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The Sex Thread: Announce your baby's sex here!

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Find out baby’s sex and want to share? Post here! 

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Re: The Sex Thread: Announce your baby's sex here!

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  • @babyginjuly how long did it take for
    you?? I sent my sample in the mail last Tuesday and it still has not been received at the testing facility so I’m just curious of timeline! Thanks 
  • @sarahbuehlow I did last Tuesday as well and I received the results on Saturday
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  • @babyginjuly really? Mine is saying it still hasn’t made it to the facility yet. I wonder why mine is taking so much longer 
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  • I did the sneak peek and it says boy!
  • So many results in the last few days! Congrats to everyone! This momma still has another 10 long weeks to wait. 
  • Looks like it's pretty evenly matched so far! My last BMB that I mostly lurked I feel had way more boys than girls and DD's year at school is overwhelmingly boys (I think there are 6 girls in her grade). I'll be interested to see how evenly matched this BMB stays and whether that ends up big reflected in LO's school classes as well:)
  • @brake09 I'm getting super impatient waiting too! 

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