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  • Just a TMI warning-- not that I describe anything actually disgusting, but IBS is just kind of gross, so putting this sentence here in case you'd like to skip reading this!

    Last night I had my 2nd IBS-D attack of my pregnancy--and it equalled the first I had earlier this month (that I described earlier in this thread) where I almost passed out, which is notttttt normal for my IBS. I didn't even eat anything I shouldn't have/didn't know ingredients of (I can usually eat around my attacks.) DH told me not to worry in this direction, but I'm afraid that all my IBS attacks will be like this until Sept.--& they're really scary. I'm going to ask my doc when I go in for my 8 week appt, but usually w/ IBS stuff ppl are like "there's nothing really we can do." I'm keeping track of everything I eat again (I was for a few weeks and then stopped bc I was fine) & reactions. so. yay. <---sarcastic "yay."
  • @kagesstarshroom hiya, I have IBS-C and pregnancy did some weird things for me the first time, and it will not surprise me if it'll likely happen again.
    First of all, I'm so sorry that it's impacting you like that! I would for sure talk with your doc, and if you feel like you're losing a lot of fluids at once maybe increase or add electrolytes? Food journaling will help you a ton, but keep in mind pregnancy is a mind f and things can change at a moments notice. I wish I had more insight, but pretty much the first time around I was able to eat all the foods that causes my IBS-C (especially gluten and dairy). 
    I hate the "there's nothing we can do" part about ibs. I've managed it with diet but the next 10 months or so I  might as well throw everything I know about my ibs out the window, like I had to the first time. But I feel like you passing out is dangerous; can you meet with your GI dr? They have to have some idea. 
  • @dolewhipper I hate that there are other ppl out there who have to suffer from ibs, too, but I'm truly glad for the solidarity. My GP gave me a pill for pain & was like "GL"--not really much help. He did say that people w/ IBS often also suffer from anxiety, too, & that they're likely related--fascinating (& true in my case). I've never seen a GI (I only recently realized that what I have is IBS & not allergies/sensitivities to certain ingredients in food), but maybe I will try to get an appt with one! I can't take the pain pill I was prescribed--OB's banned it for first tri, but I'm going to talk to her for sure next time I go in since this has happened twice now & seems... bad & at the very least just scary. I made DH sit in the bathroom with me bc I was afraid I would fall on the floor, a thing that seems notttt good for KU ladies.
    Meanwhile, I'm going to go with "smaller meals, more often" bc I think the trigger last night wasn't something in the food, but the fact that I was s-t-a-r-v-i-n-g by the time we ate. &/or stress. Thanks for sharing your experiences!
    My Mom also suffers from it, so she's been helpful. Her pregnancy with me, though, sounds terrrrrrible haha, so hopefully mine is... not so bad. I have been more nauseated today and yesterday than, like, any previous days combined, so wondering if there's a correlation there... aagghh. I feel like January 2019 has been the LONGEST MONTH EVER but if I'm going to feel sick every day for February 2019, it might rival it haha. 
  • @kagesstarshroom love tit for support. I personally believe ibs is a symptom to a larger issue, like diverticulitis, or  intolerances and allergies, but I understand your journey. Definitely do smaller meals more often, that seemed to help me. And probably August will be the longest month ever (or September for me, as my edd is 9/30 and I'll see everyone else get their babies ;) 
    To me, I've always had a lot better experiences with specialists; they understand where I'm coming from and can help. But I have a family history of diverticulitis, anxiety, ibs, you name it, if it has to do with the stomach it's in my family. TW cancer: My dad had stomach cancer, so I've had endoscopies and colonoscopies. But his cancer wasn't genetic. 
  • @kagesstarshroom Good afternoon. I feel your pain with the ibs. Mine has always been a combination. My gastroenterologist went through all kinds of testing and elimination dietsa few years back. I am definitely a bit more sensitive to dairy & gluten. All in all though, it came back to same as yourself & @dolewhipper were saying...the anxiety piece. I have been having more problems with digestion this pregnancy. Ginger ,ale has been my saving grace! I hope you both feel better and find some relief. 
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    Any STM+ find that MS is worse with their 2nd+ pregnancies? I had a little nausea and dry heaving with DS but never actually got sick.  That is not the case with this pregnancy.  MS started at 3 weeks and has gotten progressively worse. 
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  • @crs89 not a STM, but this is my 2nd pregnancy. I'm the opposite of you. I was very sick early on the first time, but now I've only been nauseous one or two times. I did talk to my ob about it and she said that it's normal to have different symptoms/strength of symptoms in different pregnancies. I wouldn't worry too much about it :smile: .
  • @crs89 yes! 🙋🏻‍♀️ I thought it was rough with my DS, but this time, ugh!!! It’s been awful! 
  • @crs89 yep, with DS I had constant nausea but didn't get sick, and this time started like that but it's steadily gotten worse. And some things are less pronounced this time - I had terrible fatigue with DS, and while I'm certainly tired this time it just doesn't compare. 
  • @crs89 my MS is so much worse this time around. The only thing I could eat today was  toast and crackers. 

    Anyone have any suggestions on how to get protein in with such bad MS. 
  • @omg1108 thanks for the solidarity! luckily, i've just had episodes just been those two times. I've been a nervous wreck today for some reason--i don't know what i'm going to do after my upcoming appt when i have to wait 4 weeks for the next one!

    today was like "new & different symptoms" day for me--i have had a weird taste in my mouth since this afternoon. i wouldn't describe it like "metal" or "pennies," it's more like-- as though I ate something sour that I enjoyed? I thought it was from the tea I was drinking-- but then it's persisted no matter what I eat. It's kind of annoying & comes along with a decreased appetite. I still ate 3 whole meals & snacked in-between, but wasn't as hungry as I have been. Just when you think you've figured something out! 
  • Ladies, I am a mess today. My symptoms are so all over the place & I have such high anxiety that something is wrong. I don't know why. Nothing has happened. I have no cramping, spotting, or bleeding. I am just really anxious. I just needed to vent. Thank you.
  • @omg1108 sorry for the anxiety. Try to remember there's nothing you can do so try to enjoy this time. Symptoms don't mean anything for having a healthy successful baby. Feel better and hang in there, maybe try keeping your mind busy. That usually works for me. Good luck and hugs
  • @supermom34482 Thank you. My symptoms come & go in strength  & I panic when they aren't as strong. Previously I had a MMC with no idea. I will be so heartbroken if my appointment doesn't go well next week. We are looking forward to hearing that little heartbeat. 
  • At first I was crampy all the time but no digestive issues. Now, although I'm very hungry, nothing seems appetizing. There's nothing I look forward to eating but since I know baby needs nutrients, I eat. Then I feel nauseated although I haven't yet thrown up.

    I also have this feeling like something is stuck way back in my throat or on the back of my tongue . It's hard to describe but it's always there and has been for about 5 days now. I looked and don't see anything but man it's annoying !
  • @omg1108, sorry about your anxiety.  *TW* I had a pretty late loss, and then I had a smooth, easy pregnancy (physically).  I had almost zero symptoms with both (and again few symptoms this third time, at least so far).  But in that second (happily-ending) pregnancy, I went from calm to hyper-anxious so very easily - over anything that could possibly be a sign that the pregnancy wasn't going perfectly (which, obviously, were not real signs of any problems, in hindsight).  The wait is tough - hang in there, and hope you can stay somewhat distracted until that next appointment!
  • @nightdreamr13 I have that happen to me a lot and have seen the doctor about it. It's likely a sore in the back of your throat cause by acid reflux. 
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  • @crs89 Mine pregnancies have gotten worse in terms of MS. I'm so over it.
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