, y'all are the best. You've really helped me feel supported with this weird rollercoaster of emotions and waiting AGAIN. 

    @blackhottamales I totally understand your rant. I have come close to murdering my hubs a few times... for things that are not really a big deal. It is hard to control yourself with these hormones. Hopefully whatever is up with hubby is simple and he will be better quickly. 

    @nolemomma14 it is always so sad when they ask to go to bed. When they are so little and usually don't want to go to bed, and all of sudden, they walk you to the room to go lay down, just pitiful. You KNOW they are in a bad way when they act like that. I hope he is feeling better. 

    I'm looking out the window and seeing the first few flakes of snow! We are supposed to get 8" this weekend or more! It's gonna be a cozy weekend at home. But I did talk hubby into going to BBB to look at baby stuff under the guise that he can look for a new coffee maker. 

    Also, still trying to legitimize this Babymoon and pull the trigger on booking it. I really want to go to Hawaii and do this trip with hubs and relax on the beach and see some beautiful things for a week, but I don't know that we should be spending the money. Still no word on when Southwest is going to drop their flights to Hawaii, but I'm thinking March 14th because that is the next release date they have on their website and it is only adding one month to the schedule. I just need Thanksgiving to drop so I can book my Thanksgiving travel for this year with little bebe. Then I can finish the rest of my travel budget for this year. Come ON. 
    We also have to get this crawl space support issue fixed as that is failing and get our house back on "firmer ground", which isn't cheap at all. Ugh. We have the cash for both, but taking that much out of savings doesn't feel good. 

  • @hakele Hawaii is literally my dream vacation (since I was about 12) and I beg DH for us to go all the time. So you need to go so I can pretend its me lol!!! I understand though, we haven't been on a real vacation since probably our honeymoon, which was six years ago now. It's expensive. But big trips are harder and even more expensive with kids so go now while it's a little easier!!
  • Omg. My hubby is super opinionated and snobby about baby gear! I did not expect this.... 
    also, he felt baby kick for the first time tonight! So awesome! 
  • @hakele Congrats on the first “kick share”! I’ve been feeling kicks but they’re so random and not quite powerful enough to feel from the outside...waiting to share!

    And about baby gear...I have the problem that I’ll spend DAYS reading reviews and then once I’m ready to buy, there’s no discussion left to be had with DH. 🤔

    DH has expressed interest in getting more involved in baby shopping, but I also know he doesn’t want to research muslin blankets for three days, reading reviews, etc. 

    I know he’s interested in strollers, so maybe pull him into the big item research?? Any suggestions on keeping a guy from feeling left out of my amazoning?
    We’re in a country where baby shopping is not as good/affordable as amazon, but maybe we need to go to a real store to share some offline shopping??
  • @expatmom39 we had fun at the baby store last night. We had already settled on the uppababy Cruz and Mesa. Then he saw the 4moms portable crib and was super in love with that. He also loved the prettiest Petunia Pickle Bottom baby bag. I admit it was really pretty and I loved it. He keeps saying, only the best for his little girl. He just hates junky looking stuff, so he want the nice things. I’m cool with the uppababy because I know we’ll get a lot of use out of it. So it is worth it to get the quality stroller. In other news. I’m at L&D triage right now. Woke up at 4:50am with extreme stomach cramping then threw up everything in my stomach. The pain I had was so bad the dr asked me to go to triage. But I had to go downtown to the fancy hospital! They are about to send us home as things seem okay. Baby is all good, though uncooperative for being monitored. She’s moving around a ton the last 12 hours. It’s been a fun night/morning.
  • @hakele I’m glad you are ok! I hope you feel better this weekend. On gear, I had the 4moms travel crib. It’s really sturdy and easy to set up but it’s extremely bulky and heavy. You may want to show him the Guava Lotus and Nuna Sena as some other nice options. The Lotus is extremely lightweight and easy to setup and can be bought as a travel bassinet that converts to their really neat travel crib. The Sena is very similar to the 4moms in setup but it has a built in bassinet functionality and looks a bit nicer + color options. 
  • @hakele What a night! I’m glad everything is okay though. How scary! 

