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GTKY 2/13 - The Pizza Edition

Inspired by @nopegoat 's brilliant gtky this week, and one of my 4yo's favorite dinner table games:

What DO you put on your pizza??


Re: GTKY 2/13 - The Pizza Edition

  • Thin crust pizza with pepperoni and bacon is our usual go to! 
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  • Sausage, ham, and bacon
    sausage, pepper, and onion
    chicken, tomato, onion, and bacon
    extra cheese

    now I want pizza as I eat my grilled chicken and veggies....
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  • My favorite is thin crust with good fresh mozerella, prosciutto and roquette...and some spicy oil and it’s perfect!
  • We found a frozen pizza brand called Screamin' Sicilian and they put out a pizza called the Spicy Clucker. It has a creamy ranch sauce, mozz cheese, grilled chicken, bacon, and jalapenos. Completely obsessed. So good! 
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    , 💙💙💙💙💙💙
  • @nopegoat that sounds so good!!!!😋
  • Pepperoni and black olive 
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    I love spinach and black olive 
  • Hawaiian
    Pepperoni with black olives
    Garden veggie plus pepperoni
  • This thread really speaks to me.
    I used to live near a place that did a great arugula, mushroom, and pecorino pizza. The store closed, I moved, and I still think about that slice sometimes!
    Now that I eat meat again, I just love plain pepperoni—it’s the taste of my childhood.
  • I don’t like pepperoni or sausage... or any meat really on my pizza. Lol I could do a veggie pizza. My go to is usually extra cheese or bbq pizza with onions & pineapple. Alfredo pizza is also delicious too. Ool
  • @nopegoat I love those pizzas! DH and I used to get them from Publix once a week when we were still in the south. 

    Some of my favorite pizzas:

    Pesto sauce base w/ mushroom, artichoke and fresh arugula on top
    Mushroom, peppers, black olives and onions
    Hawaiian (oh pineapple I <3 you)
    Pepperoni or other fancy cured meats, pineapple and jalapeno 
    Garlic olive oil base with wild mushrooms and truffle oil
  • Green Peppers or Pineapple.  
  • um...... plain cheese pizza.......?

    Actually I've been craving grandma pizza which I don't think they serve anywhere outside of NY.  It's almost like a Sicilian version of Margherita pizza without the fresh basil.
  • foodislovefoodislove member
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    Regular crust, white sauce or super light red sauce (I can't stomach too much regular tomato sauce from a can), along with pepperoni, feta, and spinach. <3 YUM.

    If I'm going to a fancy pizza place, I love leek and artichoke. Or a fancy cheese & honey dessert pizza. 

    And NO OLIVES. No, I will not pick them out, they permeate everything.  :s

    EDIT: @frenchbaby18Your pizza sounds SO EFFING GOOD, I would eat that.
  • Either ham and pineapple with red sauce or grilled chicken and onions with barbecue sauce. Yes to any veggie, no way to sausage or super greasy pepperoni. One time I went to a fancy restaurant for a work dinner and got this flatbread with arugula, goat cheese, and figs. Omg it was so good :yum:
    Ugh. Now I'm seriously considering pizza for dinner...
    @nopegoat I saw Screamin' Sicilian in the store the other day! My first thought was, "That's my grandpa in a box" :expressionless:
    @foodislove DH doesn't like olives either--and I quote, "olives have the consistency of eyeballs and the taste of seaweed tomatoes." :D 
  • Bear14+Bear14+ member
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    I love mushrooms and black olives... I order it every time and even the kids eat it now :D  

    Second to that is pineapple and ham...yummm... 

    Now I might be ordering a pizza for dinner tonight!! 
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    No one in my house likes my preference of pizza.  I love pineapple, chicken and BBQ sauce.  However, I am a sucker for veggie and taco.   Which no one really ever eats, so I get stuck with what the masses want, which is either tons of meat or cheese.
  • @hestia14 Fig and goatcheese pizza, gimme!!! And your DH is spot on - seaweed tomatoes is my new go-to to explain my dislike to my hubs, who loves olives but hates seaweed.
  • I love taco pizza (not sure if that’s just a West Coast thing, I had never had it until I moved out here). Other than that my go to is pepperoni, olives, mushrooms and hot peppers. 
  • We’ve done a pizza with basil pesto, sautéed shrimp and crumbled goat cheese. It’s absolutely delicious!! 
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  • My absolutely favorite pizza place is Beau Jos. They have turkey pepperoni (and one of the only places that does) so it makes my heart happy. I’m allergic to pork, and most pizza toppings contain pork.  My go-to is turkey pepperoni and mushrooms! Mmmm, and then you finish the crust with honey. It’s sooooo good! 

