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Weekly Check-In W/O 2/18 (All due dates)


Re: Weekly Check-In W/O 2/18 (All due dates)

  • Anyone else doing weekly pics? I just realized I'm 2 weeks behind...#3rd kid problems
  • @themadcamel oh nooo I’m sorry. I’m a teacher too! What grade do you teach? 
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    I really like this new group thread but I'm finding it overwhelming to follow all the different conversations. I want to comment but I can't track who I need to respond to! Any tips? I wish you could reply directly to someone's post. 

    Anyways... @septoctkids I took the Materniti21 test on a Thursday morning and got a call the following Wednesday afternoon with results. The lady told me they say it can take up to 14 days but it's almost always less than a week. 

    Weeks/EDD: 12w3d

    Baby’s the size of: a lime

    Upcoming Appointment:s None scheduled but due March 14th. I have Mondays off and really don't want to miss anymore work. My doctor is out of town 2 Monday in a row and the scheduler told me I couldn't wait 6 weeks for my next appt so yea, I haven't committed. 

    I'm feeling pretty good this week; the middle of last week seemed to be a turning point. I still feel fat mostly because anything without an elastic band feels TIGHT and uncomfortable. I'm ready to buy some maternity pants but haven't found anything that's relatively inexpensive + cute + gets high reviews. 

    Rants/raves: Rant to the first midwife I saw for my first OB appointment who had me scared sh*Tless that I might have breast cancer and needed a mammogram at 8 weeks (she actually ordered a bilateral mammogram). Rave to my new OB who told me I have nothing to worry about after a quick boobie exam. 

    Questions: Wondering when the right time is to tell work. I have a unique position where I spend 50% in one place and 50% in another, so I have to tell 2 different sets of peeps. 

    GTKY: I love to watch it all, depends on my mood. We gave up cable so that limits my options. Currently streaming Top Chef and looking forward to watching a documentary called 13th that was recommended by a colleague on Netflix. I also caught part of Kids Baking Championship at the gym the other night and it's all I want to watch right now - such a pick-me-up to watch cute enthusiastic, innocent kiddos. 
  • @supermom34482 meh. I want to...but have forgotten. Whoops. We started at 7wks with DS and I loved watching the progression (but tbh, not much was going on from 7-15wks, lol). Maybe we’ll start this weekend? All dependent on if I remember!!
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    @dahliasanddogs thank you! We had our blood work done yesterday (thursday), Doctor told us we should have it back by the end of next week or the following Monday. I’m so anxious!! Lol

    thats scary they told you that without confirming it!! I’m glad everything turned out ok. 
  • @themadcamel OH NO! well, whatever. You are growing a human and it's HARD. I seriously can't shake this feeling. I wish I can hibernate through first tri.

    @lillywonderland (I feel like I am totally blowing you up today!). Did you post those amazing pregnancy comebacks?! I seem to have lost the thread because...I am really struggling today but I can't even begin to thank you! I particularly like this set:

    “Was this an accident?”
    Were you?
    As much of an accident as if I fired out and punched you in the face right now.
    Yes! I tripped and fell on a dick.

    Obvs, I bolded my favorite one! LOL. I wonder if I have the guts to say it. I am usually so prim and proper :) But people totally deserve that type of answer for asking such an insanely intimate question! 
    Me: 34 DH:38
    DS: 18 months   <3
    Dx DOR AMH .2
    <a href="" title="Pregnancy"><img 
  • @kiddiesandkitties DS is 1.5 and it's totally my own fault because I've been letting him do it elsewhere solo for a while. But those stairs were carpeted and not steep! 

  • Est Due Date/ Weeks + Days:
    Sep 4th 12 +2

    Baby is the size of a(n): plum

    Upcoming Appointments: next thurs

    How are you feeling?:

    Less nausea so yay! 

    Just had a midwife appt and they couldn't find the HB.. I've seen it at our ultrasound (10wks) but haven't heard it yet.. trying not to stress, going to try again next week. 

    Questions: anyone else not able to find heartbeat at 12 weeks?

    GTKY: What is your favorite things to watch? Whether a TV show, docuseries, movie, genre, whatever you watch, share your favorite(s).

    Greys anatomy of course, Outlander also very good! 
  • @lillywonderland, @kiddiesandkitties, @janat1717 thanks for all the great suggestions! I found a book on Amazon and we told DS yesterday (after our appt) that he’s going to be a big brother and he’s very excited. His favourite treat is mini donuts and he always begs us to get the bucket instead of the smaller bag. We always tell him that’s for a bigger family, so he’s now very excited that we’ll be able to get the bucket of mini donuts. 

    @themadcamel I really liked Bloodline! I think that’s maybe how I got into Ozark. 

    My first appointment went great!  Baby was moving around a ton and looks great. Measuring right on track with LMP at 10+4, but baby was a bit curled up so hoping to get more accurate measurements next time. I’m hoping they can fit me in next week for the nuchal scan. We’re off to Florida next weekend to visit my parents and we’ve been waiting to tell them in person. Hoping DS doesn’t FaceTime them and spill the beans before then!
  • @spetoctkids I teach 3rd. How about you?
    @rms924 oh lord it is SUCH hard work! Your comment about falling on dicks has me laughing so hard. 
    @house_of_boys glad your appt went well! 
  • @themadcamel so fun! I teach first. 
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    @Niko1e It sounds like you were early in your 12th week during your visit. I think it can still be challenging to reliably locate a heartbeat with doppler in the first trimester. I'd say try to relax over the next week but I know that's impossible. Hoping that at your next visit LO is easier to locate. 
  • @house_of_boys that’s so cute about his excitement of mini donuts :D 

    I kinda envy you all getting so many US! My midwife told me after our first one at 8+5 that the next will be at 20 weeks! I wish I would have waited until 12 now to see the first one, BUT it was great seeing the heartbeat and knowing all is well. :) 
  • Just realized I've been lurking his week 8nstead of commenting. Oops?
    EDD- sept 23

    Baby size- cherries? I think?

