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  • I refuse to ride in a vehicle with people who don’t wear a seatbelt. They are very large projectiles that can hurt others in the vehicle. Im in the vehicle, so no one rides with me without a seatbelt. Period. 
    I was a first responder on the scene of a rollover accident where the mom wasn’t wearing her seatbelt. She was thrown 30 ft from the vehicle and was nearly run over by a telephone pole truck. I watched the whole thing, I was the car behind her. She fractured her pelvis in 3 places. Broke her knee, hip, elbow collarbone, several ribs. If the other bystander responders hadn’t been a flight for life nurse and a paramedic firefighter, it would have been dicey. I got put in charge of the baby. She didn’t have a scratch on her in a car seat. The car flipped end over end 3 times. 

  • Nerves and anxiety are high over here with our AS this afternoon. We are both pretty anxious to find out. 
    Thinking we will have the tech put the sex in an envelope and then read it at home? 
    I really want a girl, so does DH, but we are only doing this baby thing once. So we feel like we should do the reveal to ourselves in private so that we can process everything. We know it’s a real possibility that it might not go our way. And we’ll be okay with it either way, but I know I’ll be grieving it a little bit. (And my therapist says that is okay.) 
    What do you think. Should we just find out in the room,  or wait to look at it in private? 
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  • @hakele - That's a tough one - I know you're itching to find out and may have trouble waiting, but I think you might be more comfortable in private. I totally understand wanting a specific sex and the idea of grieving the 'loss of a dream.' You could even just wait until the tech leaves the room if you can't wait until you get home. I don't think they'll run you out if you need a few minutes. 
  • @hakele Definitely find out in private. We're having our second son, and DH really wanted a girl both times and needed that privacy the first time and a few days to process. I really wanted that girl this time as well, and while I am excited and will love this little boy to pieces, I still get pangs thinking about the what-would-have-been's. This time, we asked over the phone, and I think the nurse could heard the disappoint in my voice (awkward). 
  • @hakele I'd find out in private. 

    Good luck today! ❤️ 
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  • @hakele I would have the tech put it in an envelope for you. Either open it when the tech leaves the room and gives you a chance to pack your things, or in the car on the way home if you’re that antsy. I hope you get what you both want, but a healthy baby is a good option too! :) 
  • @hakele I would wait and find out together alone after the appointment. With my first two, we found out during the ultrasound. It was still very special to find out, and I don’t regret it. With this one we waited to find out at home, by ourselves, and aside from processing feelings, it really was such a special moment for us. We got to hug and cry and laugh, instead of him just being in the seat next to me while I’m laying down. It’s a sweet memory I’m glad we will have! 
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  • @hakele I agree, find a way to make it sweet and special for the both of you.

    >:( I am seriously going to lose my shit on a couple of my middle school students this week. The overall "attitude" has ratcheted way up and their refusal to follow directions is pissing me the fuck off. I cannot fucking wait for spring break. 
  • @hakele I am totally with you on the seat belt thing! I also refuse to ride in a car with people who aren't buckled up. This actually has been a problem with DHs family before, since they'd sometimes prefer to squeeze everyone into one car even if that means one person not being buckled and I just can't do it. I feel like there was a gnarly drivers ed video that showed how dangerous one unbuckled person can be for everyone else in the car that has just stayed embedded in my mind.
  • @strickland8052 - we got a 3rd dog totally spontaneously when I was about 32 weeks pregnant last time. Went to the shelter 'just to see' and then I burst into pregnant tears at all the unwanted dogs and declared we weren't leaving without one. It was chaos for a bit but I'm so glad we got her!
  • i refuse to drive people who don't wear their seatbelt.  I have kicked friends out of my car.  I totally judge people for not wearing seatbelts. 

    I'm working on my kegels...but the sneezing with this cold and the leakage that happens is really annoying.  
  • @blackhottamales omg I sneeze and leak too if I'm standing up, sooo annoying! I need to do kegels! 

    Just found out my insurance won't remove my skin tag on my aerola, they say it's cosmetic and I have to pay out of pocket to have it removed. It drives me nuts and it's not a small one by any means. Annoyed... 

