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Who have you told about your pregnancy? How did you tell them? If you haven't told anyone yet, how far along do you plan to before announcing?

If you have pics of your announcement, feel free to share!

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  • @galentine any plans on how you'll do it when it's time?
    @prpl11butterfly sending extreme positive thoughts your way: you will make it to that announcement!

    I messaged my sister group chat right when the two lines came up (because I was in shock and swore it wasn't real). Other than that, 1 best friend and 1 co-worker knows. For the families, I have already decided on the "props" because I'm an insane planner and it's keeping me from spilling the beans on the phone:
    1. My family is getting a couple of lottery tickets (because we're into them) and they're fun ones that have "We're pregnant" in the prize boxes
    2. My Godmom is getting a bottle of wine and the label has the announcement
    3. His family will get a box with booties and a onesie that has the announcement
    Still several weeks away though.
  • My H knows, obviously. My Jan’15 BMB knows- I was convinced I had line eye at first. I told my boss two weeks ago- I walked into his office, shut his door, and went “this will probably shock you as much as it did me. I’m pregnant again.” 😂 so blunt. Because I inspect, I need to adjust my schedule to account for maternity leave, and I didn’t want him blindsided if things need to be reassigned. 

    I have three other coworkers that know- one saw me dry heave and asked; another made a comment about going to drink and I let slip I can’t drink 🤦🏼‍♀️; and a third kept questioning how I was doing after my CP so I told him. 

    Family will find out in a couple of weeks. It’ll be a photo of DS1 wearing a “professional big brother” shirt and DS2 wearing one that says “big brother in training.” I‘m debating just waiting to tell everyone but my grandparents (who already know) until the ILs come out in April so they can find out in person (I’ll be 15/16w at that point). 
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    BFP #4 12/22/18, EDD 9/6/19 - CP 12/29/18
    BFP #5 1/18/19, EDD 10/3/19, It’s a Girl!
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  • No plans to tell anyone until after first scan at 8w3d, and even then I’m not entirely sure who we will tell at that time. I do feel like I will need to tell my boss and one coworker very soon after as we will need to start planning for my leave right away to even have a chance of all work and projects continuing on schedule. I may have to spill the beans a tad early in a couple weeks when we go out of town and will meet up with a good girlfriend from College. Hopefully we can avoid the suggestion of going to a bar since that’s our usual! And I’m just hoping morning sickness will stay away long enough so that I don’t have to tell my boss and coworker before the scan since we lunch together several days each week and they would catch on quickly. I already had my boss asking if everything was okay because of a lot of leaving early recently that has been completely unrelated. 
  • Only DH and my doctors know. It doesn’t feel real yet, and I’m waiting until it does. My parents are visiting in March, so we may tell them then, especially if I’ve had the first ultrasound by then. 

    I have a fun story of how I told DH. I was working from home on the 13th, somehow got the idea in my head to test, and was shocked to see a faint line. I ran out and bought a digital and the word “pregnant” was a little easier to believe. I put the test in a red gift bag along with a toddler shirt that says “super sister” (most of DD’s clothes are handed down from friends and I had set that one aside because it doesn’t apply...yet). After DD went to bed I told DH I had an early Valentine’s Day present, and yes he had to open it RIGHT NOW. He pulled out the shirt and watching his face as he slowly realized what it meant was priceless. He said something like “wait... no way... really?” which was about as eloquent as I was when he proposed. Then I showed him the test. Anyway it was really fun to surprise him since with DD he knew I was going to test and was right there when I got the positive. 
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  • We've told basically everyone in our family. After 5 years of trying we are just too excited.

    We are a PC gamer family, so for Facebook:
    I will have a picture of all of our gaming headsets with a pic of our dating scan (tomorrow) saying "Player 4 has joined the Discord Channel"

    I'll also be including a blurb about my Grandmother being excited about the new baby since that's the last thing I posted about (we just lost her on Monday)
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    (Baby A lost around 9 weeks.) 

  • @cooaladolly that’s pretty hilarious 😂 
    TTC history in spoiler
    Me: 30 Him: 35
    Married: Oct 2015
    Baby G born June 2017
    TTC#2: July 2018
    BFP #2: 2/6/19 MC 3/14/19

  • Struggling with announcements for a couple reasons: 1. I had two consecutive chemical pregnancies in the cycles preceding this pregnancy so I am very wary of miscarrying. 2. I have to break the news to very close friend that I can’t be in her wedding. 3. My mother is going to be so excited for her first grandchild (we didnt think we wanted kids at all but changed our minds) but she has a big mouth so I don’t really want to tell her early (I’m 7 weeks), because I don’t think she will keep it a secret. 4. My father is in a psychiatric hospital being treated for clinical depression and going through difficult changes in his life and the timing of our news just seems bad. 5. I told my best friend, and she didn’t really seem all that excited. She’s not a baby person and I got the impression she thought I might miscarry again and didn’t want to hear about it when it happened. 

