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Plus size ladies - when did you start showing ?

I’m a size 16 , and I’m 15 weeks into my first pregnancy and I’m not really showing yet - still wearing same clothes! My boobs however , did get bigger - which I def don’t need lol  

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  • wearyfuzzballwearyfuzzball member
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    I'm a size 8-10, 19 weeks and barely showing. I was wearing my regular jeans up until 1 week ago.
  • harpseal135harpseal135 member
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    I was a size 12, did not start showing until almost 27 weeks, then I finally got a baby belly that was noticeable by others.  
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    With my first pregnancy I didn't really show until I was 30+ weeks. I'm a size 20/22 normally. I remember being at the grocery store wearing a maternity shirt shortly before giving birth (probably 34 weeks) and someone mentioned they liked my shirt and asked where I got it. I said Old Navy's maternity line. She said "Maternity? Gosh, I didn't realize you were pregnant!"
    I guess people just thought I carried my weight poorly? Who knows. I'm 22 weeks pregnant with twins now and I barely get any comments even though I feel enormous.
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    IUI 03/2018 - Gonal F - BFN

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