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GTKY 2/13 - The Pizza Edition


Re: GTKY 2/13 - The Pizza Edition

  • I know there’s a lotta people not fans of papa johns but the hubby wants it tonight. Anyone try their Philly cheesesteak pizza? I never want pizza with meat on it but for some reason it’s soubding good.
  • @vanillalatte89 I haven't, and usually it wouldn't appeal to me either but I was on their website earlier and thought it looked good. Report back if you go for it! We are getting brisket pizza tonight and I am really excited.
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  • It was good but I think I would like it better with tomato sauce instead of the philly sauce. I’m glad I tried it! 
  • @vanillalatte89 What is "philly sauce" exactly?  
  • I’m not exactly sure it’s just what they say is on this pizza. I couldn’t figure out what it tastes like.
  • @vanillalatte89 we ended up ordering both the brisket pizza and the Philly cheesesteak pizza! Thanks for putting the idea in my head 😄
    @Cbeanz I’m not sure what it is, either. It’s like a white sauce pizza, but it’s not a typical white sauce. The sauce is really creamy and cheesy. Almost fake cheese-y. 

  • What?!?! Papa John's is putting fake cheese on their pizza?!  ;)

    Ate the hell out of Papa John's in college. Haven't had it in years though, seriously craving pizza, any pizza right now!
  • @vanillalatte89 I kind of agree that a tomato sauce could go really well on a cheese steak pizza. Because some people put marinara on their cheese steaks. But I'm going to need to try this pizza to know for sure.
  • When I worked at a pizza place, their philly pizza had white American cheese as the “sauce” put slices down and it melted
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