    Though DH and I are over the moon excited for our very first baby (just had our first ultrasound with heartbeat!), we’re not super eager to share the news. It seems like the moment you tell friends and family, it becomes so much more about them and everyone brings their own baggage into it. 

    We did tell DH’s family though. His mother and sister’s reactions have been amazing. They’re so excited and supportive. My SIL just had her first baby a few months ago so we’re so excited for our little ones to meet!

    I know we’ll wait until at least the end of the first trimester to announce publicly, but I’m not at all sure when to tell my parents, (I feel bad for telling DH’s family first but they’re better at keeping secrets) or the friend whose wedding I’m supposed to be in. 

    So stressful! I just want this first trimester to be over already. 😫

  • @novicemama I’m sorry that your friend wasn’t excited or supportive when you told her. I’m glad that you have your MIL and SIL who are happy for you
  • @novicemama I’m sorry that your friend wasn’t excited or supportive when you told her. I’m glad that you have your MIL and SIL who are happy for you
  • @novicemama I’m sorry that your friend wasn’t excited or supportive when you told her. I’m glad that you have your MIL and SIL who are happy for you
  • Ugh sorry for posting that 3 times. The app hates me today, I get an error message when I try to lovetit something and now this 🙄
  • Thanks, @melanier26 I appreciate your compassion. I still count myself lucky because my ILs are genuinely happy for us and eager to share this journey with us. I know some people definitely don’t have that kind of support and instead have “monster-in-laws.” We’re very fortunate in that respect. 
  • My husband and our best friends knew first, then I told my s14bmb because they are the support system that I know that I will need if anything were to happen. 

    Despite telling family and friends that we wanted more children I’m sure that they will react poorly. We just don’t have families that get super excited. I’m expecting a few comments of “really I thought you were done with #3” “why do you want to start over again? DS is finally out of diapers...” I want our kids to know before our families but I don’t want to tell them until we are in the second trimester because they will tell every person that they know and meet. 
  • @novicemama We also had a change of heart so my parents are going to be thrilled. After 13 years people figured we meant it when we said never and they finally stopped asking. 😀 oh well. Sorry to hear the announcement is so stressful for you!
  • @_khaleesi  Glad I’m not the only one! My parents have also completely backed off with the “I guess I’m never having grandchildren”
    guilt trip. Can’t wait to see the look on their faces! 😂 When are you telling your parents? 
  • @novicemama currently planning to do so weekend after first appointment assuming all goes well. I’ll be right at 9w. It’ll be my birthday so I’m just assuming we’ll see them! However at exactly 7w I’m taking a road trip with them by myself so we’ll see if the nausea gives me away! So far I’m good but apparently week 6 can be a game changer. I really, really wanted to do it for my dad’s bday the weekend before mine but appointment isn’t until a few days later. When are you thinking you’ll break your news?
  • My March17 bmb was the first to know, lol. Even before my husband. My parents know because my mom saw my appts written on my calendar. No one else knows!

    I'll tell my kids first after I see the heartbeat on the 8th. Then the world :)
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  • I know we’ll wait until at least the end of the first trimester to announce publicly, but I’m not at all sure when to tell my parents, (I feel bad for telling DH’s family first but they’re better at keeping secrets) or the friend whose wedding I’m supposed to be in. 

    So stressful! I just want this first trimester to be over already. 😫

    @novicemama Don't feel bad for telling DH first-- you have to do what's best for you! And glad you at least have some support. We haven't told anyone yet because we were trying to time everything to tell family in person at similar times, and we're going crazy straight up lying to everyone on phone calls and whatnot. 
  • @galentine I was wondering how it went...!  LOVE it. So sweet about your mom and your adorable nephew!
    @stephanie123456 Cute photo! Use it anyway!!!
  • No announcements here yet but loving everyone else's!
    The original: Aug2013
    The remix: Feb2017
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  • TW**
    I've "secretly" told my 2 best friends, my mom and a co-worker.  I say secretly because DH doesn't want me telling anyone yet, but I can't keep my mouth shut.  Last pregnancy, we had told most everyone by this point.  I think he is wanting to keep it on the DL through first tri because his brother and sister-in-law announced at Christmas (literally one day after they found out) they were pg but when they went in for the first appointment there was no heartbeat. I told my mom and friends bc they would be upset if they found out later with everyone else.  I regret telling my co-worker.  She's sweet, but every morning she comes up and asks me how I'm feeling and I want to reply that if she asks me one more time, I'm going to go crazy on her.
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  • @scuba_chic That’s the most annoying question for me during pregnancy: “How are you feeling?” At least with my first pregnancy it annoyed me probably more than it should have 
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