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  • @AprSnow59 Yes Tums are safe, although I don’t know if there is a limit. I was having good luck with kefir until recently, when my midwife suggested Zantac 75, 1-2x a day. I am only taking it once, since my heartburn is mostly a problem at night, but it is a total lifesaver.

    I also had terrible heartburn with my first and she came out with a full head of hair, so I totally believe the old wives tale! 
  • @AprSnow59 it should say on the bottle. Different concentrations have different limits. For example the Target brand I have (and which says it's like Tums Ultra) contains 1000mg Calcium Carbonate and it explicitly mentions that if pregnant you shouldn't take more than 5 tablets in 24h.

  • I've had a couple of days of plantar fasciitis, which I usually get in 3rd tri. Stretches help. Hormones are still causing quite a bit of pain in my back, due to loose ligaments getting even looser. Lightning crotch has started. My main complaint right now is my complete lack of energy, which I assume is due to low iron levels and I just started taking a supplement this week for it.
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  • @chocolatelemons the reason I figured it was pregnancy related is because I had a lot of that type of pain postpartum last time (felt like a pinched nerve, it came and went and eventually just stopped)-- I thought maybe from my feet swelling and then going back down and pressure in odd places. Also my shoes got tighter and then looser. 

  • Ugh...about two days ago I started to become really uncomfortable.  Monday I will be 30 weeks so I feel blessed that I've gotten this far without a lot of issues.  I think it's SPD because the pain is centralized right in the front where the pelvis comes together at the pubic bone.  I'm also having a lot of right hip pain which is where my cancer was so the bones aren't normal.  The baby is still transverse and I think because of my pelvis, she will stay that way until the end.  She likes to hang out over my right hip bone because there is so much more space for her there.
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  • @swanbrooner I feel the same way LoL
    My most recent symptoms are on and off nausea, feeling like baby is falling out, and only being able to waddle due to said feeling and pressure on my pelvis. 
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  • @swanbrooner @novelblessings me too! Every time I stand up I think "holy hell do I really have to pee this bad or is this baby about to fall out?!"
  • +1 for the pelvic pressure. It hurts! Especially when I’m trying to stand up. I don’t remember it being painful the first time around. 

  • @dtspmama I was told last week that LO has already dropped and engaged. I was like awesome.....
    @flyingmombula Yea I don't remember it being like this last time either but DD1 was sitting a lot higher from the beginning compared to DD2. This girl has been sitting low since the beginning.
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  • My breasts are so hard today like they are already full of milk... I’m not looking forward to that bowling ball feeling when my milk actually does come in. 
  • I feel so much like all of you. Especially the pee, discharge, or leaking thing. I have *officially* never been this pregnant before as I had my daughter at 29w4d and I’m not looking forward to the next 10 weeks. My baby was sitting up high and that was mostly comfortable, but he has certainly dropped this past week and now my pubic bone, tail bone and hips hurt so bad. I am also waddling and can reach around my belly to shave anymore. Pregnancy is so fun! 
  • @novelblessings my doc didn't say anything about this baby being engaged, but she did tell me she's head down (which I've never experienced before.  DD1 was breech my entire pregnancy and DD2 was transverse).  I'm so uncomfortable!  It's going to be an interesting 8-ish weeks!
  • @dtspmama 8ish weeks....oh man! I'm complaining daily of having about 6 weeks left, well less now. I keep telling myself if I can make it 4 more weeks of being uncomfortable she'll be full term and then let the baby come!
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  • I was just laying in the bed this weekend feeling sorry for myself LOL. glad to know its not just me. very uncomfortable and tired of waddling around. Definitely want her to cook as long as she needs...but very ready to get to the end. Crazy to still have 8ish weeks left, and feel this big, knowing she is only getting bigger and i will be more uncomfortable. 
  • Has anyone had bouts of regularly-timed contractions yet? I had about an hour of contractions 5 minutes apart laying in bed last night. Don't know if that's considered prodromal labor or still just Braxton Hicks. Talking to my doc about it next time. 
  • @lindseyb918 I actually had some pretty regular contractions last night, as well, that lasted for about half an hour.  They hurt, so I know they weren't BH, but certainly weren't the real thing either.  Definitely something to ask the doc about!
  • @lindseyb918 I'd call the doc to see what they think. 5 minutes apart is not an insignificant regularity. With my first (because I needed antibiotics for GBS) they wanted me to head to the hospital when my contractions hit 5 minutes apart. For them to be that close together this early on might be concerning.
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  • Sounds like I'm right there with most of you. I feel so blessed that this has been relatively easy until my third trimester. Now I'm just plan uncomfortable. My newest symptom is not being able to stand for a period of time without feeling like I'm going to pass out. Does anyone elses ribs hurt?? Not just when the baby pushes on them but when you take a deep breath? 
  • @lindseyb918 I agree, I would call your Dr. I’m not sure how far you but I’m over 33 weeks and was told last week no more than 6 in an hour or I need to call. I have them frequently but nothing timeable at this point. I had a total of 4 in an hour last night but that’s the most I’ve had and they went away after rest and water. 
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  • Headaches, headaches, headaches. They started when I hit 3rd tri, which also correlates to starting the GD diet.  I’m not sure which is the culprit. They usually go away on their own, but it’s really annoying to have them daily or sometimes multiple times a day. 
  • 33 weeks and I can barely tell when I'm having contractions. Occasionally I will notice my lower abdomen feels tighter than usual but I couldn't tell you when the tightness started or when it stops and I definitely don't feel like it's countable. Does anyone else not really feel much for BH?
  • @mayoduck does everyone get them? If I’ve had some I haven’t noticed them. I get lower back pain that feels like menstrual pain without cramping tho. 

