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  • @dtspmama That is EXACTLY how she is sitting!  She's SO high the last week or so, maybe that's it.  @abbykwail I know I've been snoring, when I wake up sometimes I can still hear myself.  It's odd but I know it's all related.  @navete I constantly have a humidifier running in my room.  I can't sleep/breath or stop coughing if I don't have it on.  I actually have a portable one I take with me to work too.
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  • @violetmarie61516 I'm with everyone else on the dry/sore throat and sometimes feeling like I'm waking up gasping for air. I think it's just where DD2 is sitting for one (and she has dropped already, so it's slightly better) and the house being dry right now. I find I sleep much better if my head is slightly elevated.

    I've been having a lot of pressure this week on my pelvis. The pressure isn't new but it just seems like it's increased. Yesterday I had a lot of cramping as well on and off. I feel slightly better today but every time I stand up I can feel LO right there pushing down on everything. It also makes it so I have to pee constantly! I can't imagine going another 5 weeks like this, I feel like she is just going to come on out! And I'm sure I've had some contractions in my sleep as I have had a few labor dreams this past week. I have an appointment tomorrow so I am going to ask about it, but I did not have this much pressure with DD1.

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  • Well, the pressure I was experiencing went away. All that pain equaled baby moving and is now breech. 

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  • @novelblessings I can relate to the pressure. I don't remember it being so bad with DS1. I walked today around 1.5 miles, and it really felt like I was carrying a bowling ball in there! It's also really bad at night, and I can't figure if I need to pee or it's just the pressure, so I end up going anyway. I don't even know if DS2 is breech or head down atm, engaged or not. My appointment with the midwife yesterday was very disappointing since she just checked the heartbeat and measured the fundal height. She said she is not concerned about position until 36 weeks, but I would have preferred to know!
  • I mentioned this on BP thread but the other evening I ended up at L&D. I had so much discharge and vaginal fluid (what a lovely way to discribe it) that it went through my clothes at work yesterday. I ended up having it checked and thankfully it was nothing! Although I felt silly having it checked better to have it checked and be fine than to keep wondering I suppose. 

    Other than dealing with off and on discharge,  I also am dealing with back pain almost every night now! Along with on and off hip pain as well. I know I still have 6 or more (probably 6 or less weeks left because of BP) weeks left but I’m starting to really feel this pregnancy. 
  • @novelblessings hope you get some reassurance from the appointment! 

    @Kenneylynn3 that’s frustrating that baby is breech. My LO is somersaulting like crazy thanks to all the extra fluid. He’s gone from breech to head down and back several times. Hopefully they get to the position we need them sooner rather than later! 
  • @ashley14598 glad it was just a lot of discharge. Sucks that you ended up in L&D for it though. 

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  • @ashley14598 Oh man, the discharge is insane for me too! I am changing underwear and pantyliners multiple times a day and it is not even enough. I’m glad you went to get it checked. You’re totally right, it’s better to feel silly than to not know!
  • @mihaelams1 my provider typically doesn’t check until 36 weeks either. I was surprised she checked when I was there last. But I could tell that DD2 had flipped to head down before she even checked to see where she was. 

    @ashley14598 thanks! Hopefully I’ll be a bit less anxious. I keep thinking she’ll come early and I keep telling her she needs to wait a couple more weeks LoL
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  • @novelblessings it's weird, because she actually did check at the 28w appointment (just by feeling through the belly, not via ultrasound). And it was the same midwife this time around, not a different one!

