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FTM Check-In January

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Hey yall! Hoping that there will be enough overlap w/ the weekly EDD threads & the STM/FTM monthlies PLUS all the other daily threads that are suggested in our organization thread that we can all get to know each other while not being overwhelmed. This is a great monthly to fill out & then keep tagging each other in with stuff specific to FTMs.

Due Date/W+D:

Are you doing anything to capture/journal your pregnancy?

Rants/Raves/Dear Diary?



GTKY: What's the best vacation you've ever been on &/or what is your dream vacation?

Re: FTM Check-In January

  • Now that I have appointments scheduled, I shall start!

    Due Date/W+D: 9/13 / 4w1d

    Are you doing anything to capture/journal your pregnancy? I bought a book called The Nine--I did some research when we were TTGP to see which pregnancy journal I wanted & that one seemed the best for me. I also have a VIP FF membership, so I'm using that as well to keep track of symptoms & meds for now. 

    Rants/Raves/Dear Diary? Rant: I got super sick yesterday bc of something I ate & panicked. I did not sleep well last night either. Eating is really hard for me when I'm traveling bc I usually eat really well & that's hard on the road. I'm traveling, and I just want to be home, & that won't be until Tuesday night & blah. I am going to see if I can move my flight up w/out any cost to me, but it's unlikely & even then, I still have a two-day drive back home w/ DH & our doggies--I'm flying back into where we spent the holidays, not where we live.  / Rave: I gave a paper yesterday at the conference I'm traveling for, and it went well. I am going to try to see a friend I know in this city & also go to the art museum today. Another rave, my Mom (who is the only person besides Drs who knows for now) was super helpful on the phone in calming me down & giving me advice after I got sick.

    Appointments? I scheduled them yesterday! My first official appointment & U/S is 2/5
    tw: prev. loss
    They also wanted me to come in earlier bc of my prev. CP for "labs" to monitor my HGC/Progesterone levels, so I'm going in this upcoming Wed. & then a week later. I was so glad I mentioned my CP on the phone to the receptionist, who booked the U/S & first appointment, bc she transferred me to the nurse who was like, yes, come in sooner.

    Questions? Not really! Just looking forward to getting to know the other FTMs here!

    GTKY: What's the best vacation you've ever been on &/or what is your dream vacation? I can't pinpoint a BEST vacation-- but my dream vacation would be to visit Japan.
  • @kagesstarshroom sorry about the long journey home, but congrats on the talk at the conference! That's exciting. I was part of a side session at a conference recently and it was so rewarding.

    Due Date/W+D: 9/14ish

    Are you doing anything to capture/journal your pregnancy?
     I have one in my Amazon cart at the moment, called 'as you grow'... Guess I should go ahead and order that. This one also goes through 1st year milestones and the design is beautiful.

    Rants/Raves/Dear Diary?
    Rant: My in-laws are coming to visit this month but i want to wait until after my first appt to tell them and, well, I selfishly want to tell my parents first. I think I'm going to fake a cold or order a drink and have DH drink it lol. It will be obvious if I'm not drinking all weekend.

    Rave: We are in the process of getting quotes for some work on our house (kitchen and bathroom renovation) so we can (hopefully) have an awesome new space before September. So exciting!

    Appointments? February 7 (I should be right at 9 weeks)...so far away

    Questions? Not yet

    GTKY: What's the best vacation you've ever been on &/or what is your dream vacation?
    Favorite...maybe Scotland. I fell in love with the landscape and history, plus the people are kind and the whisky is 👌
  • @kagesstarshroom sorry you're still traveling. I know how difficult it can be sometimes. I travel a lot for work and even though I love it I would rather be home. Congrats on the presentation.

    @pennylane91 good luck with the remodel. We just did our bathroom and it was such a headache. But I do love my new bathroom.

    Due Date/W+D: Sept 9th 4w6d

    Are you doing anything to capture/journal your pregnancy? No hadn't really thought of it but now that you mention I will look into what is mentioned here.

