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January Symptoms - Cramps, etc


Re: January Symptoms - Cramps, etc

  • @spuccigang besides being tired, really no symptoms! Makes me crazy anxious. 6w3d here 🤷🏼‍♀️
  • Here's a weird one: I've been feeling just the tiniest bit of nausea the past couple of mornings when I wake up... but it goes away if I sneeze!

    I also had some very light spotting (brown) when I wiped a couple of times yesterday. No cramps or red, and it's seemed to have gone away today, but it's really got me freaking out. My 7w sonogram is on Monday so I know I'll be a nervous wreck over the weekend!
  • @keikilove I stepped on the scale this morning and was up a couple lbs from a few days ago - I'm hoping it's bloat! (Though tbh I've been snacking a lot to ward off the nausea, and will have to get some ricecakes or something so I stop eating so much toast.)

    @aliciac2008 my early cramps have morphed into stomach aches a lot like you describe! Though I'm prone to constipation I haven't had that yet so not sure what this is.
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    I am extremely bloated and have been about a week now since week 4! Just started to feel morning sickness at mid week 5, but only after breakfast and then its gone. I never actually throw up. Nipples are definitely extremely sensitive. Oh and crossing my legs seem to give me cramps so I try not to. And I get extremely tired after workout. Hoping for all the symptoms like a mad woman because I know it means the baby is still around haha
  • My nipples hurt so much that it's painful even just to take my bra off. Usually it's one life's small pleasures to free the girls after a long day, but now it's just OUCH.
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    Totally got myself all worried now like a big 'ol dummy. I got a call from my nurse telling me my hcg levels looked great! (Yay!) Then, like an hour later, I was pushing a table around my classroom...seriously not exerting any more effort than when I pick up my 3 yo....and I felt a weird, idk, pop/pull in my lower abdomen.  I know that sounds weird... but now I'll be a nervous wreck for the next 3 weeks until my 7w u/s. 🙄  Can someone tell me I'm being crazy so I calm the eff down?
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  • @crs89 are you in any pain? If not I wouldn’t worry at all. There’s a million things pulling and growing in there. If you are in pain, more than just regular twinges/etc then I would call the doc :) 
  • Well here I was thinking I just might be one of the lucky ones, then I got sick out of nowhere this morning (6w6d). Ugh  :|
  • I was so worried yesterday, because I actually felt pretty good! I am so overly paranoid that anytime I am not feeling like garbage, I get anxious. Today, back to lots of twinges & stretching. I never thought they would feel so good :)

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    @klpv415 Not in any pain! Thank you for helping me be logical! 

    @omg1108 Hahahaha....good I'm not the only one! Whenever I feel symptoms I'm like "yeeesss!". 
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  • @crs89 I get bad pulling pains when getting out of bed after lying for a while. Makes me double over for a second.

  • On board for the twinges, and the nausea. No throwing up yet just feel sick to my stomach every once in a while. 

    Weird thing and im not even sure if it isn’t pregnancy related...I’m so itchy!!!! Like my legs, back, arms, and face feel like I could scratch them off. 
  • @luckyducky003 me too with the itching! My hands too. 
  • Definitely crampy today and it’s hard not to think the worst. I was told I have a cyst, so it could be that too. Hoping it goes away soon!
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  • @omg1108 well I’m sorry you are itching too, but I’m glad it’s  not just me! 
  • I've been getting cramps too, and it's been scary. This is my first, so everything is new to me. 
  • I've been dizzy, headachey, etc, but today nausea hit me like a ton of bricks.  I suddenly got overheated, sitting next to the space heater as I'm always so cold, super dizzy and nauseated.  My 3 year old has croup with strider so I got very little sleep last night.  I was thankful that my husband was home and I could have a lie down.
  • @luckyducky003 ;I've been occasionally rash-y and itchy out of nowhere for inexplicable reasons! Goes away fast though. I feel like, with every little thing, I'm like "is this a symptom? or just life!" haha.
  • Has anyone else experienced restless legs? My right leg always feels weird like I need to stretch it out but even when I do, as soon as I relax my muscle again the feeling comes right back! It's super annoying, especially when I'm trying to sleep and can't get comfortable.
  • @luckyducky003 In my experience pregnancy hormones trigger eczema. I had terrible eczema when I was on hormonal birth control, to the point that I quit it. Eczema/itching cleared up almost immediately after I stopped.

    And now that I'm pregnant I've been itchy again on and off.
  • cee_moll said:
    TMI but anyone else feel like they already went up a cup size!?
    Oh, I did! I got fired for new bras already. At 6 weeks preggo!
  • Add some form of insomnia to my list - although I go to be exhausted at 9, I’m WIDE awake at like 3:30. My sense of smell is also unreal which is terrible for my train commute every day. 
    My sense of smell— I call it “super smell” — it’s off the charts!