    Adding to symptoms: I'm so out of breath (and a bit congested) that I have to breathe heavily through the mouth. I feel like an old lady. I've had people ask me today if I was alright...
  • @mihaelams1 my midwife checked at my last appt at 30 weeks and made a guess (that was confirmed 2 weeks later by US) but said that as the babies start running out of room and fluid starts to decrease it's much easier to tell.
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  • @meggyme I could also tell before, when I would feel hiccups down low. But now I feel them all over the place, and I'm pretty sure he's not sideways in there, but that's what the hiccups would suggest. I so wish I knew for sure, so that I can start the activities from the spinning babies website if needed, to have more time to flip him.
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    @mihaelams1 there are a couple of the spinning babies exercises that are recommended for any positioning. One is the forward leaning inversion. Bradley method also encourages pelvis tilts, lots of squats and sitting "indian" style vs. reclined. Even after they're in the right position most of those are encouraged to keep them in the right position and get them engaged.
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  • @mihaelams1 My midwife had me start the spinning babies exercises at 20 weeks. She said it’s best to be proactive. Like @meggyme said, they are useful even after baby is in a good position, to keep them that way. 
  • Just an update. I had my appointment and asked about all the pressure and cramping. My provider was not concerned at this point, she just said my body was just prepping for baby and probably just dilating already. I'll be checked for dilation at my next appointment. I'm just supposed to watching out if I have contractions 6 times in an hour and make sure I'm drinking enough water and getting enough rest. Just so different from my previous pregnancy, but I guess each one is different.
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  • @meggyme @maggiemadeit yes, I'm doing the forward leaning inversion, but what I meant is that it would have been nice to get an assurance from the midwife regarding the position, so that I could either get a head start in attempting to turn him with breech tilts or just relax knowing he's head down.
  • @mihaelams1 I also wish that my OB would comment on the positioning! She only does if I ask, and sometimes I feel like I've "used up" all my questions for that day before we get to that part. 

    The few times I have asked, they've confirmed that what I guessed myself was correct. I think of my belly as four quadrants. The one where I feel the most movement and jabs is where the feet are (upper right for me). Kitty corner from that is the head (so lower left), where I feel hiccups and soft movement like hands/fingers at he plays with his mouth. And then I can feel the firmness of his back/booty stretching along my left side in between his head and over to his legs/ feet.

    You can try learning about belly mapping techniques, but I agree it's nice to have confirmation from a professional!
  • I asked my OB about my contractions at my last appointment. I had another bout of contractions 4.5 minutes apart for over an hour, so she did end up checking me and said everything still feels closed and firm. Yay! I think it might just be normal for me to have false labor, because this happened with DS1 as well. They did say they want me to come in when it happens, but it happens so often, I really don't feel like it. During my last pregnancy, the only success I had getting them to stop was to have a tiny glass of wine, so strangely enough, I may be going to the liquor store soon!
  • @lindseyb918 thank you, this was very helpful! I think he also got back into the previous position, at least the movements feel more like they used to feel before. It also helped with the pressure. Fingers crossed he stays this way.
  • @lindseyb918 When I was pregnant with DS I asked my OB what his thoughts were on having a glass of wine every now and then while pregnant. He said back in the day when women went into early labor the way they would get it to stop was by putting in an IV of grain alcohol. Mom got sloshed, labor stopped, and most of the time everything turned out fine. We obviously have much better methods for stopping premature labor now, but he said that an occasional glass of wine was not anything he would be worried about. 
  • Lol @gowenc an IV of alcohol?? That is so crazy! I guess it's not just in my head that it does the trick, though. I just do a couple of sips and try not to feel guilty about it. I agree, it doesn't seem too worrisome :)
  • @lindseyb918 right?!?! I definitely don't feel as bad about my occasional glass of wine now...
  • 32 weeks today and I am definitely feeling different. I think this little guy shifted positions and is now down much lower. His movements seem lower and there are less of them. I’m also getting some shooting pain in my “downstairs” area and some low back pain. I’m assuming he has settled into my pelvis and that’s why I am feeling some different things than I have before. I’m certainly feeling more uncomfortable! 
  • @mayoduck same!  I have pushed off my nightstand a couple of times while rolling and almost tipped the whole thing on its front because of how much more I weigh. Oopsies!
  • I've had rib pain on the right side of my back for a few weeks now...but it now wraps around my right side all the way to the front of my ribs :(

    And the lightning crotch is getting ridiculous! Little man keeps head-butting me lol ⚡
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