    Upcoming- US and *more* bloodwork on Wednesday, I swear I see the office staff so much I told them I want a birthday present 😉

    Feeling- exhausted, I've managed to completely screw my sleep schedule. At least I work from home so it isn't as awful as it could be. And so much nausea. I'm so over it. I just want to eat food like a normal person again!

    R/R- not really off the top of my head

    ?s- anybody else tagged for twins? I've been super nervous about them and just want to see them both on the US again. Make sure they are both still there. 

    GTKY- I watch so much, but I love cozy mysteries and animal shows, and some of the reality shows like ice road truckers, oh! and cooking or food shows. Netflix and Hulu, always. 
  • Due Date/ Weeks + Days: I’m due 9/10/19 and currently 11 weeks 5 days 

    Baby is the size of a(n): lime

    Upcoming Appointments: fetal screening labs next week. 14 week check in appt in 2 weeks. 

    How are you feeling?: great honestly! I’m past the water aversion and queasiness. Feeling so excited about this pregnancy now.

    Rants/Raves: I’ve been so gassy! And with that comes bloating. I’m trying to figure out if certain foods are triggering it or if it’s just unavoidable. I’m tryinh to eliminate carbonated beverages to see if that helps. I was really enjoying sprite when my tummy was worse off. I think it could be oatmeal causing it too. 

    Questions: any cute ideas for how to tell my in laws? We are waiting until they come in town to visit for my husband’s Officer School Graduation. This will be their first grandchild! 

    GTKY: What is your favorite things to watch? Whether a TV show, docuseries, movie, genre, whatever you watch, share your favorite(s). I’ve been super into crime shows, documentaries, and romance movies. My husband and I have been living apart due to the military for 6 months other than brief visits here and there so I need all the romance I can get lol
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    @monkeysmom80 I am struggling with what to wear too! We aren't quite ready to tell everyone so I am trying not to make it obvious. I am showing a bit, thinking it's mostly bloat, but I can't fit in most of my pants comfortably and my shirts all feel like they emphasis my little gut. The struggle is real. I actually broke down and bought one pair of maternity jeans (SO excited to wear them) and a belly band so I can still wear most of my pants. But I am still struggling with the shirts... can't find any maternity ones I like that are not obvious. 

    @mamaber2204 OMG YES! 9 months off paid so we can feel a little more human would be AH-mazing! TBH I'd be happy if just the first trimester was paid leave. This shiz is HARD!

    @themadcamel I am with you on this trimester feeling 6 months long at least! Also getting harder and harder not to tell other coworkers and family. We are going to slowly start telling family this week and weekend. My parents are currently on holidays and live 3 hours away. I really want to tell them face to face, but I am not sure when I will see them again. It's so hard to get them here without it being obvious we have big news to tell them.

    Edited to add: @supermom34482 I started taking weekly bump pics. This is my first pregnancy so I think I am just super curious to compare the changes of my body over time. Not much to show, just my bloat, but it will be good to look back on. :smile:

    Me: 31 │ DH: 30
    Married 05/26/17
    STM; DS 9/14/2019
    EDD 6/13/2022
  • @kaceyallan agree on struggling what to wear too! Definitely some bloat going on but not a bump to wear maternity pants/ tops yet. :/ I’ve been wearing leggings and tunics a lot. 
  • @kaceyallan and @septoctkids I broke down and took a look at the maternity section at Target this weekend. I found a pair of jeans that look and feel just like regular jeans, but the waistband is extra stretchy (but you can’t tell at all from looking at them). I’m totally going to live in these until my real bump shows up!

    @sahm89 Same here! I had my first u/s at 7w2d and was so excited for my appointment last week but she just pulled out the doppler. 20 weeks seems so far away!
  • @sahm89 we only will have 2 ultrasounds too. 😭 I love seeing the little nugget! Haha 
  • Had my 12 week appointment and all is good. Wasn't suppose to get an u/s since I had genetic testing done but I asked my dr and he said sure but not every appointment. I was like yes I know I'll be good after this one. Saw a wiggling little baby and am so excited now. I got paper with baby's sex and will open tomorrow with DH :p
  • 12 week was today and midwife couldn't find the heartbeat on Doppler so no confirmation for me still. 😔. Not worried but bummed. Next appt not until April 9. 
  • @janat1717 Happened to me too! The midwife wasn't too worried but of course it puts the thought in your head. It sucks when you are excited to hear the hb but don't get to. :( hope those next few weeks go very quickly for you! Have you gotten to see baby on an U/S at least? 
  • @Niko1e I'm only going to do the anatomy scan so I'm sitting here blind. I'm a stm so I'm like hurry up and let me feel you move, baby. I only did fetoscope last time so I had no idea she could pick up my hb. I got so excited and then found out it wasn't the baby so major let down. Totally felt like an idiot, lol.
  • @rachelcaroline89 omg the gas & bloat! I cut out carbonated beverages and it hasn't helped. Let me know if you find something that helps. 
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