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  • Why would I try my doppler at 7 weeks? Self torture I guess
  • @supermom34482 I won’t even let myself pull it out until 10-12 weeks. I’m only 5 right now but I contemplate it every day 🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️
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  • @supermom34482 & @sunshine2417 I'm so tempted to try my doppler every day and I'm only 4 weeks today!! My baby isn't even to the point we could see it on an actual u/s! 

    @strauss_m I haven't had that experience but my OB purposely scheduled me during my 7th week for my u/s because they wanted to make sure they could definitely see a HB. Try not to worry, it could have just been too early! 

    Me: 29  H: 30
    Married: 4/27/13 
    BFP: 9/16/2014 * EDD: 5/25/2015 * M/C: 10/29/14 @ 10w2d 
    BFP: 1/25/2015 * EDD: 9/27/2015 * DS: 10/3/15
    BFP: 1/13/19 * EDD: 9/28/2019

  • @sunshine2417 & @crs89 I mean at 7 weeks I have a chocolate chip in there so what was I expecting lol, hopeful thinking 
  • Zika is still an issue. The CDC has information and travel information on the website.  There is no way to keep all mosquitos off of a resort. 
  • @strauss_m My RE said she "doesn't always" see a hb at the 6 weeks appt, but there should definitely be one by 7 weeks. It sounds like you've got all the parts you need to make a healthy baby - that's the first step. Keeping my fx for you. 
  • Can't believe I just got 3 positive tests...and yes, from 3 different brands. I have 2 questions 
    1. My Dr sent me for a blood test to confirm I ovulated. I took that test at 8 dpo and noticed she ordered an hcg test with it. She said I ovulated but once I asked about the hcg, she said I wasn't pregnant. Could it have been too early to detect in the blood test or do you think maybe she didn't want to tell me bc it was just too early? I'm afraid to believe these tests but they all have strong lines!
    2. My last period started on Dec 14 and although my cycles weren't exactly normal, my average length was 36 days. Everything online says I'm 5 wks right now but my Dr doesn't want to see me til the 8 to 10 week mark, so my appt is Feb 11. What should I do until then? It's my first pregnancy so I have a ton of questions and I want to make sure I do everything right for the next 3 wks! Also, what should I expect at my first appt?
  • @nightdreamr13 8 DPO could definitely still have been too early even for a blood test, especially if it was just a qualitative one (they just say if you're KU or not depending on if hCG is higher than a certain amount). I had a beta hCG test at 10 DPO that was negative. If you've gotten three strong positives, I'd say you can go ahead and believe that you're pregnant :) . Are you going in for a blood test to confirm? My first appt will be around 8 weeks as well (Feb 13!) and I know I'm going to be a giant ball of nerves until then. My ob said the first appt will include some blood tests for hCG and STDs, a dating ultrasound, and a discussion of family history. 
  • I can't believe I didn't think about this before, but is it safe to eat eggs with runny yolks? I prefer my eggs over easy, poached, or soft boiled. 
  • @themadcamel I’ve always been told no runny yolks which bums me out hard because that’s how I like my eggs too! 
    Me: 32 │ DH: 35 
    Married 8/16/13
    BFP#1 DS 11/13/16
    BFP# 2 MMC dx @ 13w 10/30/18
    BFP# 3 Preemie DD born at 38w (IUGR) on 8/28/19 weighing 5.5lbs. Our little miracle  <3

  • @zuuls_mom shyyyyyyit, I was afraid that'd be the answer. I've eaten 3 or 4 eggs that way in the last week. I'm going to stop now! I guess it's scrambled from here on out.
  • @themadcamel I always go by egg source. Local farm eggs I eat runny. In fact my last pregnancy I had some raw in ice cream. This time around I'm totally craving hard-boiled though anyways.
  • @themadcamel thanks! They said I don't do anything until my first appt. But i just have so many questions. Do we get a picture to take home with us or do you think we will have to wait?  I'm in the same boat with the runny eggs...had one today on my burger! :-/