    Rants/Raves/Dear Diary? I am sick with a horrible cough so it sucks and I can't sleep. I've had coughing fits in the middle of the night the past 2 nights. Just sucking on cough drops and drinking tea w/ honey & lemon. Would love any suggestions for this cough.  At least I am finally home now so that's much better.

    Appointments? 2nd beta tomorrow then we'll make our 1st appt. 

    GTKY: What's the best vacation you've ever been on &/or what is your dream vacation? Not really a vacation but I studied abroad in Rome for a semester in undergrad. Loved it. Traveled all over Italy that summer. 
  • yay more FTM are here!

    @pennylane91 I've been drinking bubbly water w/ a slice of lime & ice & it LOOOKS like it could be like a vodka tonic or something. <3 I also like the idea of having DH just drink your drink. I did a lot of that during the TWW actually, I would order something, sip it a little & then make DH finish it. Needless to say, he did not mind. 

    @maserrano714 I have my first beta on this Wed. There's a blog post I remember reading when I first did my HW on "pregnancy journals" that compares & contrasts them & that's how I chose mine. I keep being, like "scared" to fill in the weeks, but I filled in week 3 during week 3 & plan on doing 4 during week 4 & also plan on going back & filling in 1 + 2--maybe after I get my betas results? // I'm super sorry you've been sick. I've had a sore throat the past two mornings & it was super cold in Chicago, so I hope the sore throat isn't an indicator that getting sick is coming. also, we're finally on our way back home today. two dogs. two days. one car. but so glad to be headed home.
  • Due Date/W+D: 9/17

    Are you doing anything to capture/journal your pregnancy? No - it actually didn't really occur to me. I am using a Wholesome App to track my diet. I want to eat healthy, but I worry about consuming right amounts and getting enough. 

    Rants: We are trying to decide when to tell our parents. My mother has been so eager that we received parenting books for Christmas. I mentioned looking at prenatal vitamins once and the emails from my mother have been constant. My in-laws didn't want to serve me wine because they saw we received parenting books. I drank over Christmas holidays as we weren't trying and didn't realize we were pregnant. My brother-in-law called my H the other day to give him unsolicited advice on how to get pregnant and what they did (not knowing we are already pregnant). We are very blessed and extremely happy, and I know we should be thankful for such involved families. I am not excited to tell them as I am sure there will be questions about why I was drinking, how did we not plan, and a plethora of unsolicited advice. 

    Appointments? February 8

    Questions? Does anyone know how to help with the fatigue?

    GTKY: What's the best vacation you've ever been on &/or what is your dream vacation? Hmmm....I really love Florence and all the wine in Italy. I'll just dream about it for nine months. 

    @maserrano714 I travel for work as well, any tips on managing pregnancy + travel?
  • @summerd19 I wish I knew how to help with the fatigue--I read somewhere eating berries is good if you get tired in the afternoons. But that was not applicable specifically to pregnancy. It was this great article about what to eat depending on when your fatigue sets in. Anyway. I have been trying to set manageable goals for myself each day--I have a good planner, which helps, too, & then--sticking to the list & being proud of what I did accomplish rather than dwelling on everything I have to do. That's more about productivity in spite of fatigue, though...
  • Due Date/W+D: 3 weeks, 4 days - Due 9/22

    Are you doing anything to capture/journal your pregnancy? I hadn't really thought about it to be honest. But now that I am I like the "As you Grow" book that @PennyLane91 referenced.

    Rants/Raves/Dear Diary?

    Thinking about when to tell parents. My dad is in town next week and my mom's birthday is January 19th. It's early but idk. I've got to talk to DH about it.


    So, I had scheduled my annual a while back with a local midwife and that is on 1/29. Probably going to keep that appointment, but I am sort of shopping around because I am not sure what hospital I want to give birth at and it is very doctor specific.



    GTKY: What's the best vacation you've ever been on &/or what is your dream vacation?

    So, we just got back from an amazing trip to Ireland in November. HOWEVER, the most relaxing vacation I had was with DH last year in Jamaica. I want to go back so bad.