  • @hakele That’s rough! And glad you’re ok. Hope you get some rest today.  🤗

    And its awesome your DH wants the best...proud dad style! 😄🎉
    My DH sees the piles coming in from amazon (actually he has to bring them home from work since it’s a embassy po box) and I think he sees dollar signs. He’s not cheap-
    but you know how this baby stuff buying is- god there’s so many things when you’re an FTM! 😵 Ordered a Skip Hop diaper bag yesterday and also the Petunia Intermix caddy thing to put inside.
    I feel sort of overboard on researching stuff, but being outside the US makes shopping more strategic- amazon for things I wont return and Nordstrom for stuff I need to try out and can return when back in the US (later this month). Adds to the pressure to get it all done- this will be my last trip home before birth! Will be a shopping frenzy! 😰
  • @expatmom39  I loved the skip hop backpack they had at BBB. Good luck on all your shopping! That definitely adds a wrinkle to the plans. 

    It all turned out to be a really, really bad bout of reflux. I was concerned it was listeria or something like that. Baby was a-ok! They just want me to watch fluids and get on a Zantac regimen to prevent it getting bad later in the pregnancy. And to cool it with the spicy foods.... I probably shouldn’t have had all those jalapeños at dinner last night. But man, they are my pickles. I’m thankful for good insurance that I can choose to go to the hospital in these situations and not have to worry about it. 
  • @hakele glad it’s nothing serious!! So hard to give up the foods you love lol! 
    My husband wants to be involved in picking out baby gear, he is very picky about the stroller which means I haven’t decided on a car seat due to the stroller issue. Hoping once we find out on Wednesday what we’re having we can start making decisions. 
  • @hakele so glad you and baby are ok! Hope the zantac helps! 
  • key33key33 member
    I spent 4 hours going through all the boy clothes we have left. Sorted, photographed and threw them up on FB marketplace. I'm hoping I can get rid of some stuff.

    Once I finally sat down for the day I could hardly get back up. Tomorrow should be fun. 
  • @mamanbebe That’s adorable! Awe!! 
  • Guys I'm so dang irritated with the stupid bump app. Since the update it refuses to let me post because it won't acknowledge that I'm logged in. No matter how many times I log out and back on, refresh, and restart the app completely. I can only post on the computer which I rarely use. 😭😭😭 Not sure how much I'm going to be around until they fix it. 
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    , 💙💙💙💙💙💙
  • @nopegoat I have had no problems with the app, other than the usual ones. Maybe try to uninstall the app from your phone and reinstall it?

  • cindler said:

    @nopegoat I have had no problems with the app, other than the usual ones. Maybe try to uninstall the app from your phone and reinstall it?

    I have. Twice. Still won't work. :(
    Wife. Boy mom x6. Expecting #7. Wannabe homesteader.
    , 💙💙💙💙💙💙
  • edited March 2019
    @nopegoat :( the bump app sucks for real. I used to have the same problem. I actually have to be in "incognito mode" on the computer because otherwise the bump refuses to believe I'm logged in.
  • @hakele Southwest just opened the schedule to fly to Hawaii! I'm super pumped now lol! Best news on a Monday! 
  • Just getting caught up here... 
    @hakele have you had your appointment yet? Sorry you were so sick! I also second the Nuna Sent pack and play - I love it. 
    @nopegoat SAME with the app. It's so dumb. 

    As to FB groups, I think my D14 group facebooked in October or November? So third trimester. TB was definitely imploding. We were a group of 80ish for a couple of years - basically until the election when politics turned us on each other. Then there were a few split off groups, I'm still really close with one of them, it's about 45 ladies now. I hope we do get to FB, it's such an easier interface for really getting to know people IMO. We did do a vetting process just to make sure it was active members joining. 
    I've met maybe 6 moms from the group, we're talking about a Vegas meet up in the next year. 
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