    We make home made ice cream and you heat the eggs to 140 degrees...wonder if that's safe?
  • Anyone’s dr prescribed zofran? I keep seeing mixed opinions on whether or not to take this. 
  • @jejs I took it with DD. It didn't really work all that well for me and made me super constipated so I didn't take it much.
  • @nightdreamr13 well, the pasteurization process involves bringing the eggs up to 140 degrees F and keeping them there for 3 minutes. I eat pasteurized eggs raw, but I don't know if you should do that during pregnancy. Looking at the u/s thread, it seems like you either get a picture or can take one with your phone/camera.
  • @nightdreamr13 We just asked for a picture, they printed it off right there for us no problem. We were going to take one with our phones, but we were told that cell phones weren't allowed to be used. So, can't hurt to ask. :smile:
  • @jejs with DS they prescribed diclegis instead of Zoltan. I loved it for curbing the nausea but at full dosage, which was like two at night, one in the morning and one at lunch, I was a ZOMBIE!! I slept all the time. Then I got used to it a little and cut down my dosage a little but unfortunately I needed it u til 8 months along! I’m currently starting the nausea waves and debating if I should just ask for a prescription right off the bat before it gets too bad.
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  • @sunshine2417 I tried diclegis and it definitely didn’t work. I was so exhausted too! 
  • @nightdreamr13-8 DPO is very early and highly unlikely able to detect HCG-baby may still be floating down the tubes and not even implanted yet. Congrats! You are pregnant now! 

    Unless you have risk factors, 8-10 weeks is normal for first appointment. It will likely just be a history with the nurse and maybe a meet and greet with the doc-maybe. Usually pretty boring but more just about gathering and giving info. 


    Me: 30   DH:31 
    Married 9/2010
    TTC 10/2013
    RE Help from 10/2014-10/2016 (11 failed IUIs, a corrective surgery, and a donor embryo cycle)
    9/2016-transferred two donor embies
    BFP 9/29/26 EDD June 11
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  • Do you have any food aversions (or did you with previous pregnancies)? When did they start?
  • @cammie0526-I had hard core meat aversions from about 7 weeks until delivery! All meats were terrible! 
    Me: 30   DH:31 
    Married 9/2010
    TTC 10/2013
    RE Help from 10/2014-10/2016 (11 failed IUIs, a corrective surgery, and a donor embryo cycle)
    9/2016-transferred two donor embies
    BFP 9/29/26 EDD June 11
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  • @cammie0526 Yes! Coffee was my biggest aversion every time and it started earlier each pregnancy. It started around 5.5 weeks this time. Also, raw meat or having to cook meat. And italian dressing.
  • @cammie0526Raw beef is my weakness, I can't stand the sight/smell of it. Also, mac and cheese, red sauce based pasta dishes, turkey and the consistency of mashed potatoes. Christmas dinner was not my friend this year.
  • @nightdreamr13 As far as your questions, feel free to ask them here! You don’t need to do anything differently, except take a prenatal vitamin. As far as other pregnancy no nos, there is an article right now about that on the bump app. Ones i can recall off the top of my head are: Make sure you limit fish to once a week, no raw fish (sushi), no runny yolks (although I’ve been more lax with this in my 2nd and 3rd pregnancy if we buy nice eggs), no drinking or smoking obviously, limit caffeine to two cups of coffee or two sodas a day, no deli meat unless you heat it up. I abided by these rules steinflybwith my first baby and with my second I mostly did although I did eat some deli meat and runny eggs and he was fine.

    most places don’t let you take pics in the ultrasound room, but they will always print pics if you ask them!
  • Thanks so much for the info and support @TeacherMama7
    I'm a bit confused bc everything I've read says to calc your pregnancy progression from the first day of your last period (Dec 14). But 1 app tells me I'm 5 weeks 5 days and the other tells me I'm 6 wks 5 days. My cycles were never normal  (30 to 48 days, averaging 35) but my luteal phase was consistently 14 days. I got a positive opk on Jan 6 and 7.

     I'm trying to figure out how far I am bc we would like to tell our parents. Unfortunately my husband needs to tell his boss to reschedule an out of town assignment in Sept and he feels we should tell our parents first...but he needs to reschedule asap. I'm terrified that we are going to tell them and then something will be wrong at the first appt. I'm a ftm so maybe I'm just over reacting? No symptoms yet except extremely exhausted and cramps that feels like AF.  Thoughts? Has anyone here told anyone else and if so, how far along were you?
  • @nightdreamr13, if you know the date you ovulated, calculate from there. My cycles are pretty irregular and if I attempted to calculate this pregnancy from last menstrual, it would say I’m two weeks further along than I really am and cause alarm. The reason they typically say that is because many women don’t know or can’t pinpoint their ovulation, but if you know it within at least 2-3 days, it’s a much better estimate than last period.

