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  • Thanks for starting this thread! I've started having lower back period type cramps. They last just a few seconds. Is that the same as Braxton Hicks?
  • My hips hurt so freaking bad at night sleeping on my sides.   
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  • @govanalyst86 I’m with you! I came on here to say the same thing! 

    Today I started having menstrual like cramping around my sides and into my back. It’s been pretty painful (unlike BH), comes and goes, and is worse when I’m more active. I tried to take a hot shower and although it helped as soon as I got out they were back/I noticed them more again. I have an appointment tomorrow so I’m planning to ask then but just curious if it’s “normal”. 

    Also as a side note my cravings/sugar tooth is off the charts lately! 
  • @lisee923 I completely sympathize with you and having aching hips! I feel like I wake up ever hour needing to switch the side I'm sleeping on. I cannot WAIT to be able to sleep on my back again.
  • @lisee923 @ashley14598 I have the same thing with the cramping, I was told it’s normal and will only increase. As long as they aren’t coming at regular intervals. I’ve even had pressure and back pain with it and it is worse if I do too much. I had a few last week that felt exactly like when I was in labor with DD1 but my provider was not concerned. Sitting with my feet up to rest and drinking a lot of water during the day helps. 
    My current symptoms are continued BH and headaches. I get bouts of energy for a day and then the next day I am wiped out. 
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  • @novelblessings thanks for the reassurance that it’s all normal! Tonight while washing my face, brushing my teeth, etc. I got horrible back pain just like period cramping it almost put me in tears. I’m thankful to know it’s pretty normal. I don’t remember any of this with my first. 
  • @lisee923 and @ashley14598 I've only had what you are describing twice with pretty painful back pain. I assumed they were contractions, that's what they reminded me of early labor contractions. They didn't last long nor were consecutive, so I figured it was normal.

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  • I have lower back pain but it’s not cramping, just constant aching. My sciatic nerve pain comes and goes now that he’s higher too so that’s good! Pretty much I can’t sleep or breathe ever I also get a sore belly if I’m too active or pick up my daughter too much, I need to be careful of that. Add me to the exhausted club too. On top of being not able to sleep, I feel like much of the “exhaustion” of the first tri has come back along with my acne. I didn’t make it too far into my third trimester last time and I certainly wasn’t even close to as big, so this is all new to me. I have anemia too so I’m going to run to get stool softeners before I start taking my iron pill because I absolutely do not want hemorrhoids. Pregnancy is so glamorous!
  • navetenavete
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    I’ve recently been getting Charlie Horse cramps in the middle of the night while I’m sleeping. The first time I woke up gasping with pain and scared my poor MH half to death. I’ve since learned to stretch my leg and breath through the pain, but I find it to be such an odd symptom. Last night the Charlie Horse was actually in the side of my knee, which I didn’t even think was possible. I must’ve also been having BH because in my half-sleep I thought, “gee if real labor contractions feel like a Charlie Horse of the uterus, then I’ll definitely need an epidural” lol. Anyone else having this symptom?
  • Ugh the joys of pregnancy. I have really awful pain in pelvic region, which has made it super difficult to do anything around the house or even muster up the energy to do anything. Tonight I have been blessed with a wonderful stomach bug, nothing like throwing up and having diarrhea all night long. I’m laying on the bathroom floor right now typing this because every time I go back to bed I’m getting up 5 mins later to come back to the bathroom. There is no worse sickness to have when pregnant, I pray to god it ends soon. Hope everyone’s feeling well/better
  • @navete I have been getting cramps in my calves a lot in the middle of the night. If I drink more water during the day it helps significantly! I read it can be a sign of dehydration and also I know bananas are supposed to help muscle cramps. It’s pretty common I think because of the extra weight and swelling we have going on.  
  • BuckeyeNut05BuckeyeNut05
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    For me - mouth breathing (ewww), bad reflux to the point I wake myself up at night with dinner spewing back into my mouth (also ew!), hip pain at night, leg and foot cramps, Braxton hicks, and a bit of pelvic pain when I work out.  

    Overall, lovely things!  Despite this, I can't really complain because it was so much worse last time with twins (I feel for all of you with two in there!)

    @cdub4292 I hope your flu goes away quickly and you feel better soon!

    edited to add: I am HOT.  
  • @BuckeyeNut05 the mouth breathing at night is driving me NUTS!  Between that and the hip pain sleep is a joke.  And I'm hot always (even not pregnant - so now its worse).
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  • @lisee923 So true, sleep is a joke! If I hear one more person tell me to "Sleep now because you won't be able to when the baby is here" I may explode. I get it, sleeping is going to be so much harder with a baby, but "sleep now" is not useful advice. Do they think pregnant women go out partying every night? At some point in the morning, I get up, not because I'm well rested, but because I've reached a point of giving up trying to sleep any longer.
  • I’m with everyone else on the lack of sleep. I can’t get to sleep until late and then I’m up every 2 hours. I keep saying to myself that it’s training for when LO comes. If anything it’s just annoying, I have only slept through the night a handful of times in the last 5 years anyways. 
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  • @mayoduck The whole “sleep while you can” nonsense is the most infuriating piece of pregnancy advice of all time! 
  • @navete I get Charlie horses too, but so far (knock on wood) not as frequently as last time. However now I can feel them starting, wake myself up, flex my foot and usually avoid them. I agree with lots of water and potassium to prevent muscle cramps.
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  • navetenavete
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    @mamakeeg @meggyme I was also reading about how dehydration can increase the chances of charlie horses so will keep in mind to drink more and also get more potassium. I’ve heard magnesium helps as well, have you guys tried that? 

