First Appointment Nerves. I have been very anxious. — The Bump
1st Trimester

First Appointment Nerves. I have been very anxious.

FTM here! I just found out that I am pregnant and Im guessing that I’m 5w6d, however I’m not really sure because I was on the pill so I wasn’t keeping track of anything and I had a uncharacteristicly light period last time so maybe I’m more... not sure? 
The orginal ObGyn I was referred to wouldnt even see me until 12wks and then no U/S until 14-16wks. So I found a new place to go because that just seemed like a really long time to wait to even talk to a doctor.
I now have an appointment for next Thursday and I was told I would be having a TransVag U/S. I declined that because I am completely uncomfortable having that done. (I’ve had one before and it was extremely painful and I bled a lot afterwards. Now I have anxiety just thinking of it). So they told me I wouldn’t be able to see my baby on an Abdominal U/S until 12wks. That doesn’t make sense to me as I personally know a handful of moms who have had Abdominal ones early on and it’s been totally fine. 
So I guess my questions is: 
Do I have to wait until 12wks or can I just ask for an Abdominal one now? I’m really skinny and will be at least 6.5wks at the time of appointment. I also understand that my baby might be too small to be seen or heard but that doesn’t scare me. 
Thanks for the advice!!

Re: First Appointment Nerves. I have been very anxious.

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