  • @flyingmombula I would think so but can't say for sure. There was one time when I was at my prenatal exam and my midwife told me I was having a BH contraction right then and it was news to me! So I feel pretty certain I'm having them but if I needed to count them to make sure they weren't happening too frequently, I'd be at a loss!
  • The hip pain has started slowly. I work standing and moving alot, bending etc 6 to 8 hour shifts so some days are better than others. The heartburn is about to kill me where I stand though. Even drinking water is giving me heartburn and as someone who never had it before, it sucks! It may be the winter air where I live but I'm also having sinus problems. I find myself waking up in the middle of the night unable to breath and runny nose through the day. This is my first pregnancy so many of these things are baffling to me. Bump seems to be very very partial to sitting low and constantly staying in my left side. I can feel her foot/leg in my left hip constantly and when I lay on my left side is cause alot of pressure like shes tryi ng to push her way out of my lower abdomen. I've had sciatic problems since early 2nd trimester and I'm betting as I'm 30 weeks tomorrow and her love for the left side this sciatic problem will get worse. 
  • @mayoduck BH contractions confuse me, too. Sometimes I touch my abdomen and it's really hard although I don't actually feel anything internally - no discomfort and I wouldn't know anything was happening unless I touched my stomach. When I'm walking or exerting myself I often feel extremely tight in my abdomen and it's uncomfortable and this feeling usually lasts until I rest. These feelings have also never been countable and it seems like they usually last for longer than a few minutes and gradually fade away. It all feels close enough to how BH contractions are usually described so I just assume that's what they are! 
  • @flyingmombula I had 0 BH with my first! 0! It was so strange to actually feel them this time. But they tapered down now, the past week I had max 1 a day. My symptoms lessened in general, the heartburn is not as well, no more back aches unless I spend the whole day on my feet. Thankfully the baby is moving a ton, otherwise the lack of symptoms would have gotten me worried.
  • What do BH feel like? I’m 31+ weeks and don’t believe I’ve had any yet. But I may not know what I’m looking out for. 
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    @bug_hunter Just chiming in to say my BH contractions (like you, I'm assuming that's what they are!) are just like that too. I could have written your exact post myself! It's good to know I'm not the only one.

    ETA missed words

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  • @mayoduck both with DS and Thisbe pregnancy my BH are pretty much unnoticeable. I remember my midwife asking about BH with DS and when I told her I hadn’t noticed any, she assured me I was having them, I just didn’t feel them (my older sister was the same with hers). As others have said, I’ll notice my stomach is particularly hard every now and again and that’s all I feel with BH.
  • @dtspmama @meggyme @novelblessings thank you for the responses! They stopped, so I know it wasn't real labor, but I think you're right that I should call the doc next time. I couldn't remember the rules for when to call, every website says something different, and I wasn't sure if it was different for FTM/STM. Definitely something I need to clarify soon!
  • I’m with other PP in that I never noticed a single BH with my DD. This time around though, I have noticed them more. Maybe it’s that they’re stronger/more noticeable with subsequent pregnancies or maybe I’m just more in tune to what to look/feel for, I’m not sure! But I wouldn’t worry if you aren’t noticing or feeling them, your body is just quietly prepping for baby’s arrival without you even noticing! 
  • @bluebell08 YES to the rib pain! Mine ache constantly, unless I'm laying down. It's like my lower ribs and radiates into my back a bit. 
  • Joining the pressure group! Its been bad since the beginning of second trimester with the VV, but now I can't even control it with a V2 support and belly band. So bad when I'm on my feet all day. I actually get burning like a UTI, but like a constant thing. Yesterday my patients/ coworkers kept asking if I was ok. I was doing a lot of waddling. Maybe I need a higher up belly band, like an over/ under one. Anyone try one?
  • I spent my morning trying to fit my hemorrhoid toilet seat into my laptop bag (unsuccessfully) to take with me to work for some relief.  I am in so much pain from them that I feel like I should start naming them.  

    Something else wierd, but not unpleasant, is that my leg hair has almost ceased to grow later in this pregnancy. I'll totally take that symptom!  Esp because shaving is not easy these days. 
  • @BuckeyeNut05 Sorry you're in pain!! Hope it all subsides soon for you!

    Anyone else having crazy dreams? Lately I've been waking up wondering "what the heck"? It's almost like 1st tri all over again. 
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  • The last couple of days I have been dealing with unquenchable thirst.  I cannot get enough to drink no matter how much I try, which leads to more trips to the bathroom (is that even possible?!) and terrible heartburn. 
  • @litzi-2 I’m sorry, that’s really hard when you have to be on your feet all day. I get that weird UTI burny feeling too, to the point that I made my doc double check that I didn’t have one. I’ve been using a bellybandit with a hot pack. You might try a band with shoulder straps, I’ve heard those are supposed to be really good for pubic symphysis. Like this one: 

  • @BuckeyeNut05 do you have a donut pillow? I was thinking about getting one for postpartum this time around!

  • @flyingmombula I haven't seen those, but willing to try anything at this point, thank you!
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