    In terms of parents vs work, I’d say it’s totally up to you. ::TW:: we’ve had 1 CP and 3 MCs and haven’t told our family about any of them, before or after the fact. That’s just not my style of grieving ::End TW:: You need to decide personally, if something were to happen, would you want your family to know and would you tell them anyways? If so, it doesn’t matter if you wait or tell them now! In terms of his boss, if he needs to know ASAP but you’re not ready to tell your family, I don’t think it’s a big deal to just tell him. Your parents will never know that someone else knew first. 
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  • @nightdreamr13 with my first pregnancy we told my parents around 6-7 weeks. This time they found out around 5 weeks but they are the only ones who know. If something bad were to happen, I would want to lean on my mom for support so that’s why I was fine telling them so early. My husband’s family and my siblings will find out after our first ultrasound
  • @sunshine2417 if I count from my ovulation date, I would only be 2 wks...that doesn't seem right?

    I am torn bc I would want them to know but my parents are going through a lot right now themselves and wouldnt want to upset them if something were wrong. I guess it just doesn't feel real until I hear that little heart beat. I've known so many people who have had complications to believe this yet...
  • @nightdreamr13

    i have told my best friends and sister, and will tell parents soon. My thought is, I would rather tell them, enjoy the excitement, than have to tell them, “by the way, I was pregnant but I had a miscarriage.” I have had two miscarriages and that stunk. Now, anyone i would want support from in case of a Mc, i tell early.
  • @nightdreamr13 I'm 5+3 today, and I've already told several people: DH, my parents, 3 close friends (all in different circles), and my principal (had to for work reasons). All of them, excluding my principal, are people that I trust and love. Like @TeacherMama7 said, they're the people from whom I'd need support in case of complications or a MC.
  • @TeacherMama7 and @themadcamel great points. Thank you for the positive insight. So glad to be going through this with such great ladies!
  • @nightdreamr13 whoops! I should have clarified better—I mean to do the due date calculator from your ovulation date. (Google due date calculator on BabyCenter)

    Technically your “fetal age” is two weeks today, as that’s how long you’ve actually been pregnant with a fertilized egg. But the “gestational age”, which is what they typically calculate due date from, is 4 weeks. This is under the basic assumption that women will ovulate around day 14 of their cycle and then get their next period (or BFP) 14 days later and have an average 28 day cycle. 
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  • @nightdreamr13 - I ovulated the 4th, so you ovulated about 3 days after me. I'm currently 4 weeks and 5 days, which would make you 4 weeks and 2 days. A pregnancy is normally calculated from LMP, but if you know your ovulation day, just add 14 days to that and that's how many weeks/days pregnant you are.
  • madamerwinmadamerwin member
    edited January 2019
    @nightdreamr13 with my first kid and the pregnancy before that, we told local family (our moms, one of my sisters) basically as soon as I got a BFP. They knew we were about to pursue IVF, so there were going to be questions about why we canceled. Then we told other family around 9 weeks with my son, after my second ultrasound showed everything was ok.

    This time we’ve pretty much told all of our immediate family and gave our moms the ok to tell their siblings (I’m 7w1d). I’ve also told a few friends because one of them is also pregnant, and it kind of slipped in conversation to another one. I’m currently a SAHM, but if I was working I’d wait to tell them until after my first trimester.

    I’d say so whatever you’re comfortable with. Lots of people wait until 2nd tri to share with anyone, others tell people right away. It just depends on your relationships and your comfort level.

    (ETF spelling)
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  • I see people are testing there hcg levels  how are yall doing that?
  • @outnumbered2-3**TW prev loss** My ob wanted me to get bloodwork before the normal first appt bc of my previous loss **end TW** They tested for HGC & progesterone levels & did one follow-up draw to see if they were rising appropriately. I would have had my first appt/labs in early Feb. otherwise.
  • @kagesstarshroom thanks so much  always wondered 
  • Hi! I have two questions about going through pregnancy with a baby/toddler.

    If my 10 month old has climbed all over me and stepped in all sorts of places a few times... there’s no way that could have hurt my baby on the way yet, right? I’m 6w. (I know rationally the answer to this, and also obviously will be careful about it as the pregnancy progresses.)

    Also, is the general advice just to be careful about lifting your kids throughout pregnancy? But with some caution it’s okay to lift a 25 or 30 lb kid into a high chair or car seat?

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