  • @jennm0724 that’s BS were you in dermatology when they told you that? 
    I had 4 removed this year because they annoyed me. I was in dermatology for my eczema and I told her and she was like cool, you want those off right now? And she shaved them off. 
    I’d push back and say that it is catching things and annoying you. I kind with KP sometimes it just takes the right provider. Haha. 
  • @hakele - I haven’t looked up your results yet, but I’m excited to know! 

    Heres my RANDOM... I pronounce your bump name like ukulele (even though I’m aware there aren’t enough letters for that!)  :p
  • @jennm0724 do you plan to breastfeed? I feel like maybe it would be irritating to breastfeed with that so maybe that could be used as leverage to have it covered? How annoying though!! 
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    @hakele so glad it was a great experience! Congratulations! 

    This FL weather needs to get its act together. 80s last week. 70s over the weekend, weird mix of temps to start the week, and rain the last two days. Have a few more 80s coming up, and then 50s and 60s. Pick a temperature and stay there! I’m ready for shorts and dresses! 
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  • @nerdtoyourmother I thought maybe the pink heart would give it away!  ;) but I don’t know if it shows on all devices.... 
    it is ha-keh-leh. Similar to ukulele. I started using it during a period in 10th grade where I was obsessed with Hawaii. 

    We went out to celebrate with a really nice dinner at a favorite restaurant where we got our regular waiter. They bought my hubs a beer. It was SO nice. 
    It is really a night we are never going to forget. The joy at the moment. It was amazing. 

  • @hakele it shows up as a red heart on my end! I'm soooooo happy for you both! I have 3 girls and I love love love girl babies so much! You're going to a great girl mom!
  • @Bear14+ , yikes. My best friend was killed in a car accident driving a jeep and not wearing her seatbelt. Totally survivable accident had she been restrained.   I'd have to put my foot down. He's got more to think about than just himself. 

    My random bitch of the day is that the migraine medicine my OB prescribed gives me a terrible stomachache/diarrhea.  I sort of have to pick my poison, the medicine is working, but I am constantly in the bathroom and now having to take immodium. Honestly though, I think I pick the stomach issues over the migraines. I can't do shit when my head hurts like that.  Being pregnant really sucks.
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  • @ameliabedelia-2 migraines are awful. I’m not looking forward to Allergy season. That is when mine really kick up. And I’ve already had a couple with the pregnancy and rarely get them in the winter. Sorry you are dealing with the gastro issues. At least it isn’t constipation. I feel that would be worse. But stay hydrated! 
  • @ameliabedelia-2 ohhh I have learned in my marriage that you can't force people to do something that they don't want to do. He has had people around him die in car accidents and it doesn't make him wear a seatbelt. It's just something he doesn't think about or really care about. When he's in my car, and I ask him to put it on, he does very willingly. I can't control what he does when he's not in my company.  But "putting my foot down"... does that mean I'm going to leave him if he doesn't wear it? No, I'm not. Don't think that over the course of our 6 years together there have not been heated discussions on the matter... He's not with me for most of the day...  He has a choice to make for his life as an adult, he knows the consequences and what could happen, but he just doesn't think it will ever happen to him. 

  • I'm pretty sure all 4 boys are currently going through a growth spurt. I sent a full ham and cheese sandwich, an apple, a gogurt, a small bag of chips, and a pickle for my bigs lunch yesterday and both of them came home saying it wasn't enough. My littles do nothing but beg for food all day. And all of them asked for seconds of chicken, roasted eggplant, and wild rice last night. 

    This weather needs to figure out wtf it's doing so our garden can start producing again. They are eating us out of house and home! 
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  • @Bear14+ AMEN! DH is not a fan of seat belts either. While it would be horrible if he were killed or severely injured in a car accident, it's his choice not to wear one. My car dings a lot until it's put on so he does, but his car is older and doesn't ding. We are very different people and I love him for that. I refuse to try to change him or force him to do something that is purely his choice.
  • Been lurking on the other birth month boards to see the cute little babies (and to remind myself why I'm doing this again) - there seems to be SO much drama after babies arrive about splitting into private groups, and some even before. That really surprises me. I wasn't on TB for my first pregnancy, and we only ever migrated to FB after the website we were on imploded and literally everyone left, and that was a good six months after kiddos were born.

