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GTKY 1/9

What do you do for a living?? I'm so curious what everyone's up to during the day (when we're not on TB :)


Re: GTKY 1/9

  • @galentine do you work at a public library or school/university library? I've heard some crazy stories about the things librariana have to deal with in public libraries! 
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    @galentine hahaha the hot dogs 🤣 I can’t even imagine trying to keep a straight face arguing with him. 

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  • @galentine ; MH is a NP in an ER and your stories could probably rival some of his haha! Working with the public always has a great outcome! 

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    ruby696 said:
    I'm an attorney for the government. It's way more interesting than it sounds!
    @ruby696 Are you affected by the shutdown? 

  • @sorarose No, I'm local government. MH works for the state and has been furloughed in the past, so I feel terrible for all the people not getting paid right now. It's not a good situation to be in. 
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    @lcking82 I love this! Are you ever like "holy sh!t those are some f-ed up cervical cells!" ?? 

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  • @nomangos23:  YES.  All the time, believe it or not!  There are a lot of diagnoses out there that you just look at and say "F********K...."
  • Wow! Such an amazing variety of jobs! 

    I work as a Certified Medical Assistant at on OB/Gyn office. 

    However I would really like to get back into school for RN but I have also started looking into Surgical Technologist @daffodil_shoe how hard was it to go through the schooling?
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  • @thatcma my school was really competitive, only accepting top 12 scores from the HESI. Only 8 of us graduated. It was a one year program so it was fast and super intense. I barely had time to work because school was basically a full time job. We had straight classes for the first 2.5 months, then 3 rounds of clinical with a class on top for the rest of the year. You don’t have to become certified, but you’re more likely to be hired as a CST vs just ST. And that exam was like 200+ difficult questions, but our instructor really prepped us for it.

    But FYI, you will make more money as an RN. 

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  • I am a reliability engineering manager.  Basically, break stuff (but in a much less exciting way than it sounds) and manage a team of lab technicians.  I also do lots of statistics.  
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  • @daffodil_shoe thank you for the info!
    PS: can someone help a "newbie" out and tell me how to spoiler box my siggy?

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