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The Sex Thread: Announce your baby's sex here!


Re: The Sex Thread: Announce your baby's sex here!

  • @Panaceia that's the kind of organization/type a work that my heart loves. I wish I could give you a huge hug right now!!
  • @cindler ; @Panaceia I second the hug! and if anyone wants to share their name and what area of the country they're from, that makes my life easier to connect usernames hahah.... just adding more work for you <3
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  • @babyginjuly I'll lurk around and see what info I can find:)
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    Becky C. Alaska :), team Pink

  • @nopegoat when do you find out? 
  • @brake09 not until our anatomy scan is 4-6wks. Waiting for them to call so I can schedule it. Soo impatient. I had a quick ultrasound yesterday and she peeked between the legs while stating it's too early to tell the sex. I know this and was surprised she even looked. Such a tease. 

  • I won't find out till March 7th at my 20 week appointment. How is everyone finding out so quickly 
  • @bailey84 a few different genetic tests reveal sex, elective ultrasounds, sneak peek blood test, etc... 
  • Boy for us! Our second boy (and last child).  :)
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  • Did the harmony test at 12 weeks - we are having a boy!
  • 16 week ultrasound- it’s a boy!!

  • NIPT results came back Sunday. Baby is healthy and we are having a boy.
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