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January Symptoms - Cramps, etc

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Hi everyone!
Just wanted to see if anyone is experiencing some early pregnancy cramping? I’m a FTM and thought if there are others in here, it may be nice to have a discussion about such a (sometimes) scary symptom. Are you experiencing any cramping? In any particular area? Any not FTMs have any insight?
Thanks everyone!

Re: January Symptoms - Cramps, etc

  • Me too. Checked with my OB and they said it was normal as long as it wasn't too painful. I was sure I was going to get AF because of the cramps and the BFP caught me by surprise. 
  • Yep, lots of cramping over here too. They aren't painful, but they are definitely there. 
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  • Yes. I felt some super early ones around what I am hoping/guessing was implantation. Not as many recently, but--the trimester is young!

    & I agree w/ @chichiphin, that renaming this to the January Symptoms thread is a great idea, as to start off organized af (um, and not "Aunt Flo," the other, more vulgar meaning of af haha--)
  • I had cramping intermittently all last week @ 4 wks, seemed to be worse at night. It felt more localized in my cervix and uterus, not as generalized as normal period cramps. I googled the crap out of "cramping + early pregnancy" and finally felt somewhat reassured. This week I'm not feeling much and so far no spotting/bleeding.
  • Yes! I was wondering the same thing... I've had mild cramping almost consistently the past couple days and I'm just hitting 4 weeks. 
  • cee_mollcee_moll member
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    Definitely! Changing the name now!
    Mine are mostly to my left side. I’ve been googleing like crazy and some things say implantation on the left means cramps on the left side, some say as the uterus grows, it may be leaning to one side more than the other, therefore pulling on the opposite side more, and some of course say scarier things.
    Anyone having more area specific cramping as well?
    I just moved to a new area and will be seeing my new OB on the 14th for my first appointment so I’m not yet comfortable calling and asking general questions like this. So happy to have you all!
  • New one for me today!  I woke up this morning and got out of bed and by the time I got out my bedroom door I was so dizzy that I couldn’t see straight and my legs and arms were shaking to the point where I thought I might fall and I dropped my phone out of my hand!  Is this normal?? I know dizzy spells is but is this what that’s considered? I was so upset I went back in the bed and cried to my husband because I was scared. I’m probably just being a baby!  Haha
  • 5w1d. Have had some cramping since about Monday, now today I'm having very light, scant brown discharge, only when I wipe. Does anyone have any insight?
  • I don’t have many symptoms either, just the stab feeling when laying down and sneezing or twisting, that others have described. I’m nervous that I don’t have any nausea yet, I can’t remember when it started with my first. Apparently it doesn’t start until 5-6w, so I guess I should enjoy this! I do have bad acne this week. The nurse at my RE office said the stab pain is probably the follicle which is still expanded from the release of the egg. 
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  • @blessedmama1119 I’m sorry you are having those symptoms. I can tell you that during my last pregnancy I had that happen, and it didn’t end well for me, BUT the nurses also said it can be normal for some to have that. I think sometimes a polyp can cause it as well. Thinking about you and sending good vibes to you. 
  • @aussie&;yank do you know if the stab pain is related to IUI or something anyone can get? I had some yesterday when I was at the airport in like my side/back? & I was like "what is this!"

    @blessedmama1119 Sending you <3 & support & hoping everything is a-okay. As a FTM & total newbie, I can't offer any advice/knowledge, but here's to hoping it's something totally boring/inconsequential/normal.

    new symptom: I have been SUPER exhausted, which I feel is my biggest "tell" to myself--I guess I'm a "high energy" person normally? who'd've thunk. Anyway, last night, (this is the new "symptom" lol) I had dreams about how exhausted I was. I kept falling asleep in weird situations in the dreams & was afraid people would "know," since I'm totally not ready to tell anyone yet (about to post some of when i'll be telling him in the announcements thread!), in my dreams I was bugging out, but I was also SUPER EXHAUSTED, like, in my dreams. So, "weird dreams" is getting added to my list lol.
  • @kagesstarshroom I'm pretty sure everyone can get it. But I'm no doctor.
    @blessedmama1119 as long as its brown I think you are fine! If its red or pink, even then it could very well still be normal, lots of people bleed during first trimester and have perfectly healthy babies.  <3  
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  • @aussie&; I’ve been having such vivid dreams too! And all pregnancy or symptom related. So weird!
  • @cee_moll - Me too! In fact that was why I first tested, I wasn't expecting the first IUI to work (given the low success rate and me not wanting to get too hopeful), but I had a dream I was pregnant (*with twins*) so when I got up in the morning at 11 days post ovulation/IUI I took a HPT and it was positive! 
    I had a bad dream last night that I was bleeding, I was so pleased to wake up and see it was just a dream. 
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  • @aussie&;yank ugh my dreams have been crazy! I had an U/S this morning, so I had kind of an awful dream last night about twins. Which is crazy because we have a mysterious second sack that showed up this morning on U/S
    **TW** dream about loss
    I had a dream that they saw twins on the U/S but said that they wouldn't make it. UGH it felt so real I had to remind myself I hadn't gone to the U/S yet. Ugh I hope these scary dreams stop. 
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  • **TW**

    @blessedmama1119, I agree with @aussie&yank. If it's brown, try not to worry. If it turns bright red, definitely call. Although, I have had bright red bleeding in all of my pregnancies and I've had 3 healthy pregnancies and 2 early miscarriages.  Try to rest and hopefully the spotting stops!
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  • rms924rms924 member
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    @blessedmama1119 I had brown spotting with my last pregnancy and he’s 13 months now. Try not to worry and get some rest but def call your dr if you are worried. I find it’s much better (on the emotions)to go straight to the source! 💕
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  • Does anyone else have IBS & if so has being KU changed anything (so far) about what you normally suffer through?