  • 5w6d- Coffee aversion has officially kicked in. So I guess it's tea for me.
    I can’t believe how quickly I quit caffeine.  All coffee is replaced with “morning wellness tea” and all Dr. Pepper replacesd with water. It happened like the day after my BFP. 
  • Tired, moody, sore breasts, thirsty, pee a lot, and did I mention moody?
    i didn’t know being cold was a pregnancy thing but I’m definitely feeling it today. I ALWAYS run hot and NEVER wear sweaters, so I thought it was super weird that I was so cold today. 
    I also have like a “stretchy” feeling in my abdomen, like when you eat too much and your tummy is too full. 
    I think that covers all my current symptoms. 
    oh! And with my first two kiddos, I had NO appetite, barely ate st all in first trimester. This time around in CONSTANTLY hungry. Every 2 hrs gotta put food in my face or I get hangry!!! Starving all the time and constantly planning my next meal/snack!
  • Hello Mamas. Its my second. I have been having some heartburn. Lots of bloating and at times i feel i need to unzip my pants. I find it weird as i am 5 wks +5. I dont have much fatigue. I have the breast tenderness and the thirst!
  • FTM here! I was super nauseous the first 4 days after my BFP, then no nausea. Fatigue, thirst, and hunger every two hours are my main symptoms. Oh, lots of saliva, a metallic taste in my mouth, and my breasts/nipples got super sore right at 5 weeks. I am roasting hot at night, usually waking up in a puddle of sweat. I’ve had a few heart flutters, which is probably due to the increase in heart rate and blood flow. I’m in the group that freaks out because sometimes I don’t feel pregnant. Trying to trust my body and stay calm.
  • klpv415 I suffer from Restless Leg syndrome too... with my daughter it was horrible all 9 months. I've already got it bad now too. I find that sleeping with a small pillow right under my thighs has helped (if sleeping on back) or sleeping with it between my knees when laying on my side, helps. Hope it helps you too!!

    NUMBNESS/PINS & NEEDLES - OMG. My entire left arm every night I try to sleep, goes completely numb, full on pins & needles, and it won't go away all night making sleep impossible. It is so bad that it is still going on this morning... I was up at 3am googling because it was my left arm I was certain I was having a heart attack. Has anyone else experienced this, and found any respite at all? My first appointment isn't until the 30th and I can't wait that long to get a solution or I may never sleep!
    STM - EDD 9/15 - Team Green <3 
  • @Gasbarro2011 Sorry about the croup :( My 3yo DD gets it at least twice a year. 

    @moxyligeia I am using hot tea and those mini cans of coke to get my caffeine otherwise I get awful headaches. But even the smell of coffee makes me want to barf.

    DH thought he was frying sausage this morning. Nope! 
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  • I’ve already had to start sleeping with my wedding rings off because of I don’t my ring finger, pinky and side of my hand go numb. This happened with DS too but I don’t remember it being so soon! 
    Me: 31 │ DH: 34 
    Married 8/16/13
    BFP#1 DS 11/13/16
    BFP# 2 MMC dx @ 13w 10/30/18
    BFP# 3 EDD 9/5/19 Please stick little one!!

  • I am so nauseous this time. Started B6 + unisom which helps but now the nausea is creeping back despite meds. 
    i am running out of excuses at work...
  • @klpv415 okay so I thought I was insane but I’ve been getting intermittent restless legs since probably 8dpo. It drives me NUTS. I told DH and my friend that it felt like the inside of my legs were crawling. At first I was dismissed as crazy but it is definitely a thing that keeps cropping up for me. 
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    @cmdesigner I’m glad I’m not the only one! It’s the worst!!
  • @HereComesTheSun10 I'm so sorry, and I'm right there with you.  I was never this sick with DS.  And I have a huge stack of paperwork I need to get through today and just.can't.focus.
    @MsBeachNJ I got that at the very end of my last pregnancy.  It was brutal, but sleeping with a wrist brace did help.  I had no idea it could happen so early on  :s  FX it gets better soon!

  • @Doggiedoc2016 ;
    Ugh....the waiting game. Sore boobs gone. Sore boobs back. Nausea and general woozy for a few days and now that seems gone. About 6 weeks and a day today
  • Definitely had a nauseous feeling this morning after my workout.  Not sure if it was workout related, pregnancy related or just needing food.  I have never been nauseous after running so I am thinking it was pregnancy related.  Had some peanut butter to hold me over until breakfast and that seemed to help.  Fingers crossed this is not an everyday thing because I NEED to workout in the morning!  I have zero energy after work to go to the gym  :( 
  • @spuccigang same! I swear I was laid OUT yesterday, just nauseous and dizzy allllll day no matter what I did. Today I’m fine, a little woozy but nothing like yesterday. I’m hoping it’s because I found a regimen that works for me 🤷🏼‍♀️ Fingers crossed for the same results tomorrow lol
  • @hallie619 today was alright...mostly just tired. We'll see how tomorrow goes I guess.
  • I miiiight have "thrush" on my tongue, which is a thing I discovered after looking up "burning tongue sensation AND pregnancy" via the internet when I got a burning sensation on my tongue after eating a cold cucumber salad. Dr. Google has diagnosed this as oral thrush.

    Tip: Do not google image search oral thrush. I now have the willies.

    Apparently pregnant ladies get thrush more commonly? Though for yalls sake, I hope I am alone in this burning white tongue nightmare.
  • @kagesstarshroom I just did an image search on oral thrush. I should’ve listened to your warning. Feeling so bad for you now! Are you going to get it checked out soon?

    @zuuls_mom I haven’t worn my rings for the last three days because I’m so bloated and everything is swollen. I imagine it’d be so uncomfortable to sleep with them on.  
  • @HereComesTheSun10 @RedBreast35 ladies looks like we’re all in the same boat! This past week the nausea/vomiting got so bad that I had barely kept any food or water down for 5 days. Finally got to my OB on Monday and he prescribed diclegis and phenergan. Thank God they’re working, I’m still super nauseaous and the phenergan makes me SO TIRED but I’m not throwing up hardly anymore. I’m so glad the meds worked because my OB said if they didn’t help he was going to arrange a PICC line and have home health nurses come and administer continuous IV fluids to me! 
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