    As far as everyone not sleeping well at night, I’ve been joking that baby is sleep training us 🤣. Fortunately, when I do fall asleep, I sleep well and soundly, but I don’t fall asleep so easily (unless it’s the middle of the day 🤦🏽‍♀️), and I wake up early for no reason. Here’s to hoping we all manage to feel a little more rested someway, somehow before our babies arrive 🤞

    @cdub4292 I hope you’re feeling better! That sounds so miserable 😩 
  • @lisee923 I cannot imagine already having been someone who runs hot and then adding this on top - you must be miserable. We had started trying in October (missed that by a mile) because I love having a July birthday so much...I would have died being this hot with summer!  I am usually freezing and I walk around work, stripping layers and fanning myself as I go.  I am freezing my family out of the house, sleeping without covers and with a fan facing me at night. In Ohio, in January. It's ridiculous. 

    And I second a nice throat punch for the ones who tell us to sleep now. Sleeping well is a distant dream at this point. 
  • Ugh! Put me in the no sleep club! I have a lot of pelvic pain, I'm super fatigued during the day but up all night, and I am super hungry all the time. I am also having a lot of trouble breathing, like my heavy breathing/snoring wakes me up when I do finally fall asleep.
  • @navete I haven’t tried or even heard anything about magnesium! But they don’t really bug me cause I can also feel them coming on usually and avoid them. 
  • I fall asleep ok, although lately have a slight bit of insomnia. My issue is that i wake up on my back constantly! I make a huge effort to sleep on my sides and somehow wake up on my back. I already know thats not good to do, plus when i try to roll over i get SHOOTING pains in my lower back and hips so it doesn't even feel good LOL. I think my body is trying to regulate since i am a normal stomach sleeper and obviously cannot do that now. I worry sometimes that its not good for the baby, so i am trying to be very vigilant about straddling my pregnancy pillow and staying on my sides.
    I also get indigestion easier no matter what i eat and a small touch of heartburn after drinking anything thats not water, which sucks. 
    Hard time breathing while talking, or taking stairs (my basement has the washer and dryer, so laundry has been a tedious joy lately) LOL. 
    i can't go to the store and walk or stand for long periods of time or i get lightheaded so i try to ration my shopping. I think i may have to start using the motorized carts when i go to Target.
    on the brightside, little one is a mover and a shaker and i really enjoy her activity even though its CONSTANT lol.  and still 10 weeks to go! 

  • Well I am joining the no sleep club!! Some nights are fine but last night I don't think I fell asleep until the wee hours of the morning, and then I got woken up by my dog wanting to go potty outside. Plus I just can't get comfortable, or our room is too hot even when I turn down the temp, or my nose feels stuffy, or I keep having to pee (so..... I guess I just feel pregnant?).

    My ab muscles feel sore at the end of the day, as does my back and my hips (exercise makes it better and also worse because of being a different kind of sore  or sore all over instead of a few places). Also the balls of my feet hurt when I walk. Is it my shoes or being pregnant? 

    I still have acne on my back and the sides of my neck near my ear lobes... It seems to be getting a little worse lately? Still grateful it's not my face but I don't like it. New stretch marks under my belly button. 

    Oh the joy. I want a healthy baby but I'm ready to not be pregnant anymore!
  • @zionsmama85 I also find myself on the back often when I wake up at night. And I don't have issues falling asleep, or any insomnia, but my problem is that I started to wake up often and feeling the need to switch positions / turn to the other side. And the belly is so big and heavy now that I can't do it in my sleep. So I have to wake up fully to turn. I remember last time around I had to hold the belly with my hands to turn in the last few weeks, so I know this is coming soon as well and not helping with my wish for uninterrupted sleep. 
  • Any one else having nose bleeds? I can’t remember the last one I had pre-pregnancy (probably over a decade ago) and have had 3 so far. None of them have been that bad, but definitely not normal for me. Not sure if they are because of travel/weather changes (San Diego, Michigan, Canada), my nose ring (have had a small piercing since college), and/or just another pregnancy symptom. 