    tw: IBS stuff
    I just had an IBS attack (traveling makes eating around my issues super hard-- it was a yogurt with berries from the hotel "Market" that made me sick. Like, something I would prep for myself & eat at home, but here they must have put something in it [likely chemical preservatives, which *always* trigger my IBS] that affected me badly.) Anyway, I almost passed out while sitting on the toilet--got super faint/weak & all sweaty & cold at the same time. That's only ever happened to me once before (& unrelated to being KU). Adding to my current BSC, I have gotten attacks right before/during my period, unrelated to eating/food. I called my Mom after it happened & she talked me down, but I'm wondering if anyone else shares the glorious fate of being a woman w/ IBS in early pregnancy...

  • blitzybeeblitzybee member
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    @kagesstarshroom hormones do a lot of crazy things to the digestive system, and sometimes having all of the crazy symptoms can be good for at least knowing your body is reacting to a pregnancy! I have food allergies and other digestive issues and pregnancy definitely can magnify it. Also, sometimes prenatals have iron or laxitives in them, so you might double check that, as those ingredients would have an impact. Oh, and anxiety can be so magnified at times too! I always find that my adrenaline is just stronger in general during pregnancy! Glad you called your mom to help have another voice to calm down! 
  • Thank you all! You have put my mind at ease. Still hoping and praying for all of our September Sweethearts.
  • I'm already super tired. Last pregnancy I had about 3 weeks of going to bed at 5 pm... Looks like I'm ready to start that again :)
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  • chichiphinchichiphin member
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    Add some form of insomnia to my list - although I go to be exhausted at 9, I’m WIDE awake at like 3:30. My sense of smell is also unreal which is terrible for my train commute every day. 
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  • @chichiphin I almost logged in here last night during my worst bout of insomnia since this whole adventure begin, paired w/ some night sweats (yay!), but decided not to. My insomnia, as it often works for me, was coupled with stupid anxiety. Urgh. Hope that's not a frequent thing bc I don't know yet if I can take my anxiety meds & ALSO I hate taking them.
  • TMI but anyone else feel like they already went up a cup size!?
  • @cee_moll YES! I am wearing bras that have been sitting in my drawers unused because they have always been too big and I never got around to returning. I am so fascinated that my body can change this quickly. 
  • jejsjejs member
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    I’m having cramps on and off. I don’t remember this with my other pregnancies.  
  • Yesterday my cramps and pulling in the ute was more intense and it made me nervous. I think I didn’t drink enough water and didn’t eat enough. I’m only assuming the two are correlated but in reality I dunno ha 
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  • jejsjejs member
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    Same here.  I definitely ate enough 😂 but probably need to drink more water. 
  • jejsjejs member
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    TMI but....Y’all.  I’m not having any nausea as far as vomiting or anything, but diarrhea is out of control! Is it possible to have the opposite end morning sickness? 😆
  • jejsjejs member
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    Can anyone tell me about their cramps? I am 4 weeks. I don’t remember this with my other pregnancies. It feels pretty much like AF cramps, but no bleeding. They have been pretty consistent for 3 days. 
  • @jejs I had period like cramps but now mine are more like tugs/pulls or quick cramps. I’m almost 6 weeks 
    married 11.1.14
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  • @aussie&yank MS started around 6 weeks for me in the past, so definitely enjoy it now! I know I couldn't handle coffee once it kicked in, so I'm trying to enjoy it now lol 

    @blessedmama1119 Brown blood is old blood, so chances are that it's NBD though scary! I had spotting with DS and DD. 
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  • OHHH the insomnia!!! I am somewhere in my 4th week; depending on whether I go by the first day of last period or the probable conception date--there is a 3 day difference (4w3d or 4w1d). Either way, I have not been able to sleep well for the last few nights. I am up going to the bathroom every 45 minutes & my mind is just racing!!! I am hoping my mind will be put at ease after my blood tests for hcg levels. My first appointment isn't until 2/6!!! 
  • Well the nausea and fatigue hit me like a ton of bricks today, at exactly 6 weeks. I've been popping preggie pops like it's my job. If you haven't tried them...try them. They're a life saver!

    @omg1108 Ughh me too!!! I'm so exhausted but I can't fall asleep or stay asleep! Its miserable! I hope you get some relief soon! 
  • @ambodt22 Just googled Preggie Pops and added them to my cart. Thanks for the recommendation. Today was the first day i experienced nausea and I'm also just at 6 wks. 
  • @dahliasanddogs You're welcome! They really helped me get through the first tri with my dd...I hope they help you too. Nausea is the worst! 
  • @cee_moll I am having lots of early symptoms! The day before I decided to test I felt like my period was gearing up to start so my hopes were not high. I had dull cramps in the lower abdomen, a sore back etc, but I just felt so nauseous! Now since I found out ... I am not feeling so great around breakfast time and I am freezing all the time haha (don’t know if that is a symptom)! I haven’t had any spotting as of yet but, a lot of my friends never did.  I feel like.... I don’t know... I can kind of feel my uterus, get me?  Also, I worry every damn day. 
  • @chichiphin I am in the same boat as your for medicine. Nobody in my family knows I stopped taking them .... they would probably get pissy but... I couldn’t find enough info either way about them in pregnancy so .... I just don’t feel comfortable. Shouldn’t this be our choice entirely? 
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