  • @cmdesigner Yay welcome to the FTM thread! DH & I are going to Jamaica towards the end of February! I've never been & hope we have a relaxing time, too. I am going to tell my brother there, as he'll be there. We are going w/ my Mom & her boyfriend, & my Mom already knows. **tw: loss I am keeping whom I tell pretty small right now *just in case*--I told DH that whomever he tells he will also have to be comfortable telling about a loss, in case anything happens. My levels look good, though, says the doc, so FX! end tw** That's how I am basically deciding who to tell when. He told his twin sister. So, so far, we each told one person--who likely told their significant other & hopefully respected our wishes not to tell anyone else.
  • bumping this up for any other FTM who want to share/comment this Jan.! 
  • @pennylane91 I'll have to check that book out. It looks super cute. 

    @maserrano714 It's my dream to go to Italy. DH and I were planning on going this summer but that will be hard now that I'm KU. He wants to go to Monticello to see the Ferrari factory, then to watch the MotoGP race in... some other city that starts with an M  :D  Tell me, is the food really as wonderful as it looks?

    @summerd19 Have you come any closer to making a decision on if/when you tell your folks? 

    @cmdesigner Did you tell them yet? Happy Birthday to your mom (tomorrow). I'm sure she will be thrilled she's going to have a grandbaby and would make a wonderful b-day gift :) 

    Due Date/W+D: 9/24

    Are you doing anything to capture/journal your pregnancy? Not yet... Maybe once I get past 12 weeks.

    Rants/Raves/Dear Diary? Does anyone else's DH just not get it? Mine is always like "Why are you just sitting on the couch?" "Why are you going to bed at 7:30?" "You're going to bed early again?" "What's wrong with the smell of gasoline in our living room?" "Can you climb up on top of the roof and tell me if you see...." You Guys. I can only say "I'm pregnant", "It's because I'm pregnant", "Honey, I'm pregnant" SO. MANY. WAYS. Sweet precious man. I love him so, but... come on. 

    Appointments? u/s on 1/29!


    GTKY: What's the best vacation you've ever been on &/or what is your dream vacation? Hawaii hands down and without any second thoughts. I'd LOVE to see the aurora borealis someday though. 

    Me 30 DH 31
    MC 1/4/18 @ 21 weeks 
    CP 5/6/18 @ 5.5 weeks
    MC 6/22/18 @ 6.5 weeks

  • Due Date/W+D: 9/15 / 5w+5d

    Are you doing anything to capture/journal your pregnancy? I bought a pregnancy journal from Michael's last summer that I've misplaced and have been looking everywhere for. For now, I've been putting sticky notes on my refrigerator of dates, symptoms and cravings until I can find my journal...or buy a new one.

    Rants/Raves/Dear Diary? Rant: I have a firm mattress and have not slept in the bed with DH since Jan. 8th. It's way too uncomfortable all of a sudden. I've been sleeping on the couch and it has been the best sleep that I've gotten since I was a kid. We have to get a new mattress though because that one feels like concrete.  

    Appointments? (Also a rant) I scheduled my first appointment yesterday with a midwife for Jan. 28th however, I was told that the first appointment would just be a pregnancy test to confirm the pregnancy and then I would have to schedule another appointment for the US/blood work/pap. It doesn't make sense for me to have to make an appointment just to pee on a stick. I feel like they should also be able to (at the very least) draw my blood and do an US in the same appointment.

    Questions? Can constipation cause a miscarriage? TMI but, I've been afraid to push too hard.

    GTKY: The best vacation that I went on was when my mother, brother flew to Hawaii for a week and I was able to swim with dolphins. My dream vacation is to visit Thailand and get a bunch of $5 massages while watching the sun set. 
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    @Trice&Jay Girl I have the saaammmeee fears about miscarriage. So much that I just switched my prenatal to one that has less iron so I'm not having so many tummy troubles. I don't *think* it can cause miscarriage but considering I literally thought the same thing yesterday.... I'm really only saying that to console you  :D. I do think it's silly for them to bring you in just for a pg test. I woulda asked if I could have just mailed one of mine in and saved the copay. haha. 

    Me 30 DH 31
    MC 1/4/18 @ 21 weeks 
    CP 5/6/18 @ 5.5 weeks
    MC 6/22/18 @ 6.5 weeks

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