    I was typing this as I was waiting for my routine Midwife appt at 29w5d. When asked, she said nose bleeds (like gums bleeding) are totally normal in case any of you ladies are also experiencing them. 
  • @beachbaby0523 I’ve also been getting light nosebleeds, mostly a littl blood when I blow my nose in the morning. A humidifier seems to be helping slightly. And like your midwife told you, my OB also said nosebleeds are just another part of pregnancy! 
  • @beachbaby0523 I have been having bloody nose in the mornings. and also a stuffy nose constantly. i also have my nose pierced and find it mostly to that side, so maybe the ring is a slight irritant to it already being swollen? 

    @mihaelams1 yes, i have to wake up too to turn over....i feel a little pathetic because i have to grab the edge of the bed and heave myself over to the other side an overturned turtle. At this point in my last pregnancy i had started sleeping on my couch because the bed was killing me, but i hate our current couch so it's not happening. Guess i will have to get used to that fun thing as well. 
  • Nosebleeds here for sure, they are so annoying. My loud mouth breathing apparently kept my husband awake last night... I feel bad that neither of us are sleeping.
    My doc put me on protonix and the heartburn is so much better, I’m still burping up dinner but at least it doesn’t hurt!!!

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  • In fun new symptoms/pregnancy related irritations - my left hip has decided to shoot pain through my leg & pelvis every time I take a step with that leg. Not an appreciated addition to the pelvic pain. Hoping it will go away with a little rest.
  • @beachbaby0523 no specific nose bleeds, just bloody in general every time I blow my nose. I remember I wore a brand new white shirt to work one day, sneezed unexpectedly, and totally ruined it with blood specs all down the front. 
  • So I mentioned in my check in group that my blood pressure was up at my appointment yesterday. I had a growth scan and baby is measuring perfect in the 51% but I have a bit too much fluid. My midwife seemed unconcerned with the extra fluid and said it’s better to have extra than not enough. She said it could be causing some of my extra cramping. Baby is also breech currently but she said he has plenty of time to flip and because of the extra fluid that he could just be swimming a lot. 

    The biggest issue right now is my high blood pressure which I had last time as well. She perscribed the same medicine I was on last time which after having the baby I developed a terrible allergic reaction and I swore it was from the pain meds until I read that it could be from my blood pressure medicine. My midwife, the OB at her office, and my primary care doctor all thought it wasn’t because of that since I didn’t have the reaction while I was pregnant. Well today I started that same blood pressure medicine and ALL the symptoms from before came rushing back! It was a literal nightmare! I had to call the office and get new meds (which won’t be ready until tomorrow). The allergic reaction makes my scalp and face itch (especially if I’m sitting or laying down). Unfortunately I’m also dealing with low blood sugar ... so all the walking around and drinking water is causing me to bottom out my blood sugar which is also causing me to shake, sweat, etc. ahh what a nightmare! Luckily the nurse said I can take Benadryl for about another week in pregnancy and I’m hopeful that that will help me be able to lay down and sleep tonight. 
  • @ashley14598 I'm so sorry. That sounds like such a pain. Hopefully the benadryl helps.

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  • @ashley14598 That sounds terrible. I hope you start to feel somewhat normal soon. Hopefully the new med does cause problems too.
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  • @ashley14598 that sucks. Boo.

    Cankles just appeared today for me. It'll be fine. 
  • @ashley14598 that sounds horrible, I'm sorry you're going through this! Hopefully the new meds can provide respite without any side effects. 

    And I just wanted to add a symptom: I'm sweating like crazy (and I'm not feeling warm or anything). But I get sweaty everywhere (under boobs - check, down there - check), and also my deo can't keep up anymore. Ugh!
  • @mihaelams1 when i was pregnant with my daughter I was constantly sweaty and stinky. It was awful. Even worse TMI is it was mostly down there that would sweat too and nothing worked. I hope it goes away for you!
  • @zionsmama85 I've also read a lot about how it's bad to sleep on your back during pregnancy and during my second trimester I was always stressed out because I kept waking up on my back. I asked my midwife if was a problem and if I should really be trying to sleep on my left side like the internet tells me to do, and she basically rolled her eyes. She said the research does not support any benefit to sleeping on a specific side and while laying flat on your back for extended periods of time can be problematic, being slightly propped up on a pillow is fine and that I would likely get very uncomfortable and switch positions before there were any real problems. You should obviously ask your doctor about this if you're concerned, but mine made me feel WAY less stressed out about waking up on my back and I'll even purposely roll onto my back when my sides are killing me in the middle of the night. I end up getting uncomfortable no matter what, but at least I don't have the added guilt of not sleeping the way I "should" be haha. 
  • @zionsmama85 yeah, usually you will feel bad or lightheaded from lack of blood flow before baby is effected and even a slight incline/pillow under back to keep from being completely flat helps.
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  • @bug_hunter my OB said the same. He said go for it and if it was a problem I would notice because I'd be ready to pass out. I do most of my back sleeping when pregnant. I can't anymore because I feel like I can't breathe from the extra weight, but if he isn't worried then neither am I. 
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