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**KNOTTIE USERS** Please read this (how to change your username)

*Original Credit to ladystinson (May 2018) - this reproduction was stolen from July 19*

Welcome to September 2019! This board is already awesome and we are working on building some great friendships and support circles.

With that being said, if your username starts with knottie, it's sooooo hard to get to know you guys or to be able to tag you in anything because you all (as well as about 8000 other knotties) all have screen names that start with 'knottie' and are followed by what feels like 35 number/letters. 

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE! Head over to The Knot and change your screen name to something we can get to know you with! And that way we'll be able to mention/tag you in all of our funny/inspiring/education posts.

Thank you! And we look forward to getting to know you all!

Please note you must log out and in for your new screen name to take effect at The Bump. 


Re: **KNOTTIE USERS** Please read this (how to change your username)

  • & add a photo! :) 
  • Has anyone successfully been able to change their Profile photo via the app? Or do I have to log onto a computer? I've been trying for a while now without success.
  • Great idea! You can also update your Username directly through The Bump app. Just tap on your profile icon, in the right corner of the home screen. Then, tap on the edit icon next to your Username to make your change. Hope this helps! :)
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