    What's the norm here at TB for BMBs?
  • @foodislove, I think my last BMB went to Facebook like a month or so before babies started being born. My first one maybe earlier because it was during all the crazy catfish/admin drama in 2014. I saw that June had created a private group though already, but it sounds like something may have happened with certain participants that they decided to leave the regular group. 🤷🏻‍♀️
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  • @hakele congrats for your little girl!! So glad it worked out the way you wanted it to! 
    No I wasn't in dermatology when they told me, I had showed the OB i was at for my last appointment and she told me to ask my regular doctor if they'd remove it, she didn't seem interested in helping me. So my regular doctor basically said no its cosmetic and I should wait until after the baby comes... I'm going to push back or just figure out how to remove it my damn self. its annoying and ugly AF. 

    @ccmama3 I plan to breastfeed and the thought crossed my mind yesterday if I leave it, what if it falls off when I'm feeding the baby!? that can't be good either! 
  • @foodislove - I didn't do a BMB with my first, but did with my second. A FB group was made before births and then another was made after all the drama with admins here at TB (so the group did split alart, most most stuck to one group) The end of 2014 was a big huge mess on the bump.

    Personally, I really like the FB group and moving in that directon. I like the privacy aspect FB provides for posting and that not everyone can see what's being discussed. People made deeper connections and shared more. The group is still going strong over 4 years later and is active daily. It's so much easier too, there are so many issues with TB on mobile. 
  • Well... I got a call this morning from MFM. They didn't like my ultrasound. They said some of the pictures looked like there was fluid build up in the baby, and some of them didn't. So I get to go back in on Monday for another ultrasound. I don't like that they kinda left me hanging...and I, of course, was bad and googled. Ugh. It's going to be a looooong weekend. I'm sure baby girl is fine, but it still is unnerving. 
  • Oh goodness @hakele I'm sorry that you have to spend the rest of your week in limbo. I hope everything turns out to be okay <3 
  • Oh no, I'm so sorry @hakele waiting all weekend like that is so tough. Hopefully you will get good news quickly on Monday. 
  • @hakele sending good vibes your way that you make it through the weekend with not too much worry and stress. I wish they would communicate things better and not leave you in a panic after the phone call. 

  • @hakele as hard as it may be try not to panic yet and definitely step away from Dr Google. It's pretty common to have to go back in to get clearer pics. Your little girl probably just moved right in time for the pics to be unclear. Huge hugs!! ❤️ ❤️ 
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  • @hakele, that's the worst. Like why not call you Monday and say, hey, we have a concern, can you come in tomorrow?  I hope you can keep busy this weekend and everything looks great on Monday. 
    Momma to Amelia Marie (7/14) and Austin Samuel (11/17). Adding baby (girl) #3 on 7/21  <3
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    Thanks, y’all. I’m trying my best to just not worry about it because they just said they weren’t sure and wanted to double check. I’m a professional researcher by trade, so that’s a bit of a curse, isn’t it. 
    Most people that had a similar call, it ended up being nothing, so I’m going with that. 
    But still, way to kill my buzz this morning. I couldnt sleep I was so excited last night! 
  • Well. That was annoying. The bump was down almost all day. Grrr. 
  • @hakele oh no, I'm praying it's nothing serious for your little girl.

    @foodislove we waited until a month or two after babies were born with my first (Aug16) and around the start of third tri for my second (Mar18). We had a vetting process for both. It was so nice to be on fb and get to know people. I've gotten to meet several of the mamas IRL too. I personally don't share photos or too much info on TB but feel more comfortable on FB because it's a secret group.
  • @hakele That was so much downtime! I was feeling chatty all day with nowhere for it to go. Now I've forgotten everything I wanted to talk about haha. 
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    It makes me sad when groups migrate to FB bc I'm not on FB. March '17 moved after our babies were a few months old. My other two boards fizzled when TB imploded back in 2014. What a strange time that was.

    (ETA) All 3 of my other boards were active until long after the babies were out! It's just cruel to leave before we see the tiny faces!!! I hope ours stays through August at least!
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