    I’m also a huge fan of chicken BBQ pizza! 
  • If I'm making it at home, pepperoni, Kalamata olives, & feta 😋 . To be fair, I like anything with feta & Kalamata olives .

    Out, I usually order something with sausage or a buffalo or BBQ chicken pizza .

    Yum, now I want pizza!
  • We love the Sam's Club take n' bake pepperoni pizza. It is delicious. But if we order pizza or make it at home, it is usually pepperoni, banana peppers, and mushrooms on my side. Very thankful that we're doing pizza tomorrow for Valentine's Day now haha  :)
  • Either:
    - ricotta/white
    - “everything” but no anchovies or mushrooms. 
    - pepperoni
    - onions and peppers
    - cheese

    @Cbeanz, I like a good grandma pie also. When done right... so good. 
  • thycapanjthycapanj member
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    Extra cheese and green peppers

    PS now I’m CRAVING pizza thanks🤣
  • The pizza place across from our new house make a pizza called the Bombdiggity with alfredo sauce, jalapenos, minced garlic, bacon, and beef. My new fave. Otherwise give me all the veggies except black olives. 
  • My husband doesn't like veggies much and not on pizza, so it's usually Hawaiian (pineapple, ham and bacon) or just meat or pepperoni.  I do put veggies on half sometimes.
  • At our fancy pizza places I get a margarita with prosciutto... mmmm 
  • Thick crust with pepperoni, Italian sausage, bacon, with red pepper flakes. 
  • Even though I bought stuff to make dinner tonight, I ordered a cured ham/pineapple/jalapeño pizza and it was delicious. 
  • Okay... I lived in Italy and I’m a little crazy when it comes to pizza, so bear with me. 

    Okay, by type. 
    Newyorkese - Pepperoni and Pineapple (and sometimes Jalapeño) 
    Siciliana - just cheese, light on the sauce. 
    Napoletana - Pesto, Ricotta, Pepperoni or Prosciutto. Or a really good Quattro Formaggio.  
    Romana - Prosciutto, Arugula and Pear or sometime Potato and Bechamel. (If you are ever in Rome, go to Bonci Pizzarium.) 
    Flammkuchen - Potato, Bacon, Pearl Onion, and creme fraiche. 

    Those are all the the types of pizza I can think of. 

  • Welp, caved and got pizza, which DH didn’t mind at all. His was a regular crust with bbq sauce, pepperoni, and sausage (blech...not for me) and mine was a heart-shaped thin crust ham and pineapple. (Not pictured: just-ok honey chipotle boneless wings.) DH had so many pizza points that our order came to $3! 
  • @jenniferjoy37 I love putting turkey pepperoni on homemade pizza (or just eating it straight out of the bag :grimace: ). Way less greasy than pork pepperoni! I'll have to try it with mushrooms sometime! You lost me at honey on crust, though :confounded:
    @hakele One of my bucket list items is to have an authentic Italian margherita pizza. That Romana pizza sounds heavenly :heart: 
  • I hate tomato sauce (and tomato things in general, ketchup included).

    So: white pizza (usual place does garlic olive oil), fresh mozzarella, ricotta, and normal cheese, plus or minus chicken, depending on the mood.
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  • For regular carryout pizza, usually mushrooms, olives, spinach, ground beef (or maybe sub red peppers and artichokes for some of those, if they have it).  For a specialty pizza, white pizza with ricotta plus spinach is definitely up there, or authentic Neopolitan margherita.
  • Anyone who’s not putting Asiago on their pizza is truly missing out.
  • I'm a combination girl, except hold the Olives!
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  • OMG @hakele those all sound amazing!!

    A local BBQ place is teaming up with Papa Johns to bring brisket pizza to Houston for the next month or so. I’m so curious to try it!
  • @pizzaplz I can’t stand Papà Johns! im so damn picky about pizza. I drive 20 minutes to pick up my pizza when we want one because I’m insane. Anything that delivers near here is just not good. 

    But we have a BYO pizza place near us called 1000 degrees that I love their dough. So we usually just go there. 
  • @hakele I definitely respect your pizza snobbery. You gotta have your standards!
    I mean, do I wish it wasn’t Papa John’s? Yes. But I really want to try this brisket pizza.
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